The Benefits of Eating Butter on Keto (ketogenic diet)

The Benefits of Eating Butter on Keto (ketogenic diet)

The Benefits of Eating Butter on Keto (ketogenic diet)

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so I had another person ask me dr. Berg is it okay to consume butter on a ketogenic diet I don’t want to have a heart attack okay so let’s just talk about this you’re not gonna get a heart attack by consuming butter butter does not increase LDL okay it doesn’t it does increase HDL the good cholesterol but even then even if it did increase LDL it’s not going to be a problem especially if you’re not adding carbohydrates to the butter okay now there’s 400 different types of fatty acids in butter so it’s a very complex food 25% of its monounsaturated fats 70% unsaturated two-point-three polyunsaturated fats as well cholesterol in their phospholipids that are needed to build the cell wall and also realize that your body makes cholesterol it makes a lot it makes 3,000 milligrams every single day okay so when you consume cholesterol your body doesn’t have to make as much one big benefit of butter and I’m always gonna recommend grass-fed butter because it has a lot more nutrition carotenoids which is a final nutrient into cough rolls which is a type of vitamin E but one of the big benefits is Butyrka acid butyric acid is a potent anti-inflammatory so when you consume butchart acid you reduce inflammation in the gut you decrease the risk of polyps you also improve insulin resistance so you’re actually lessening chances of getting diabetes it also has ability to suppress e coli and Salmonella it’s loaded with vitamin A D E and k2 some people want to know about G what is key basically G is butter but they take out the water in the solids so it’s pure butter oil and as additional interesting benefits to the colon especially if you have any damage in the gut and it even lasts longer it lasts six to eight months so yes you can consume butter on a ketogenic plan just make sure it’s grass-fed so to prevent me from running at a Content I have a new survey I want to find out what you are interested in so please fill it out the links down below

This Post Was All About The Benefits of Eating Butter on Keto (ketogenic diet).
The Benefits of Eating Butter on Keto (ketogenic diet)

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the benefits of eating butter on a ketogenic diet plan.
• There’s 400 different types of fatty acids in butter
25% Monounsaturated Fats
70% Saturated
2.3 % Polyunsaturated
Cholesterol / Phospholipids – needed to build the cell wall.
• Butyric Acid – A potent anti-inflammatory, which helps reduce the inflammation of the gut.
• Decrease risk of polyps.
• Help improve insulin resistance.
• Has the ability to suppress E.coli / salmonella
• It is loaded with vitamin A, D, E and K2

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