The END of Keto – Why Intermittent Fasting is Becoming More Popular Instead

The END of Keto – Why Intermittent Fasting is Becoming More Popular Instead

The END of Keto – Why Intermittent Fasting is Becoming More Popular Instead

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oh my god he's the keto guy is he turning his back on keto is thomas de laura turning his back oh my god no i'm not turning my back on keto i just do sincerely believe that intermittent fasting is going to outlive keto in terms of adherence and in terms .

Of just people's interest does that mean that keto is going to decrease in popularity not necessarily i think it's here to stay but i think intermittent fasting is gonna be one of those things that can continue to grow and i have some very solid reasons as to why and this could just be my opinion but i also think there's a lot of things here that .

We could change and we can start to look at to maybe make it so that the media doesn't have such a heyday bashing keto and so that the internet doesn't have such a heyday making the keto group feel like such a minority so whether you do keto or not i think you're going to find this video interesting because it's really going to outline some of the .

Social norms piece and just the big picture of why intermittent fasting might outlive keto today's video sponsor is element electrolytes so whether you are doing keto or fasting you've got to check them out okay so they have a free trial so a sample pack of eight different flavors of element so a sample pack of eight and you get it for free .

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Recommend it it's what i use i use it all the time when i'm fastening i usually go through one to three packets of element when i'm fasting just because i really love it so much it gives me something to consume and i also feel like i feel more alive with it so again that link is down below or you can go to drink .

Thomas that's drink element thomas and that way you can get a free trial you just pay shipping so definitely recommend them a big thank you for sponsoring today's video so we can keep doing what we do that link is down below the first thing i want to address keto has a lot of things that you need .

To change in order to implement it okay you have to overhaul your kitchen you have to overhaul your pantry and i'm not suggesting that's a bad thing i think it's great for everyone to go through kind of this big giant like turn of events there that's big but that's also going to be a huge barrier .

For people i don't want to change my entire life i just want to change a few things right okay fasting you don't have to worry about that right you could essentially eat however you're eating now it's a timing system you could eat vegan you can be paleo you can be pescetarian you can eat rocks i don't care you can do that you .

Just have a defined fasting period and a defined eating period which is much more realistic and attainable for people and sustainable there's no changes to your grocery shopping like again i'm not bagging on keto i'm just poking holes in why people maybe don't start it or maybe write blogs against it that we're always having to fight against right .

Yeah with keto you'd have to go to the grocery store you'd have to change your grocery list you'd have fasting you don't have to do anything as a matter of fact you just probably save some money because you're just eliminating a meal pretty straightforward all in all keto is just seen as a bigger change there's going to be a small subset of people .

With intermittent fasting that are like it's harder for them to eliminate breakfast or eliminate a meal than it is to go keto but i think that's the minority now the other piece that's extremely important is the social inclusion and the social isolation piece okay when you look at keto it's absolutely 100 doable to go to almost .

Any restaurant and find a way to eat keto thai food is difficult but i've done it okay you have to pay attention you have to make changes but i would still argue that it's a lot easier to be someone that intermittent fasts in a social setting okay because you can .

Go to dinner nothing really has to change you can eat what you would normally eat for the most part it's also probably more socially acceptable to fast through breakfast because a lot more people don't eat a lot of breakfast you can sit there with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea at breakfast and nobody's going to really think you're .

All that strange compared to sitting at a restaurant for dinner fancy dinner asking the waiter to make 17 different changes and hybridizations to your favorite meal now additionally when it comes down to kind of a social isolation piece we all have a tendency to generate community and even isolate ourselves .

Within that so with keto i found there's a very dogmatic sort of mentality and i've come a little bit of like a different breed of cat in the world of the keto community because i don't necessarily subscribe to the dogmatic behavior i think keto is great but i also think there's a bigger thing for all of us there's bigger answers out .

There for all of us than just keto and living in that small world all the time that doesn't mean that the keto community isn't amazing i speak at keto events i participate in that because i love the research and i'm just compelled to continue to drive that forward because i think there's a lot that we have yet to uncover that being said .

Self-isolating is one way to drive yourself insane so here's an interesting study that talks about social norms and why fasting might end up kind of grouping in with that for better adherence so this study took a look at fmri scan so it looked at people's brains okay and then gave them pictures of food and it said hey go ahead and .

Rate what you think looks the most appetizing so they raked they ranked their food and then what they did is after they were done ranking the food they said to them okay here is a sheet with what most people voted for so now they saw the peer norms right like what their peers were choosing and .

Then they said okay we're going to look at the fmri again and we're going to have you look at pictures again the second time guess what they chose foods that other people said were their favorites they basically subscribe to social norms because it's what we do okay but then .

When they look at the brain they saw the brain activity was super heightened in the nucleus accumbens associated with reward they felt good making choices that other people thought were good choices because it affirmed that ah making a good choice okay so when it comes down to the social aspect of fasting being .

Able to eat the same foods that other people do can be good does that mean that what other people eat are amazing foods and we should be eating them no but for adherence and for the long haul it's probably going to work better because people are wired that way some .

People aren't you might not be honestly i'm not anymore this is my life this is my career i talk about this stuff so i'm not going to give a care what people think about what i eat but that's me 90 of society is going to give a care with keto that can be a little bit difficult right it's doable but it's not always realistic for people so again .

People have a heyday with that keto's the most you alienate everything it just gives them ammunition okay but then let's talk about the bursts right and what i mean by that is with fasting humans really operate well with short-term goals with keto there's a tendency to feel like you're consistently going to be .

