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welcome back everyone we have a lot of people in the queue waiting to talk to us so anything i say is not meant to replace your medical care check with your doctor before taking any of the advice i woke up this morning my voice is changing i'm finally .

Going through either puberty or have a little immune reaction i feel totally fine so i took my four vitamin d my four trace minerals with that as the spiked zinc took four c and i'm going to fast for about 48 hours .

So that is my little plan here good morning steve good morning dr berg well that's interesting so i have this terrible chest cold and all this and many people might think well that probably covered and i got tested yesterday for both the flu and covet i don't have it so i have what i thought .

Was out of vogue probably what you have a darn cold and i've been gulping vitamin d but i've been listening carefully to the rest of the remedies you just outlined and i'll get on that so yeah i'm feeling a little puny today but uh i can't believe anyone got a test for covet and it came up negative i mean .

That just doesn't seem to happen it's it's just so interesting that uh you know what what is there only one one microbe around that's floating around there's no other microbes so what i don't understand that yeah yeah a little nutty but anyway uh speaking of um oh we weren't saying speaking to folks but let's do speak of folks why don't we .

Go right away to those folks that we have uh in our green room and we're gonna start with diana and upstate new york and diana if you would unmute yourself you are on with dr berg good morning good morning um so i have been a healthy keto since august in 2020 i right away within three days i was .

Fasting and doing just one meal a day and i've lost 50 pounds my husband has lost over 60 pounds and we're really excited about that um so but my issue is about sleep sleeping so november 1st 2020 i woke up at three o'clock in the morning .

And i've had trouble sleeping through the night ever since it really literally started overnight um which was also the same day that uh we had the time change uh back in 2020 was on november 1st at any rate so i don't have any trouble falling asleep it's just that i wake up in the night usually at three o'clock in the morning but sometimes i can get back .

To sleep most of the time i can't so for about a year i was getting between five and six hours of sleep every three days or so i'd have to take a long nap and every week or so i would take um cbn oil to get a good night's sleep but i always felt just a little hungover the next day i've worked with my naturopath and with .

All of your videos she's i don't know how many times she's heard me say according to the dr berg video that i watched this week i need to be doing blah blah blah she's very tolerant of that which is nice um but so when you started doing sleep videos again .

Uh recently and you were talking about getting nine hours of sleep for yourself you outlined the protocol that included taking vitamin d3 benfotamine three of your sleep aids the probiotics so i started taking all of those plus i take b6 choline .

Dim holy basil your cruciferous blend and your glob gallbladder formula i also use a liquid dhea and a progesterone cream just before sleeping and about five out of seven nights a week i'll use a sleep hypnosis track to fall .

Asleep and stay asleep again i don't have any problem falling asleep it's just sleeping through the night that new protocol didn't really seem to help until i rewatched it again and you said that people might have to experiment with how much of which .

Supplements they're taking so i started to do that and when i started taking four of your sleep aids and three of the vitamin d it worked it was like overnight i could sleep through the night i was getting i got over nine hours of sleep like two days in a row and then i was getting eight hours of sleep and it .

Was like that for over three weeks and two weeks ago it just went all golly wampus again just i'm back to getting about six hours of sleep only now instead of waking up at three o'clock i'm waking up at 4 30 which is better but still not great so um .

So i guess that's my question what can i do to sleep through the night and if i wake up in the night what can i do to get back to sleep like last night i fell asleep at 8 30 and i was up at 11 o'clock at night and i didn't fall asleep until 1. i got up and i did some stretching i .

Tried to do another um hypnosis thing which didn't work i was ready to get up and start working and the next thing i knew it was six o'clock in the morning so got it so i have some ideas i need some help it sounds like um potentially cortisol maybe a little higher because usually when you get up .

Like a two or three that could be cortisol so you might want to do the um it's called the adrenal it's called the stress webinar i go through all the different techniques that's one thing but there's something else recent um .

Kind of a a self-discovery of uh a confusion i had about melatonin melatonin uh is called the night it's called the darkness hormone because it's activated by darkness right but there's another type of melatonin you have two types two forms .

And um the question i have is do you have a fireplace no i do not have a fireplace okay not a problem um because during the day when you have sun out which right now you're probably not getting a lot of sun .

Outside um not in upstate new york right so what happens during the entire winter is you uh you don't get the sun and that means you don't get a certain frequency of the sun the majority of the sun gives off a ray called infrared or .

Near infrared it's a type of there's different types of infrared spectrums but i'm just going to call it infrared so majority oh i think it's 58 of that sun rays is not uv it's uh ir infrared that infrared activates melatonin and all the mitochondria i didn't know that until recently .

So um the pineal gland and the blood melatonin is really only like a backup if you don't have enough in your cells so this happens a lot in the winter where you just don't because you're not exposed to the sun .

Then you you just drain out your melatonin i'm not suggesting taking melatonin i suggest that you expose yourself to infrared now one way to do it is a fireplace a fire pit outside of course right now you're probably not going to do that and you .

