The Best Vitamin for Tuberculosis (TB)

The Best Vitamin for Tuberculosis (TB)

The Best Vitamin for Tuberculosis (TB)

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More specifically, you want help with The Best Vitamin for Tuberculosis (TB)?

so recently on my YouTube channel someone asked a question what would be good for TV ok the infection tuberculosis so let’s talk about that hands down the number one vitamin that someone needs if they have TB is vitamin d3 there’s been a high correlation of people that have TB that are very very low in vitamin d3 and there’s some really interesting studies going on right now and that are already out there that show that taking vitamin d3 can actually speed up the recovery lessen the symptoms and even put the person in remission okay so that’s pretty cool why is that because d3 is an immune modulator which means that it controls the immune system if you’re deficient in vitamin d3 you’re very susceptible to getting an infection from either a virus or bacteria and this is why a lot of people get sick during the winter because they have low amounts of vitamin D not to mention 2 billion people on this planet are deficient in d3 a couple reasons why they’re deficient number one people just don’t go outside as much as they used to number two it’s very difficult to even get your RDAs from food so if you’re not going outside it’s not on the food chances are you’re going to be deficient as you age you lose the ability to absorb vitamin d3 the darker your skin the more vitamin d3 you need as well and even if you’re outside with your skin exposed to the Sun depending on where you live as far as how far you are from the equator can really limit your ability to absorb the Sun so your body can then turn into vitamin D also there’s the liver in the gall bladder if your liver is fatty if you have a bad liver or you don’t have a gallbladder or you’re not producing in a file you’re not going to be able to absorb that vitamin D too well and microbes himself have the sneaky little strategy that they can block the vitamin D receptor as well like for example epstein-barr virus will inhibit your ability to absorb vitamin d so it can then survive even the microbe TB can inhibit your absorption about it and the AIDS virus is worse because it can completely stop your ability to absorb vitamin D and there’s one less thing that’s becoming more recognized and that is a genetic defect a lot of people have it it’s called polymorphism and if you have a certain genetic variant for a gene but you can’t absorb vitamin D you’re gonna be deficient unless you take larger amounts there’s a test that you can get it’s called 23andme that they can evaluate your genetics and tell you if you have certain genetic weaknesses for certain things but getting back to tuberculosis you would want to take 20,000 I use per day with your meals you might also want to take vitamin k2 with it 200 micrograms mk7 version and this will start helping to build up your immune system and put this macro back in remission thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About The Best Vitamin for Tuberculosis (TB).
The Best Vitamin for Tuberculosis (TB)

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Someone was recently wondering what would be good for TB (tuberculosis). In this video, I’m going to fill you in on a few essential things to know about TB. I also want to tell you about a vitamin that may act as the best remedy out there for you.

Which vitamins for TB should I take? – The number one vitamin a person needs if they have TB is vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 may actually speed up recovery, lessen TB symptoms, and even put the person in remission.

D3 controls the immune system. If you have a vitamin D deficiency, you’re susceptible to getting an infection from either a virus or bacteria.

There are a few reasons people become deficient in vitamin D3:

• People don’t go outside as much 
• It’s difficult to get RDAs from food
• As you age you lose the ability to absorb vitamin D3
• The darker your skin, the more vitamin D3 you need
• It can be more difficult to get vitamin D3 from the sun depending on where you live
• If your liver or gallbladder are damaged, you won’t be able to absorb D3 too well
• Viruses
• A genetic defect

If you have TB, you may want to try taking 20,000 IUs of vitamin D3 per day with meals. You may also want to take it with 200mcg of K2 (M-K7 version). This will start helping to build up your immune system and put this microbe back in remission.

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