The Danger of Not Absorbing Fats

The Danger of Not Absorbing Fats

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so today we’re gonna talk about the dangers of not absorbing fat so many people are concerned with the dangers of fat let’s talk about the dangers of not absorbing fat and this is a very common situation do we need fat is it essential well it is because there’s such a thing as essential fatty acids okay there’s also essential amino acids but there’s no such thing as an essential carbohydrate so let’s say for example you’re not absorbing fat what’s going to happen well first of all you’re going to be deficient in something called essential fatty acids there’s two main ones DHA and EPA these are omega-3 fatty acids there’s also a ala but that’s kind of a precursor that turns into the active form of omega-3 fatty acids omega-3 fatty acids are very very important in preventing heart disease inflammation you need it for your your eyes your brain your nervous system many many different functions so you’ll be deficient in essential fatty acids you may also be deficient in vitamin E which is essential for protecting the lining of the vascular system it’s essential for oxygen in the muscles this is why if you’re deficient in vitamin E you’re gonna feel very weak in your muscles also skin pituitary function hormone function vitamin D oh my gosh that’s calcium metabolism immune system if you’re deficient in vitamin D you’re gonna you’re gonna be sad you’re gonna you might be depressed you might have a low back pain and a lot of other issues low vitamin A so you’re driving at night you can’t see in the dark that well you have sinus issues sleep apnea poor immune system vitamin k1 you’re not clotting you’re getting bruising things like that vitamin k2 calcium buildup in the kidney and the arteries in the joints as arthritis and you’re gonna have problems using cholesterol which is needed and all of your cell membranes it’s needed to make certain hormones like all the sex hormones cortisol which is the stress hormones you need cholesterol for the brain for the nervous system unique cholesterol to make bile okay that helps you break down fats so some of the symptoms that you may experience if you’re now dropping fat would be fatty pale stool your stool actually floats doesn’t sink foul-smelling stool protruded abdomen you’re getting a lot of bloating a lot of gas weak muscles scoliosis could be another symptom your vision is very poor ataxia which is coordination problems gait problems when you’re walking you feel clumsy you keep bumping into things damage to the retina of the eye and you have vision problems all right so what are some of the causes of not absorbing fat well anything that’s gonna damage the lining of the gut Crohn’s irritable bowel syndrome celiac which is a from gluten cystic fibrosis which is a genetic condition of the lung where you’re producing a lot of mucus and you have a hard time breathing liver damage and I’m talking about a fatty liver cirrhosis of the liver inflammation of the liver so the more fat you have on the liver the less you’re going to produce bile the less you’re going to absorb fatty acids so if you have a fatty liver the absorption of these key things are going to be diminished and of course if you have your gallbladder removed you’re not going to store the amount of bile that you had you’ll still get some drainage but you won’t have the full capacity of the bile salts so I would recommend to take purified bile salts and by the way taking purified bile salts is just one thing you should do if you have a problem absorbing fat the other things that you should do would be taking maybe something like a good probiotic because 90% of the bile is recycled in the gut so that’s important as well and you may need to take some of these nutrients in higher amounts so we can bypass the damage in the colon which is a barrier in the absorption all right problem with the pancreas let’s say you’re not able to produce the enzymes necessary like the lipase is and things that are necessary to break down and absorb these fats or let’s you have diabetes well if you have a problem with diabetes chances are you’re also going to a problem with the enzymes that are produced by the pancreas because the pancreas does two things it makes enzymes to digest certain things and it also makes endocrine hormones insulin glucagon to help regulate blood triggers all right then we actually gets a stomach acid so if you don’t have enough stomach acid you may have a hard time releasing the bile from the gallbladder because they both work together and lastly if you had gastric bypass for weight loss that can actually diminish your ability to absorb fats all right so now that you’re aware of some of the consequences and dangers of not absorbing fat the next thing is to basically find out which one of these is the cause okay I have a lot of videos on these as an individual topic and I’m going to put some links down below so you can get more more information on that alright guys thanks for watching hey before you go 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This Post Was All About The Danger of Not Absorbing Fats.
The Danger of Not Absorbing Fats

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the dangers of NOT absorbing fat, what causes this condition and the symptoms.

Deficiency from NOT Absorbing Fats
• Low Essential Fatty Acids – DHA, EPA
• Vitamin E
• Vitamin D
• Vitamin A
• Vitamin K1 and K2
• Cholesterol – Hormones

Symptoms from NOT Absorbing Fats
• Fatty Pale Stool
• Foul Smell Stool
• Protruded Abdomen
• Weak Muscles
• Scoliosis
• Low Vision
• Ataxia
• Retinal Damage
• Other vision problem

Causes of NOT fat deficiency
• CROHNS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

• Celiac

• Cystic Fibrosis
• Liver Damage

• Gallbladder

• Pancreas

• Low Stomach Acid

• Gastric Bypass

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