Don't have a fireplace that's fine um but you can get uh an infrared light and um you can be exposed to that infrared light in the evenings for about 15 minutes that will help to recharge your cells so now your backup .

Of infrared is sufficient to help you with your sleep cycles this is why people sleep better when they're exposed to the when they sit behind the campfire or the fire when they have candles uh you know reading with a candle which is hard to .

Read but that's giving you infrared so infrared is a great way to recharge melatonin and i'm going to be releasing a video on that shortly which is just fascinating so um you'll actually if you get a red light you'll feel like you'll start feeling .

Like wow there's definitely a shift here what's happening and you'll sleep better you'll sleep longer so that's what i'm going to recommend you try so this is a simple i guess a special infrared light bulb that i can put in a regular lamp there's different types there's a whole bunch of different types of infrared i .

Would just go online and find a relatively inexpensive nir near infrared red light and they come in different sizes you know they might be like 35 dollars just but from a little light and it's like these different small little in fact uh .

I'll show you what they look like i buy different different i have several but this is like one of them right so these little lights that's what it looks like something like that and uh i'm just experimenting with different ones and then what you do is you just .

Um it's like a therapy for different things and one of the things that just kind of helps you know people have it in their saunas they have it to help with cellulite they have with all these different functions but i think for sleep and for what you're going through okay because you're .

Already taking the vitamin d which means that help initially it sounds like you you because the vitamin d helps recharge melatonin to to it to a degree but um i think you need the ir and then in the spring and the summer just get a lot of sun and even if you're wearing a hat outside .

The reflection of ir is significantly going to go in your body because it bounces off grass dirt and uh okay uh other things so you'll yeah whenever it's sunny we go for a walk yeah because of the video where you said you need at least 15 minutes a day without sunglasses on outside to help .

With the pineal gland right so we make a point of doing that great yeah well that's great in the infrared glow can i request a video i know um my son is has been experiencing growing pain since he was three years old he's going to be 12 next saturday happy .

Birthday um and all of you we've searched all of your videos and we would like a video on how to deal with growing pains my husband is the shortest man in his family and he's six foot tall my son is probably going to be six four and i know you know because you're a tall guy can you tell us or do a video about .

Growing pains we would really appreciate that yeah i think um in the immediate thing what i would do is make sure he has the vitamin d and also find a standard process product out there it's called pituitary pmg but two atrophin png from standard process you can do an online search you have it .

Okay start giving him one evening before he goes to bed all right well that's terrific well listen thank you so much diana from upstate uh thanks for coming on the show with us and why don't we kick off with our first quiz question of the day and here it is doc .

Okay true or false cooking significantly eliminates oxalates and foods now oxlets are those things that cause kidney stones arthritis and they're high in spinach chocolate kiwis almond flour so the question is true or false will cooking uh significantly reduce oxlets and foods .

That's the question all right very good well let's go right to social media mark from facebook how can i determine how many calories my body needs i know you don't talk about calories a lot doc i'm a 54 year old man 187 pounds five nine so how can he approach better health what measure well well you're going to have to um .

It's a really hard question because there's no preset amount of calories to just really get the exact amount i would go follow the protocol on my videos the macros of protein fats carbohydrates follow that and um consume enough food to so you're .

Pretty satisfied with that stuffing yourself um that's what i would do i would go by what your body says you have enough of versus trying to go by a calorie amount because that's just too hard to figure out i mean it's there's so many variables you have age metabolism digestion .

Um the type of calories you're eating i mean it's just so so complex it's impossible interesting okay well let's go over to youtube and uh judy asked for you to please address vitamin d toxicity .

Yeah it's very very very hard to become vitamin d toxic it's very hard you'd have to consume hundreds of thousands over months the greatest uh side effect is hypercalcemia and the problem with .

Hypergalcemia is the risk of kidney stones so if you were to even do hundreds of thousands of vitamin d over months and you avoided dairy or calcium supplements and you drank a lot of water chances are you probably wouldn't even have any symptoms so the benefits of high vitamin c versus the toxicity of i .

Mean it just doesn't even compare there's a recent video that i did about vitamin d with um with a doctor interview you should watch that i mean here's a doctor who studies vitamin d um extensively he has a very large youtube channel um and uh .

He he even said what i'd what i just said so he so if he says it then it must be true wonderful here we get some feedback i know you like success stories and here's one that is verbal anna from facebook went to my primary doctor and my labs were fantastic i'm 67 and she told me you're doing better than a 50 year old .

My a1c was originally 10.5 it went down to 7.8 it would have been lower if i hadn't been given steroid shots thank you dr berg fantastic i love it that's so great it really is and other people that are enthusiastic about you and the show let's go through the list we'd like to say good morning to our i've got the .

Same frog in my throat you do morning from the uk canada kuwait australia france india germany the philippines pakistan the netherlands uh just a moment uh taiwan denmark south africa israel grenada austria malawi i've never seen that one before greece turkey dubai mexico jamaica cashmere zambia romania algeria .

The united air immigrants chile new zealand peru nicaragua cameroon jordan switzerland i think is the longest list yet belgium italy and all across these united states so that's uh that is fantastic and let's see we don't have a um answers back quite yet so why don't we keep hitting social media for a little .

