The Hidden Cause of Vitamin D Deficiency

The Hidden Cause of Vitamin D Deficiency

The Hidden Cause of Vitamin D Deficiency

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More specifically, you want help with The Hidden Cause of Vitamin D Deficiency?

I want to talk about another very important huge causative factor in creating a vitamin D deficiency there are over 1 billion people on this planet that just don’t have enough vitamin D and there’s many reasons for this you know whether you don’t have enough Sun you don’t go outside as much you’re sitting in front of a screen all the time and the problem with getting your vitamin D just from foods it’s almost impossible because the food just doesn’t have enough vitamin D and then you have other conditions like insulin resistance which blocks the absorption of vitamin D consuming a lot of sugar and refined carbs can actually deplete vitamin D but there’s something else going on that is very important and I want you to know about it vitamin D can only work if it connects to a receptor ok so there’s something called the vitamin D receptor the vdr and most people think about vitamin D regulating calcium which it does and supporting bone health which it does but this is a very small part of what vitamin D really does because in the nucleus of your cell you have a vitamin D receptor that is responsible for 229 genes so this receptor has the ability to create a lot of different effects so a really big function of vitamin D is immune modulation basically meaning that it can control your immune system to a great extent now if I were a pathogen and I wanted to survive what I would do as a strategy is I would interfere with this little receptor right here because if I could what would happen is the defenses of the immune system would go down and then I can actually overtake it and actually survive and that just happens to be one of the primary strategies that pathogens those are microbes that cause pathology or disease now this strategy is called successive infection meaning it slows down the immune system okay check this out here are a few microbes to interfere with the vitamin D scepter knockout TB huge okay lying Borrelia burgdorferi by 50 times so it has a capacity to shut down that receptor for vitamin D by 50x incredible syphilis will do it leprosy will do it epstein-barr virus will do it by 10 percent and by the way 90 percent of the population has epstein-barr virus HIV will do it as well so this is the strategy of many microbes to take over and hijack your cells so the question is is your vitamin D deficiency coming from the microbe shutting it down or do you have a deficiency of vitamin D decreasing your susceptibility to acquiring this microbe which allows for these microbes to invade so number one if you have an infection you should be taking vitamin D and I’m not saying that’s gonna cure you but it’s definitely good for the short term to actually at least give you the more help with your immune system and you may need to take larger amounts because the ability for the receptor to absorb is downgraded and I just wanted to increase your awareness of another reason why your vitamin D could be lowered and check out these other videos I have on vitamin D they’re quite fascinating 

This Post Was All About The Hidden Cause of Vitamin D Deficiency.
The Hidden Cause of Vitamin D Deficiency

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There could be something much deeper going on that’s causing your vitamin D deficiency. Check this out. 


0:10 Vitamin D deficiency statistics 
0:16 Vitamin D deficiency causes 
0:37 The Vitamin D receptor 
1:20 Immune modulation 
1:29 Pathogens and the vitamin D receptor 
2:10 Microbes that interfere with the vitamin D receptor
2:55 What is your vitamin D deficiency coming from?
3:11 What to do

In this video, we’re going to talk about another important huge cause of a vitamin D deficiency. There are over 1 billion people on this planet that don’t have enough vitamin D. 

There are many reasons for this big problem. A few causes of a vitamin D deficiency are:

• You don’t get enough sun
• You’re sitting in front of a computer screen all of the time
• It’s almost impossible to get the vitamin D you need from food 
• You have insulin resistance 
• You consume a lot of sugar and refined carbs 

But there’s something else that’s very important going on. Vitamin D can only work if it connects to a receptor. There is something called the vitamin D receptor (VDR). A few vitamin D benefits are that it helps regulate calcium and supports bone health. But, that’s only a small part of what it does. 

The vitamin D receptor is responsible for 229 genes. So, this receptor has the ability to create a lot of different effects. A really big function of vitamin D is immune modulation. This means that it can control your immune system to a great extent. 

One of the primary strategies used by pathogens is called “successive infection,” which means it slows down the immune system by interfering with the vitamin D receptor. 

Some microbes that interfere with the vitamin D receptor:

• TB
• Lyme (Borrelia burgdorferi) 
• Syphilis 
• Leprosy 

So, could your vitamin D deficiency be caused by a microbe shutting down the receptor, or could you have a vitamin D deficiency allowing these microbes to invade? If you have an infection, you may want to take vitamin D.

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Could this be the hidden cause of your vitamin D deficiency?

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