The Best Cheese on Keto (Ketogenic Diet).

The Best Cheese on Keto (Ketogenic Diet).

The Best Cheese on Keto (Ketogenic Diet).

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hey guys I had another question related to cheese someone wanted to know what type of cheese should I get should it’s a natural organic it’s just so funny though when you see the word natural like it means nothing okay and even organic that means without pesticides but then you have grass-fed which is even better but then there’s one step further a hundred percent grass-fed and this is what you want to shoot for because you’re going to get the maximum fat soluble vitamins omega-3 fatty acids you’re going to get vitamin A D E and definitely k2 this is a real important vitamin especially for the transportation of calcium into the bones and out of the soft tissues you’ll also get other really good fatty acids CLA which is great for the immune system inflammation and even weight loss DHA EPA it’s good for the brain it’s good for the hormones ala so there’s all these great essential fatty acids that will help you for your brain for the nervous system available calcium so I don’t recommend taking calcium supplements unless you have osteoporosis but I like to get my calcium from cheese not only because I’m from Wisconsin but because cheese is a great source of bile available calcium so make sure you never go low-fat cheese do the whole milk cheese and it would be an ideal seeing if it could be organic and 100% grass-fed as well but usually if it’s 100% grass-fed it’s organic great sources of protein good sources of B vitamins including b12 so some people get constipated they consume too much cheese so I would say three to four ounces per meal that would be great hey you know what I just want to say thank you for watching these videos you made it this far I appreciate your attention and your precious time

This Post Was All About The Best Cheese on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)..
The Best Cheese on Keto (Ketogenic Diet).

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In this video Dr. Berg talks about the best cheese to get on keto (ketogenic diet). The main names you will see would be “Natural” which means nothing and “Organic” which means without pesticides but you want to see “Grass Fed.” To make it even better look for “100% Grass Fed” but make sure you do not get low fat cheese, do the whole milk cheese.

With 100% Grass Fed Cheese you will get:

– Fat soluble vitamins A-D-E-K2
– Omega 3 fatty acids
– Available Calcium
– B12
– Protein

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