Bit here um okay emma from facebook wants to want you to talk about daily required nutrition values if we eat less calories does the daily requirements change no if you if you fast it will change versus a low calorie diet if you fast .

The need for those nutrients uh go down because your body becomes more efficient in metabolizing those nutrients so you don't nearly need the amount of nutrition when you fast but not it doesn't correlate with a low calorie diet because you're you're eating more frequently .

So this is why when you go on a low calorie diet and you don't have enough nutrients you create stress on the thyroid gland your metabolism i mean take a look at how many people have a screwed up metabolism because they dieted in their past they went on a low calorie diet it just destroys the .

Metabolism well that's interesting well terry our producer is still tabulating our first question so why don't we go over to our green room and invite lisa who there's two leases today and this one is from uh ketchikan alaska on a little island so how interesting lisa .

You're on with dr berg go ahead lisa hello sir it's so nice to meet you nice meeting you too uh i my question is so um can you hear me okay yep perfectly um so i thank you sir um i um on in june 30th of .

2020 my husband and i um started your journey and following everything i lost 50 pounds i do have my picture um i lost 50 pounds by april um of this past year and in the last couple of months i have fomo i have fear of missing out on carbs on different things like that and so i'm doing this cycling thing i know part of it is .

Psychological i'm a mental health therapist so i'm trying to analyze myself but the other piece is i know that you've had your own journey um and i wanted to know because it feels so good to be healthy um yet i have this fomo thing going on um and .

We start and we again tomorrow is going to be the day that we're starting again but i want to be successful like that again so my question to you is you know i guess asking for guidance on that because this feels so good right right and i i keep having fomo .

So can you just tell me specifically what that is my basic question i got what what do you um when you say you have this fear like what comes up like um like you get this anxiety about not eating carbs no i think it's um more of oh this pizza would be so good and then .

The first three bites is like this is horrible why am i doing it yeah so my mindset is that so you know psychologically i can understand but i know you've been through your own journey so guidance please yeah i i was the worst um i did that for many years .

Until i finally go you know what so i had to like i think it's even good sometimes to go off so you could feel bad so you know for sure so then you can use more judgment but it's like um i think you can differentiate you know like wow i'm gonna feel good i'm not gonna feel good i finally just at .

Some point made a decision i don't need to do that anymore because i just felt so crappy for so long and it had to it had to create a lot of body problems to get me to do that so i think with time you'll um you'll come around and uh you'll you'll shift but uh you know it's just it's just for your .

Own good it's for your own survival that you don't eat eat those and uh you know it's like like i might i might just i might i might see something i'll go oh i really want that and i imagine eating it i'm like ah now it's going to make me feel tired now i don't need that so and then also to take some .

Nutritional yeast or b vitamins if you get that feeling because that that instantly instantly just chills people out it calms the adrenals it it you feel relaxed that that seems in fact that's what steve uses to get through those uh tough times oh yeah this show .

Is such a burden my god i can barely make it but with a handful of nutritional yeast is it something to get back on it that would you would recommend to like fallen off the wagon totally got my mindset again um and different this time um .

What would you suggest on that piece as far as getting back on to and you know to get back in that place so let's say for example you you decide that you're going to go off the program and you have a big pizza so just make it a personal rule .

That then now you have to make up the damage and eat even better tomorrow so that way um you're kind of making up the damage by eating healthier let's say you fast longer so i i do that a lot like i'll just like right now with my immune system i'm gonna just i'm gonna really .

Handle it by just not consuming any food for 48 hours why why am i going to do that because i mean does my body want food yes but i'm kind of in charge and i'm just no you can't eat anything i'm going to get well and this is going to be faster if i just fast so it's like you just have to kind .

Of uh one thing i i think that a big mistake that people make too with their bodies is they tend to baby their bodies a lot more than they should it's really therapeutic just to treat your body like no you're not going to eat i'm in charge and no you can't have that like your body just responds way .

Better than like oh let's see what what is my body in the mood for today oh i let me just reward it with this or that like you want to get out of that whole mode because that just is a down downward cycle so um you don't want the baby the body does not respond to sympathetic uh type things like that at .

All so okay wow i appreciate your time sure and boy i think we all appreciate lisa's honesty you know it's tough to come on and you know admit that that you have some problems but i will say in my case and many others i'm sure and you discuss doc is the utility of pain so it was all .

A pizza tasted great and you know i wouldn't be looking at my blood levels but and a pizza can taste great but the aftermath for me is awful and i feel not only the psychological i feel guilty but i physiologically feel worse i get sluggish in this and then that begets more junk food and before you know it i'm just miserable so i'm really um .

You know oddly happy that i don't respond to it all and maybe i suffer more than some others but it again has uh kept me on track uh for uh you know much longer or more consistent doesn't mean i don't ever fall but it's pretty rare these days so anyway thanks dr berg for your remedies for all of us out here and .

