The Benefits of Salt for the Immune System

The Benefits of Salt for the Immune System

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let’s talk about the benefits of using
salt for your immune system there’s a certain chemical right here
it’s called hypochlorite that is a chemical name for
bleach i’m not sure you realize this but two of your immune cells
actually make bleach to kill microbes the neutrophils
and the macrophages and both of these are phagocytes and what does that mean
it means that these cells actually eat bacteria
and viruses and fungus and mold and candida so when
they eat the microbe they pull it in they encapsulate the microbe and they
pour in chemicals one of the chemicals they pour in
is bleach and guess how your body makes bleach
from chloride as in sodium chloride so it comes from salt so if you don’t
have enough salt in your body this mechanism or weapon used by these
two cells becomes severely compromised so your
defense mechanism is diminished so hypochlorite bleach is a broad
spectrum microbicide which basically poisons the microbe
it’ll kill bacteria within milliseconds and it’s much much stronger than another
chemical that these guys use called hydrogen peroxide and as a side
note if these immune cells run into the
unfriendly form of candida they’ll start dumping a
lot of hypochlorite into the system to kill the candida
and certain reports indicate that it’ll release between 70 and 80 percent
of the chloride reserve so they can actually
make more hypochlorite and what’s interesting when i was in practice i
noticed that certain people that came in that had a candida
infection or overgrowth of candida also had a very pungent smell about them
which basically was similar to bleach and that was probably
the immune system trying to wipe out the candida
and as a side note if you have candida the most
important thing to do is not to consume bleach
but to consume salt to actually help your body make more bleach
as well as bring your carbs way down to zero because candida lives on
sugars and glucose so now let’s talk about what would cause a deficiency in
salt of course the obvious thing is not
consuming enough salt you need about one to one and a half
teaspoons okay level teaspoons of salt per day if
you’re not exercising if you’re sweating a lot and you’re
sweating out electrolytes specifically sodium or chloride
you need more salt now when you do the ketogenic diet you need more
sodium to prevent something called keto flu
now when you’re deficient in sodium you can have a lot of the symptoms
that mimic the flu without being the flu there’s no infection involved but a
deficiency of sodium will cause muscle weakness muscle achiness
headaches lethargy dizziness not necessarily mucus but a lot of the
other symptoms and when you actually go from burning
sugar to burning fat and producing ketones you’re going
to lose a lot of the fluid retention and with that
you lose a lot of sodium now with the immune system
you need the other half of sodium you need the chlorides
i think the chlorides are pretty much not really emphasized very much
we always talk about sodium but i think this is a very ignored
mineral chloride is also needed to make hydrochloric acid to also kill off
pathogens that can come into your stomach but it’s definitely needed for
the immune system to build up phagocytes another way that
you can become deficient in salt is having diarrhea vomiting
taking diuretics consuming a lot of potassium
without salt i mean even if you were to consume
10 cups of vegetables you may find that you start getting a salt craving
so you definitely need the balance of salt with potassium as well
if your adrenals are burnt out you’re going to need a little bit more
salt if you drink too much water you will dilute the body’s electrolytes
specifically sodium chloride now there’s a condition called
hyponatremia which is low sodium in your blood which usually comes from
just drinking like gallons of water so you want to drink enough but just
realize if you drink too much you’re going to deplete your sodium
and even chlorides as well if you’re doing some type of
endurance exercise running marathon triathlon things like that you
definitely need a lot more salt now a football player in practice
in the summer could sweat out about six teaspoons of
salt in that one workout so the salt that you need is really dependent on
your activity level and how much you sweat
anyway i wanted to talk about the importance of salt for the immune system
as well as preventing the keto flu and i always recommend when you’re taking
salt to take sea salt himalayan sea salt is one of my favorites thanks
for watching hey we’re back with another amazing
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hope you enjoy making it as much as we are enjoying
eating it 

This Post Was All About The Benefits of Salt for the Immune System.
The Benefits of Salt for the Immune System

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The benefits of salt for the immune system are incredible. Are you getting enough salt? 
0:04 Hypochlorite 
0:43 How does the body make bleach?
0:52 What happens when you don’t have enough salt?
1:05 How hypochlorite works
2:20 What causes a salt deficiency?

Today we’re going to talk about the potential benefits of salt for the immune system. It all has to do with a certain chemical called hypochlorite, which is the chemical name for bleach. Two of your immune cells actually make bleach to kill microbes. The body makes bleach from chloride—as in sodium chloride. It comes from salt. 

If you don’t have enough salt in your body, this mechanism becomes severely compromised. 

Hypochlorite (bleach) is a broad-spectrum microbicide, which basically poisons the microbe. It’s also much stronger than another chemical that these two immune cells use called hydrogen peroxide. 

What could cause a salt deficiency?
• Not consuming enough salt 
• Keto 
• Diarrhea 
• Vomiting 
• Diuretics 
• Too much potassium without salt 
• Adrenal burnout 
• Too much H2O
• Endurance exercise 

**When you take salt, I think sea salt is the best way to go. I really like pink Himalayan sea salt.

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