The Benefits of Tocotrienols (Part of the Vitamin E)

The Benefits of Tocotrienols (Part of the Vitamin E)

The Benefits of Tocotrienols (Part of the Vitamin E)

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so today we’re going to talk about tocotrienols now what are they they’re they’re part of the vitamin E complex in nature vitamin E has about eight different parts to it okay half of it is to cough roles and half of it is something called tocotrienols and the different names of tocopherols would be alpha beta gamma and delta same thing with tocotrienols alpha beta gamma delta okay the Greek word for tocotrienols comes from tacos offspring furro to bear to bear children because of its effect on fertility okay because if you’re deficient in vitamin E specifically this part you’re gonna become infertile ninety-five percent of the studies done in vitamin E run to corals not on tocotrienols okay and this is why in the news you see this interesting data about high doses of vitamin E increasing your risk of all-cause mortality basically telling you stay away from this because it’s gonna kill you well what they didn’t tell you was that they’re using high doses of synthetic vitamin E which is alpha tocopheryl they’re not using the natural source they’re not even using tocotrienols now this data they use based on this quite amazing book called tocotrienols vitamin e beyond to cough Rawls okay this is all the research done on tocotrienols it’s quite utterly amazing so I’ll touch on this in a little bit but I wanted to cover a couple things tocotrienols has some very powerful properties that decoff Rawls does not have number one it has neural protective factors it helps protect the nervous system and the brain against oxidative damage number two it has anti cholesterol properties in fact decoff Rahl has even been shown to increase cholesterol whereas tocotrienols actually can help lower cholesterol it also has other benefits like cardiovascular benefits it makes the arteries less stiff it helps make your liver or less fatty improves the skin and improves hair growth prevents sterility and it also protects against stroke now I’m going to show you something in this book just quite interesting back in the 30s the shoot brothers which they had a huge clinic there medical doctors and this is based on 30,000 patients okay and they were they were mainly studying vitamin E back then and I want to just kind of go through the benefits that they mentioned from vitamin E and I’m talking about the whole complex 19:36 improvements in angina its chest pain okay 1940 fibroids endometriosis atherosclerosis 1945 hemorrhages in the skin mucous membranes and decreased requirement for insulin interesting 1947 therapy for gangrene because gangrene usually comes from necrosis or breakdown of the tissue from diabetes because you’re having this oxidative stress affecting the circulation so because vitamin E is such a powerful antioxidant it has the potential as a therapy for gangrene 1948 lupus shortness of breath 1950 varicose vein benefits severe burn benefits but I want to read you something else because they were highly criticized by mainstream medicine back then and I want to just read a little quote it says it was nearly impossible now for anyone who valued his future in academia – in spouse that means support vitamin E prescribed it or advise it that would make a man a quack at once this situation lasted for many years no amount of documentation could budge medical men from the Stan’s literature and the positive was ignored and left unread individual doctors often said if it was as good as you say we would all be using it okay so this is what they’re up against of course we’re still up against that but the benefits of tea the complete complex are immense anti-cancer properties anti-cholesterol very powerful antioxidant properties tocotrienols are 50 times stronger than to cough Rahl’s especially when you’re dealing with the oxidation of iron in the body it creates immune improvements as anti-tumor sports the cardiovascular system antimicrobial and the list goes on and on all right guys so what foods are high in vitamin E of course the nuts the seeds fish egg yolk and especially leafy green lettuce and other vegetables alright see you later so I want to thank you for being here and watching my videos if you haven’t already subscribed go ahead and do so so you can stay informed of future videos

This Post Was All About The Benefits of Tocotrienols (Part of the Vitamin E).
The Benefits of Tocotrienols (Part of the Vitamin E)

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about tocotrienols which are a part of a vitamin E complex. The Greek word for tocotrienols comes from “Tokos” means “Offspring” and “Phero” means “To Bear” – To bear children because of its effect on fertility. If you are deficient in vitamin E, you are going to become infertile.

8 Parts of Vitamin E
• Alpha
• Beta
• Gamma
• Delta
• Alpha
• Beta
• Gamma
• Delta

Tocotrienols have some very powerful properties that tocopherols do not have.
1. Neuroprotective Factors
2. Anti-Cholesterol
3. Cardiovascular – less stiff
4. Improves Skin / Hair Growth
5. Prevents Sterility
6. Protect against stroke

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