Let's see we've got a answer to the quiz question which asks this was a true false cooking significantly eliminates oxalates in food and our audience uh seventy percent uh say true thirty percent say false who's on the right track it's true it's 100 true if you cook your food .

If you steam your food if you boil your food you will significantly lower oxlets so if you're prone to kidney stones and you want to have spinach have steamed spinach if you want to have almonds then have them roasted not raw .

So you'll reduce your oxalates if you want a kiwi steve just cook the heck out of it i'm being sarcastic exactly that's the fruit it's not on the program no that's good yeah if you want an ice cream uh well never mind anyway why don't we kick off we're a little bit behind here let's go to the next true .

Fault uh if you would read that for us cellulite is caused by a loss of collagen underneath the skin all right audience is that true or false and let's see why don't we go back to social media here a little bit and see what's cooking up there .

Uh and let's see anna from uh boy this is jumping up i'm still having issues with digesting nutritional yeast here we go i've tried powder uh and your tablets all comes back up after i ingest it and by the way diana said she can't eat it but her cats can but anyway and .

So can i um i i think i would eat it with food just eat it with food and let the food kind of chase it down um that's what i would do great okay paulie from youtube uh could you be the first doctor who .

Could help me with my seborrheic did i say that right dermatitis please help doctor uh no other doctor seemed to be able to help him that's paulie from youtube oh great put all the pressure on me no i'm just kidding um i think what i would do if i were you is i would do a combination of two things i would do .

Infrared for sure infrared therapy on your scalp if that's where it is and then do a lot of vitamin d and i'm talking about 40 000 ius every single day make sure you have the k2 with it um and i'm not i'm not biased of my vitamin d .

But i will say it has the k2 the b6 the zinc the magnesium the bile salts to really maximize that absorption so um the other thing you could take is um bile salts so um that also apparently helps that .

Condition because it stimulates the vitamin d receptor and that helps the immune system which actually is underneath that condition it's an immune problem interesting marion from facebook what are your thoughts about using and i know we've got a question about this olive oil from .

Morocco it's supposed to be the healthiest in the world what do you think doc i'd go for it i would definitely go for it i could imagine it is probably one of the healthiest so i would jump all over that and start guzzling that stuff .

Absolutely okay why don't we go back to our green room let's see next up we've got tony from the uk tony i'm going to unmute you and you are now on with dr berg welcome tony go ahead tony hello hello hi yes we can hear you perfectly all right doctor um .

I'll just go straight first question uh before starter it's a pleasure to have you today dr burke i've been doing um her taquito and intermediate fasting for about five to six months and i've only lost about 50 pounds wow it's a good thing yeah yeah but that's where perfection comes in .

Um i was scared i might be losing weight too fast and if it was normal for me to lose 50 pounds in five months that's the first question is that does it is it normal or is that possible or no it's it's um you should be losing see you have water .

Weight too right you have water weight um so you probably had at least 10 pounds of water weight and then um let's say you lost between 8 and 10 pounds a month that's normal so you're actually perfectly normal apparently your metabolism is pretty fast so that's good so i think you're right on track i would not worry about .

That at all yeah because i stopped i stopped doing that and uh because i was worried and it just led me to have serious anxiety and now i can't sleep at night because i'm scared i actually go to the gym every day and i work hard every day .

And i'll see i'm too big i still need to lose more weight because i was really really i was i was obese and i've lost 50. i'm i'm more i feel more healthy but the issue of having at the minute is that uh i can't sleep at night if i sleep at most at three at two o'clock i'm awake and i'm awake in the morning and it .

Makes me worried because i'm just my my brain is just all over the place different ideas coming in i can't sleep and i haven't moved for the past six months as well so i don't know if there's anything you could advise for that i think you need vitamin b1 i would take .

Nutritional yeast before bed that's a really good one there's another b vitamin i have called keto energy which has three different types of b1 but you need more b1 b1 will make you feel chilled out you'll feel calm you'll feel relaxed i think that's exactly what you need now .

If by chance it doesn't handle it a hundred percent then add some vitamin d3 before bed maybe 20 000 i use maybe a little bit more but i think um that would be a perfect combination that would help you so is that a b1 on b3 b1 get it through nutritional yeast .

Yeah and uh or you can do my keto energy it's another another type of b1 and a capsule so that's just another uh form of b1 but the b1 is what you need before bed you'll you'll stop excessively analyzing things to death well well that sounds great you said it i really analyze things to death .

And uh just so that's the last question uh i wanted to ask about um your products because amazon because last time you gave us a link amazon uk does not have all your products right it has we're trying to get all of them but right now we have a limited amount so for those that we don't have .

You might want to just go to get it shipped from america right now until i get that figured out but yeah you're right you're right because the problem is in different parts of the world they have different requirements so you can't put this ingredient in there you can't put .

That so it really creates a lot of uh complexities to changing the formulas and doing this and doing that unfortunately well well that's great well tony listen thanks so much for joining us and best of luck and congratulations by the way on your friend you dr berg really didn't scold you at all in terms of what said .