Uh doing it forever and you feel like ah and then you reach a plateau and it can be the most like discouraging thing fasting works well from a sustainability standpoint because we can usually go x amount of time without eating and force ourselves to deal with it and be strong and then have a feasting period with keto you're not necessarily fasting or .

Maybe you are keto and fasting works phenomenally well but that's obviously a lot for people to take on so you have to put that into consideration too is the fact that we work well in intervals in bursts like that and for sustainability it probably would work better that being said keto is also very satiating so for a lot of people if they do keto right .

They feel like they don't need to have any kind of like bursts they just feel good they feel satiated so i'm not saying keto's bad once again i'm poking holes so people can make a decision but also so people that are new to this channel that haven't been watching content can say ah okay maybe this guy's reasonable maybe he's not a keto zealot .

And maybe i am going to choose to do fasting and then if i like keto i'll try that too the next one is so important keto for weight loss still requires a deficit the carb insulin model is somewhat real okay by modulating insulin levels by bringing insulin levels down we do make fat more accessible to be .

Burned okay there's no denying that but you still have to be in a deficit now that deficit is relative that deficit in keto might be different right my point in saying that is if you're doing keto for fat loss for weight loss you still need to be in a deficit so it's still a diet so in terms of sustainability and what .

The outside looks at looking in they would say well fasting makes more sense because it's a lot easier for me to just have a caloric deficit during my fast and then have my feasting period where i probably won't go over my surplus i won't go into a surplus excuse me so yeah from a caloric deficit standpoint it's probably .

Easier to end up in a deficit with fasting than it is with keto because keto foods are very caloric right macadamia nuts a couple hundred calories in like this many it's very easy to go over your calories anyhow moving on to the next one that ties in with that there are so many hyper palatable keto junk foods popping up .

That it really could be the downfall of people's success with keto why does keto work so well and why is it so popular because it does work it's not because people like me are shouting from the rooftops it works everywhere you turn i could probably see in the comments section below like comment how much weight have you lost you probably .

Lost a lot right it works but when we start having these hyperpalatable foods coming in that are just like junk foods that weight loss is going to slow down when i started keto 11 years ago there weren't a lot of those keto junk foods so by nature keto was like okay i have no choice but to resort to whole foods because i don't have junk .

Food options i had pork rinds and cheese but for the most part i was having to eat whole foods now there's a lot more variety making it more difficult so with less success on keto you can bet that popularity isn't going to be as high on the other hand that's marketability and that's bright colors that are attracting people so on one hand you've got a lot .

Of attraction but the other hand if there's not actual results and outcomes it can't live forever whereas fasting again you could kind of eat whatever you wanted to now in tandem with that last one because there are so many dirty keto options available and keto fast food options and things like that people aren't getting micronutrients they're .

Not getting fiber in they're not getting these things making them not feel all that great but more importantly well i guess it's not more important than that but more obvious the public has a heyday with that what we see and what the public sees of keto right now is everyone driving through a carl's jr drive-thru getting a .

Cheeseburger with no bun and then following that up with a bunch of keto junk food and not getting micronutrients they don't see it as eating whole foods they don't see it as eating a mediterranean-style keto with some vegetables and some brussels sprouts and some olive oil and some chicken and some fish and eating this nice delicious meal .

The way that it really should look okay and a lot of that is our own doing okay we have over marketed keto ourselves to the point where now what do you know you have people coming in from every angle saying this is what keto looks like it's just red meat and cheese and it's just this and they are incorrect but that is what is visible okay so that is .

Something that a lot of it is out of our control but we also vote with our dollars and we can start making decisions on that i am still guilty of going through a drive-through every now and then and getting a burger patty with some cheese yeah but i don't make it my norm and i don't give them necessarily the acknowledgement to try to push it .

Heavily heavily heavily i want people to make good decisions that they can sustain and they can keep up but you have to remember what people see the more the media and public and blogs put out there that keto is just red meat and cheese the more people are going to steer away especially with this heavy heavy heavy plant-based and vegan .

Movement going right now keto is so opposite seeming of vegan and plant-based and all that that it seems like it's the enemy when in reality it shouldn't be so opposite okay it doesn't have to be a hundred percent meat and cheese can be honest amounts of meat honest amounts of cheese and keep it in a nice healthy spectrum okay the more .

That we alienate and polarize ourselves from this movement that's moving forward right now you can bet your bottom dollar that the media is gonna love to push that out there okay so we have to just be careful with that and i'm not saying even the media is bad in that case it's just what is visible right the last one and this is one that really just gets me .

People push keto as an alternative rather than a tool and they even push it as an alternative to just health there's the keto way of living and there's the non-keto way of living and there's the keto alternative wellness where you won't i don't think that's the right way to go .

That makes it feel good to the community but that makes it seem like if you're not a part of this crowd then you're bad and that also makes it seem like you're trying to polarize so much that you might get a small fraction of people and that's great because that small fraction of people is going to get .

Tremendous effect and benefit but it's not going to get the attention and the love that it deserves for a long time so like how can you play your part do what works for you but also keep an open mind on things okay if something works for you continue to do it and talk about it but talk from passion in your own experience not from what someone on .

The internet tells you to talk about i guess you should turn off this video then huh as always keep it locked and here my channel i'll see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About The END of Keto – Why Intermittent Fasting is Becoming More Popular Instead.
The END of Keto - Why Intermittent Fasting is Becoming More Popular Instead

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