The Biggest Secret of the Keto Universe

The Biggest Secret of the Keto Universe

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all right guys so I’m finally gonna break down and reveal the secret of the universe or at least the keto universe okay so what is the biggest secret of the keto universe well recently I was reading this this book in my spare time called insulin resistance this is a textbook okay all the research on insulin resistance fascinating read I agree with like most of it but there’s a couple points I don’t know cover that in a minute but I’m reading this and all of a sudden was like it hit me like a ton of bricks I go wow most health problems most common health problems diseases and symptoms are directly caused by insulin resistance yet we are treating every single one of these conditions with a separate drug as if they are some separate problem and disease I mean check this out insulin resistance directly causes metabolic syndrome high blood pressure high cholesterol triglycerides belly fat a fatty liver diabetes okay and having diabetes causes kidney damage and kidney failure eventually peripheral neuropathy all sorts of neurological problems including problems with dimension the brain heart problems eye problems cataracts glaucoma retinopathy all sorts of problems with the eye and the number the heart we have clotting occurs because of this that’s what leads to strokes okay plaquing arrhythmias atrial fib high cholesterol high triglycerides the type of cholesterol that sticky that forms a plaque and high blood pressure and then we have all the inflammatory conditions of your joints arthritis bursitis tendinitis rheumatoid osteo autoimmune conditions it’s the inflammation that causes the damage and then we have inflammation inside the artery which then leads to the plaquing we have inflammation that occurs in the digestive tract crohn’s diverticulitis irritable bowel syndrome inflammation that causes fibrosis or scarring or cirrhosis in your liver but then we have all the problems in the brain Alzheimer’s dementia Parkinson’s seizures cognitive issues like brain fog forgetfulness lack of focus lack of concentration and then we have PCOS which is polycystic ovarian syndrome which is high level of androgens in a female body normally females should not have high levels of androgen where does that create facial hair body hair loss of hair on your head deeper voice belly fat and the list goes on and on but in a male body insulin resistance will decrease testosterone okay and increase estrogen so we have this opposite effect where insulin resistance in a female body causes high in regions and Annamayya body will decrease antigens and then there’s a whole list of additional side effects from this alone okay and when we have insulin resistance we’re usually a pre-diabetic where we have high levels of sugar and yes cancer lives on sugar and not to mention OBC okay insulin resistance is a primary driver of obesity why because the hormone insulin is the main fat storage hormone now what is insulin resistance basically your cells are rejecting insulin okay they’re no longer absorbing insulin anymore what causes this chronic exposure to insulin now if we take it back a little bit further what would cause high levels of insulin is basically high carbohydrate diets chronic eating like infrequent eating as in eating six times a day with all the snacks and everything will cause this and cortisol will increase the production of insulin because with cortisol which is a stress hormone it actually breaks down protein and it stimulates insulin and a lot of the damage from high levels of cortisol is really high levels of insulin so high cortisol eventually causes insulin resistance itself now if we look at insulin like a key okay which has a function of allowing fuel to enter the cell to regulate blood sugars it’s a master whole-body glucose control okay and it also controls amino acid absorption into the cells as well as other nutrients in the cell now what happens when you have insulin resistance okay you have one part of the body that’s not getting insulin okay so there’s a feedback loop that comes around that causes your pancreas to make massive amounts of insulin so when you have instant resistance you have a combination between insulin deficiency and a massive spike in insulin in certain other parts of the body the massive spike of insulin causes stuff like fatty liver and obesity but the deficiency of insulin also creates problems especially in your brain because insulin believe it or not is an anti inflammatory hormone so when you have insulin resistance you have now you have certain parts of your body that don’t get enough insulin you start getting inflammation so a lot of the inflammation that occurs with this is really occurring because of a deficiency of insulin in certain parts of your body I mean let’s just take the brain for example when you have Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s there’s something very unique about these two right here in your nerve cells you will see a severe deficiency of glucose in the cell why because there’s not enough insulin because of insulin resistance to allow fuel to go into the nerve cells okay and they die and so one of the treatments for Alzheimer’s is an insulin nasal spray which sprays insulin right up through your sinuses into the brain and it shows some good results with dementia the problem is eventually it keeps creating more insulin resistance because this is caused by a continuous exposure to insulin okay now there’s another treatment for arrhythmias involving giving a patient insulin into the heart because it can increase the electrical activity and increase the mobilization of electrolytes why because insulin is involved in the absorption of electrolytes so you can see some of these treatments are designed to bypass what’s really happening insulin resistance alright so I want to come back to this book for a second and just touch on one thing if you look at this section where they’re talking about the cause of insulin resistance there’s one area that I highly disagree with and I’ll tell you why because it talks about eating saturated fats will cause insulin resistance okay and this is something you’ll see in the news oh yeah well it’s that sort of faster you’re gonna get diabetes etc etc so I pulled a string and found the study that they’re using to base this information on of course it was a a rodent study okay and as I try to find the study you it’s not readily available you have to buy it it’s forty seven dollars for the study okay but you can rent it for seven dollars which I did and I’ll show you right here it’s called high fat diet induced insulin resistance lessons and implications from animal studies okay and lo and behold if you see what they fed the mice it was a high-fat diet if you then look up what that high fat diet consists of it’s not just a high-fat diet it’s a high fat plus high carbohydrate diet and we already know if you combine high carbs with eye fat you get a massive increase of insulin so that fact basically invalidates this study completely making this data incorrect the truth is that saturated fats have a very low effect on insulin what has a massive effect is the carbohydrates and that brings me back to the biggest secret of the keto universe and that is this all these side effects from insulin resistance are treated with separate medications as if they’re their own disease not being caused by something and to put the icing on the cake the diet recommended to resolve these conditions are a high carbohydrate diet the exact thing that causes in the first place so what is the significance of that data well it tells us the importance of keto and in a minute fasting is way more than we thought because it directly targets this one condition right here which indirectly can help you with all of these thanks for watching hey guys real quick I have a new healthy keto eating plan for you just go to dr. Berg comm it’s right on the front page I put a link down below download it it’s free check it out

This Post Was All About The Biggest Secret of the Keto Universe.
The Biggest Secret of the Keto Universe

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Dr. Berg shares the biggest secret in the keto (ketogenic diet) universe. Most common health problems, diseases, and symptoms are directly caused by insulin resistance, yet are treating every single one of these conditions with a separate drug. Insulin resistance is when the cells are rejecting insulin. This is caused by chronic exposure to insulin. Insulin resistance is a combination of insulin deficiency and a massive spike of insulin in certain other parts of the body.

Insulin Resistance Health-Related Conditions
• Metabolic syndrome
• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Belly fat
• Fatty liver
• Diabetes (kidney damage, peripheral neuropathy, neurological problems, eye problems)
• Heart problems (clot, plaque, arrhythmias, cholesterol, high blood pressure)
• Inflammation (joint, autoimmune, artery, digestive/cirrhosis)
• Brain (Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, cognitive, seizures)
• PCOS (High androgen)
• Decreased testosterone
• Pre-diabetes
• Cancer
• Obesity – Insulin is the main fat-storing hormone.

Causes of High Levels of Insulin
• High-carbohydrate diets
• Chronic eating or frequent eating
• Cortisol (stress hormone)

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