You're doing great and the weight loss and you know keep it up and you're right on schedule uh so you're one of the lucky ones you came out unscathed in your conversation with dr berg so congratulations tony that's fantastic all right we've got the answer to quiz question number two let me bring that up for .

Reference and it asks cellulite is caused by a loss of collagen under the skin and 65 percent say false 35 say it's absolutely true this is going to be an interesting video it's some new information i found which is uh .

Amazing but yes there's uh this one researcher took them 10 years to realize that cellular cellulite is not a problem with fat it's a problem with your collagen it's the so you have this um this net like collagen .

Thing that holds the fat really nice and tight and organized what happens with uh when you have too much estrogen which i'm going to talk about you then um destroy that collagen layer to the point where it's not there anymore so then now we have uh nothing to hold the fat cells .

So it starts to dimple it starts to create the cheesy effect and so i i'm going to release the video on what to do about it you can improve it but you have to first understand what the real problem is because if you don't and you're just exercising and you're wondering why is this why isn't this uh getting better after 10 months of .

Doing it well it's because you're treating the wrong problem well that's fantastic so let's see here let's kick off with the third question and dr berg would you relate this to the audience yep okay what is the primary cause of dark circles underneath the eyes .

That's easy my wife oops sorry let me get rid of this guest right here just a moment all right by the way we'll we'll be getting to you today in just a moment in fact i feel rude having brought him up and then get rid of him let's take todar uh on and todar if you would unmute .

Yourself you are on with dr byrd hi dr burke hi and good evening in europe it's already night thank you for having me on the show and i have a just one question for you actually i've been dealing with gastritis chronic gastritis for the past four months now .

And i've been also diagnosed with gallstones which are around four to five millimeters and the the doctors say it's uh caused from uh the gallstones it's uh from cholesterol based gallstones so uh what is your advice for me for .

First thing to do is deal with the gastritis and then then start to deal with the gallstones or i don't know like which direction should i take first should i take the gallbladder formula i also i have it but i still haven't started using it or should i just focus on the gastritis .

First and then like getting the top cut getting the apple cider vinegar and other recommendations that you also gave on for that i think your problem i think your problem is the same same thing i think you can kill two birds with one stone um there's a one big cause of gastritis .

Is a bile that gets regurgitated into the stomach which acts like a detergent and it irritates the lining of the stomach and so we have that now why would that be regurgitating and what's the connection between the stones .

Well um what causes stones is an imbalance of high cholesterol low bile salts so the missing link is bile salts which is very common there's a there's a problem and i mean if you don't have the bile sauce you get sludge and that can turn into stones so uh and it backs up it gets regurgitated so what i would do .

Is i would take tutka to an empty stomach in the morning two in the afternoon on an empty stomach and then take the gallbladder formula with meals and you start doing that and uh that should start uh making you feel better immediately .

Well also uh from the last uh that i made the last examination the ultrasound on the abdomen they said like there is also a sludge present and the gallstones before that was just the gallstones and also i have uh yeah at night usually on the esophagus i have like a feeling of uh not burning but more like .

Watery feeling coming up up yeah yeah so this is this is exactly what i said sludge so we have a um you just need bio salts gallbladder sludge is a deficiency of bile salts that's all it is and .

You would think that this would be promoted out there and people would but they just there's not there's this missing connection there's not a lot of data on this and unless you find a maybe a textbook on bile salts which i have all the textbooks and i found it found in there um some of the older textbooks some of .

The new ones they don't put it in there for some reason so um just do what i said and uh call me in the morning thank you so much that's great thanks for staying up late for us todar in uh beautiful massachusetts .

Okay that's great let's see here's an interesting one that comes up a lot of course we were bragging about tony he did so well with all his exercise dwayne from facebook wants to know how can i maximize muscle growth while on keto and iaf and by the way in some of our previous uh what do we call it wasn't a seminar what was those big gatherings we .

Had the summit summit thank you there were some real muscly guys running around one guy that you know beat everybody at 100 mile race on keto and then someone else that can you know uh lift an elephant and so on so obviously there's a way to do it yeah the the primary um .

Activator of muscle is uh is intensity of exercise so he he needs to um increase his intensity and stimulus of like full body compound resisting workouts .

That's going to help them more than anything else versus just i'm going to just consume a lot of carbs i'm going to consume a lot of protein so he needs to just exercise more with heavier weights low reps and that's going to stimulate the muscle growth and .

Help it to maximize the size well that's very encouraging okay we have answer for quiz question number three which asks uh what's the primary cause of dark circles under the eye i of course said my wife but the audience uh said uh at least 44 percent lack of sleep 20 say low minerals or protein 20 say stress or high cortisol levels and .

10 percent finally say kidney issues oh wait there's more and six percent say high uric acid levels thanks terry that was a mouthful okay you're all right but the primary cause is a little different and of course if you've been watching my channel some of you're gonna say i knew he's to say that it's .

Hyperinsulinemia it's too much insulin in the blood and you know if you just look up too much insulin in the blood which is occurs when you start to get type 2 diabetes and too much insulin in the blood actually causes insulin resistance .

