The Best Remedy for an Ear Infection

The Best Remedy for an Ear Infection

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[Music] hi guys I’m back in this video we’re gonna talk about the best natural remedy for an ear infection okay so here’s some of the symptoms vertigo that’s dizziness sinus congestion headache ear pain ear popping ringing the ears you know you can have an ear infection it’s more common in children and I’m going to tell you why because here you have the ear the external ear and then you have a little space that kind of goes in that hole that goes into the inner ear right here and this is where the infection occurs right there now you have this little drainage tube called the estación tube that should drain in the back of the throat and that’s the purpose of the stationed tube is to drain mucus and also to equalize pressure if you’ve ever been a an airplane and it’s going up or going down like your ears are in pain and you have this severe pain in your head and if that ever happens what you need to do is you need to you can push pull your ears outward this way this directly out open the mouth and it should drain or chew some gum or something like that but in a child the reason why they have more problems is that the tube is not as vertical and that’s why I can’t drain it’s more horizontal so it backs up especially if the child consumes sugar or milk those two in combination just our breeding ground for microbes especially around Halloween okay but you have this situation where you have all this mucus it fills up with pus and infection causes pain normally this little tube here though is collapse and it opens when you swallow but what happens it stops draining it backs up to the inner ear and it creates a lot of issues so the best natural remedy is garlic oil you take a drop of oil and you put it into the ear and let it go in there so you want to dilute one drop of garlic oil and a teaspoon of olive oil okay then take a drop of that and put it in the infant’s ear okay but if it’s a child let’s say seven eight nine ten years old you can just take one drop of garlic oil and put it in the ear and that should be pretty much kill any microbes that are going in there naturally so it’s very very friendly on your own microbes in your own body but it’s very unfriendly pathogenic microbes yeast fungus things like that now if your dog is scratching the ear there could be also an infection same thing drop of garlic oil in the ear gets rid of it really fast okay go ahead and try this and let me know how it works if you want to find out more about your body type click the link below and take the quiz

This Post Was All About The Best Remedy for an Ear Infection.
The Best Remedy for an Ear Infection

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Dr. Berg talks about a great natural remedy for ear infections. Take 1 drop of garlic oil (in 1 tsp of olive oil), mix well, and then take 1 drop of that and apply this in the ear to help counter any unfriendly microbes. All you need to do is for place the drop of oil in each ear in the am and before bed until symptoms improve. Garlic oil can be purchased at the health-food store or online (amazon).


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