So we have a combination of too much insulin in the blood we have insulin resistance we could potentially have higher levels of sugar because it's not working that well but um you know .

There's another condition that you get these uh this discoloration in different parts of your body so one one effect is the melanin increases around the orbits of .

The eyes so it's uh there's a there's a term for it uh which i will talk about in my seminar but uh i mean my video but the point is it's too much insulin but if you look at too much insulin look that up hyperlink anemia you know you can't find .

It's they're not emphasizing the solution instead there's like oh yeah you know what you should do is you should take a medication you should do this and i mean there is a small mention that maybe you should cut down into sugar but carbs stimulate insulin .

And why not just focus in on the most important action go on a low carb diet it's simple to do well there you have it over to youtube shannon strickland has been on keto since may of 2019 still wake up feeling shaky and then in parentheses hypoglycemic feeling .

At times and i have never been able to fast long lengths didn't say why not doing keto for weight loss just for uh healing what is she missing you need to keep your carbs lower and you need to eat more fat at the meal that's interesting and that keep the protein down right i would that seems so counterintuitive .

Moderate yeah interesting all right you know what else is interesting our next question okay what is the acceptable amount of red wine that you can consume after dinner wow interesting question we'll see what the audience has to say and let me go back to um .

Oh here we go sheila from youtube is seek help good for liver or kidney cysts um no now that's that's going to be cysts more on the breast that or the ovaries that are coming from estrogen .

Um that's when you take secal but when you get cysts on the liver the kidney that is more related to um you know your kidney and liver are trying to encapsulate some something toxic in which case you just need to start eating really clean and let let the cyst hopefully eventually dissolve .

But if you look up cysts in the liver and the kidney you're gonna what it's gonna say is like oh we don't know what causes it but uh you know in the meantime make sure it's not growing there's not a lot of data on that but it just makes sense to me that your body's trying to encapsulate something that's harmful .

So let's just you know eat healthy and avoid eating things that are harmful good advice doc okay chris and this is a redundant question but i guess a lot of people are having this problem chris from youtube dr berg i follow all of your supplement recommendations but .

Having difficulty sleeping through the night i wake up two or three times a night maybe we can recap what all these uh folks need to do yeah um you know of course i have a really good nutritional protocol for that in several videos i have a sleep aid which is a combination of things but sometimes .

Like i said before um i think if you watched all my videos and you're doing everything then you need to start increasing your melatonin in your cells which actually comes from infrared the sun which is going to be hard to get sun right now unless you live next to the equator um but you can do it at a .

Campfire or your fireplace sit behind your fire to place before bed or just get an ir um you know therapy red light therapy and sit in front of that for 15 minutes in the evening that's what i would do if i were you but it's good for inflammation it's good for recharging .

Your cells with melatonin which is going to be a really important video that i put a lot of time into the problem is not many people are going to watch it because when you talk about melatonin it's not .

Like a popular topic people like okay yeah i don't need to watch that but it's very important for your health and longevity because one big purpose of melatonin is it acts like an antioxidant it's more important than glutathione and uh .

If we're trying to live long and we want to prevent uh oxidative stress through mitochondria and by the way the the number one reason why most people die is some version of mitochondrial dysfunction whether it's cancer heart disease .

Metabolic illness like diabetes then you need to watch this video so stay tuned on the water melatonin coming up maybe even tomorrow wow well speaking of melatonin i have a question doc so you know you go to the local whatever walmart or drug store and you pick up a big thing of melatonin .

Gummies i mean is there is that a can you can you get ripped off with melatonin do you have to be careful where you get it i mean how do you know whether it's a an effective product yeah yeah they add a bunch of other stuff with including sugar i don't recommend even taking melatonin supplements you .

Don't need to take it because um you need to just generate it with ir you know start having candles in your house um interesting you know red lights um get a uh go outside and have a fire pit you know like that's just so therapeutic it's so much better .

Than um taking melatonin which uh you know if i took melatonin i would just feel kind of funky because it uh i don't feel good when i take it so it's some people do but uh it's you're taking a hormone and then you're not stimulating the hormone .

You're taking a hormone so you're bypassing your body's ability to create it naturally and it comes with a package interesting well that makes good sense i don't think i'd listen carefully enough before doc but now i'm up to speed and nia i think she's from new york has been waiting patiently in the green room and she has a question for you dr .

Bird hello dr berg hello here today with you um i struggle with fasting and i have card withdrawal i'm pretty sure i get dizzy nauseated and cranky so i tried mct oil and i had a very strange reaction .

It feels as though i've actually greased my eyeballs i mean it's like the oil goes everywhere and uh and then i start to gain weight so i wonder what other alternatives are there to activating ketogenesis with intermittent fasting uh if you could suggest some things .

Yeah so um the unique thing about mct oil is that it doesn't need help from your liver or your gallbladder which is interesting so um you may want to try a different type of fat to help you fast longer but um the real problem i i you're just not adapting .

Like you would like fast enough probably so what we have to do is we have to to help you fast longer the key is keeping your carbs lower and lower with that meal so you might want to do i have a video i think it's called extreme fat burning or extreme weight loss or .

Extreme keto or it might be uh keto on steroids so if you watch that video bring your carbs down below like 10 grams that'll make it really easy to to get in the fat burning and then be able to fast longer longer so you can do it by adding .

More fat but really we want to lower the carbs in the meal to the point where um your body switches over and then once you start burning your fat boy you can fast for a long period of time in fact like even right now i i'm not even i have the no interest in food whatsoever i can i'm .

Going to be able to fast without any problem because i've done this for a period of time so that's a nice place to be where i could take or leave it i i could eat food or not i don't feel bad it doesn't affect my cognitive function but .

For you the brain is the superior organ for ketones so if you feel any weirdness at all irritable for example then we know the brain's not getting fuel so .

If you can't do the mct oil maybe you also maybe you could do the exogenous ketones then you can take them as a supplement and get ketones they're called ketone salts or exogenous ketones as a supplement and that will at least give your brain ketones so you feel better .

So you can fast longer but let your body tell you when to fast longer it might just take longer but keep your carbs low as low as possible thank you i'll try to do that without killing somebody but yes yeah that's always good and also take some b .

Vitamins with nutritional yeast if you feel like destroying using strangulization therapy excellent thank you doctor you're welcome i certainly wouldn't mess with nia i'm sure she can bring it if anybody puts the challenge up to her and uh listen doc this is sort of disheartening uh .

We have a bunch of joy killers in the audience what is the acceptable amount of red wine after dinner and 95 say you can't have any fun at all you don't get any wine five percent say a little sip or something so it looks like um uh we have a quorum of people to say no fun uh for people drinking ready if you're if .

You're drinking for health benefits you're you're not gonna get any because they they you know it's so interesting it's like one day they say oh yeah that wine is helpful for your heart you're going to live longer you're going to lose weight and then the next day oh we found that there is no benefit there's no benefit at all to any alcohol .

So um you know like i said before um take take what everyone agrees on and then do the opposite and uh but of course with the with the alcohol unfortunately there's not a lot of benefits to it um .

Health-wise so i'm just the messenger steve yeah absolutely i tell you what i read some time ago that that french women i don't know what men do over there but a big case of fatty liver and cirrhosis from a very moderate amount of drinking you know a couple glasses of wine at .

Night apparently really adds up and they have a chronic problem with it in what are usually very disciplined people so uh you know maybe these folks with the 95 say lay off or onto something you know in italy um they do drink i know this might be shocking to some people but they do sometimes drink some wine with dinner .

And you know their bodies will adapt to a certain degree because they have developed enzymes to metabolize that but um you also have some other positive things about certain places in the world like italy .

Like certain parts of africa and germany where their soils are very volcanic there's a lot of volcanoes that were italy especially uh in the southern part that fertilize the soil so greatly that the food is more nutrient-dense it tastes better .

Like those tomatoes right and so they get the benefit of all the nutrition and so that actually can counter some of the other problems that are like in america i mean people from europe they move to america and they start eating food and they just get sick because it's like the soils are so .

Terrible so it's a combination of things of uh this is why you know i'm gonna be opening up starting a new channel on just uh how to grow your own food just because um it's hard to find real food nowadays and it'd be nice to be able to grow a .

Garden and have your own food and in your backyard and uh have it really nutrient dense i have some really cool stuff that i'm sharing but i'm actually going through it right now and just uh getting all the tweaks in place so it's going to be very exciting .

Well i'm sure everyone can't wait for that and this sounds like kind of an emergency we better get on this question mr monama from youtube my wife had a baby yesterday congratulations but she's not producing sufficient milk is there anything they can do to help her uh you know wrap that up yeah she needs brewers yeast .

Brewer's yeast she can make some keto cookies with brewer's yeast look up the recipe on that keto version brewer's east cookies and or just consume the brewer's yeast and that will um increase milk production that's interesting okay well .

Congratulations folks on your new baby i hope you're able to feed it in the natural way by the way emma in spain she's on facebook she claims they drink wine and don't have health issues so there's always you know opinions galore and maybe in uh you know spain they um they've got it down and they don't have .

A lot of surprises here here's another point i want to bring up in my melatonin video as well but you have the all these things that produce health you have the quality of food in spain their quality of food is ten times what america is i mean it's just like .

So you have that benefit which is going to help them greatly but there's some other factors too um you know i'm living on a farm right now and there's two of my neighbors two guys in their 60s and they eat like crap i'm talking they .

Eat pure sugar one guy chews tobacco the other guy smokes but they don't seem to get sick they seem to be someone healthy they seem to be strong i'm like what is going on but you know what's interesting they're physically doing work all day .

Long outside in the sun in the fresh air and so the combination of physical work which is very therapeutic distress and that infrared from the sun like i talked about recharging your melatonin which is the most powerful antioxidant that probably protects them greatly .

So again i think there's a you know i'm almost like reevaluating what's in what's really really important and what's uh maybe not so important i think what's really really important is being more outside and not sitting in front of your computer all day long and you get .

No sun that's really really bad on your health not that anyone watching is doing that right now but typically uh that was my history for many years and so gotta get outside gotta get some sun every day go for a walk expose yourself to nature .

Wonderful well listen we're going to get to lisa who's our last participant from ontario but before we do let's knock out the last last question doc true false exactly okay now you never want to cook with oh yeah you never want to uh .

Cook and i'm talking about using high heats with olive oil true or false all right folks dig into that and let's go to um to lisa and she's from ontario our second lisa for the day lisa can you hear us lisa can you hear us you're on with dr byrd .

Yes i can go ahead with your question yes can you hear me perfectly dr berg um i'm grateful to be here thank you for having me i have a regimen of about 820. vitamins mineral supplement antioxidants .

That i've been taking um i had i have reasons for all of them um first of all i i do have diagnosed hashimoto's through biopsy so i take synthroid in the mornings um after about an hour i take my abcd e .

With my coffee my question is i'm wondering i'm a little concerned that maybe a lot of what i'm taking is a little much i had a little incident um very uh not like my body um for about a week i had incident where .

You know i could feel my heart beating harder and faster um and i just haven't would have this feeling come over me so i don't know something new that i was taking you know maybe doesn't jive something else i do have uh i believe gallstones .

Um victims i do have a hiatal hernia and during those few days too i could feel bloating etc so some of the things that i take i take bio salts um now with my meals um .

To try to help you know the uh the um hernia and it's all butter so like i say i just have a concern on how much is too much maybe yeah um again .

Just make sure that the quality of vitamins are good like for example your vitamin a e d just make sure they're not uh like synthetic because that can irritate the gallbladder as well now as far as your gallbladder i think you're doing .

The right thing but there is something else that i think could help and it's called betaine hydrochloride if you take that with the meal that will actually increase the release of more bile your own bile production which is going to then help you digest and if you combine that with my i did a video on .

Okay if you combine that with a video that i show you on hiatal hernia where you actually manipulating the ins the stomach and you're pressing down i think you should do that exercise every day you might already be doing that but that's a really good exercise for .

Hiatal hernia the other thing that i would let you know about hashimoto's and by the way i think that your pulse rating is coming from the gallbladder though because that that's one cause so you need to work on that but the thing with hashimoto's is uh it's an .

Autoimmune so you definitely need vitamin d at least 20 000 ius every day with a meal unless you take it with fat and then when you're selenium is another key mineral as well and then intermittent fasting so if you .

Go longer with fasting you'll greatly improve your thyroid uh because you're going to drop inflammation and so it's going to work a lot better so that's what i'd recommend so darber right now right now i take 10 000 .

I use vitamin d um like i say my abcd i just um because i know i have hashimoto's my goal i would love to be able to get off the synthetic prescription um so i also just ordered seek help i do try to make sure everything i'm getting is organic or uh .

Pure um my amazonian town last year um but again i just um i did see a video about it brought me um i do occasions with my hiatal um that i can feel where has kind of slipped in so .

The very next morning you had a video on you know some symptoms of hiatal hernia so it brought me a little bit of comfort because i was experiencing a little bit of uh you know a little bit more heart pounding etc so again i just you know i just want to make sure i mean cursed .

Of course the zinc things like that um knack nac those are all things that i'm taking with my my supper so um you know i'm typically just having one meal if i have to try to break it up okay yeah i think you're taking a lot of .

Stuff which is you know i tend to take more stuff uh play around with the dosages and see if that doesn't help you but i will say you'll probably benefit from some a lot of manual therapy on your your gallbladder your pancreas your stomach and start really starting to watch my .

Videos like on the gallbladder uh flush video that's a good one that will help kind of decongest the area of your stomach which is a kind of a weakness that you have that can create things backing up making you feel kind of weird because realize too you need that thyroid i'm sorry you need .

The gallbladder and liver functioning well to convert t4 to t3 so there's definitely a connection between your thyroid and the gallbladder too all right well lisa thanks so much for joining us and everyone in the green room that had some interesting questions today we do we got through all of our que our questions and we got an answer .

For the last one uh you never want to cook with olive oil and the audience 75 say true 25 so you can cook away yeah you can it uh it has a high resistance to oxidation so don't feel like you can't cook with olive oil you can and .

Believe it or not it's comparable to avocado oil which is more for high heats but avocado oil definitely oxidizes more so i would go for it well that sounds great and also we're .

Going to go over a little bit in the holiday spirit but we got to let people know what kind of videos they can expect from you in the coming days or weeks yeah cure toenail fungus within for less than two dollars how to lose cellulite the updated video potassium the most important electrolyte .

The do-it-yourself parasite cleanse something you could actually go right in your backyard get the remedy and make it um so you can finally get rid of all your parasites how to make puffy eyes disappear that's actually going to be puffy eyes and dark circles .

Around your eyes uh vanish the most important antioxidant is melatonin not glutathione so stay tuned for these videos next week i appreciate all your attention i will see you guys next year have a wonderful new year's and .

Stay tuned for more videos you

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