The Amazing Zinc: Part 3

The Amazing Zinc: Part 3

The Amazing Zinc: Part 3

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all right we finally made it a part three we’re talking about sync as you have not seen part one part two I put the links down below but Zink is a very fascinating mineral and very vital to your health a lot of people are deficient but it also affects the prostate out of all your tissues the prostate has the most concentration of zinc of any tissue that you have and having a deficiency of zinc could lead to hypogonadism where you’re you have smaller testicles smaller output of testosterone because you need zinc to make testosterone your sperm is rich in zinc as well and also if you have an enlarged prostate you may have high levels of something called DHT which is a more potent version of testosterone and there’s an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT it just so happens that zinc blocks that enzyme so zinc is really important in prostate health testosterone health and sperm viability all right the next thing we’re talking about is insulin so zinc is actually stored with insulin it’s involved in the production of insulin it’s also involved in the secretion and storage of insulin so if you’re type 2 diabetic it might be a good idea to make sure you have enough patients that have pancreatitis for example are usually low in zinc and also a condition called pancreatic insufficiency basically it means that the function of the insulin is suppressed and there’s two parts to the pancreas you have the extra can gland which is all the enzymes okay so if you have the deficiency of the pancreas and you’re not outputting enzymes you’re gonna have a hard time breaking down your food as well as the endocrine portion which is involved in the insulin and glucagon and other hormones that are related to blood sugars so you’re going to have lowered zinc in both the inflammatory condition with the pancreas as well as just the lack of output of enzymes and hormones so real simple solution take zinc if you have a pancreatic problem alright so now we’re at the immune system very very interesting that your math cells the cells that are involved with histamines and algae reactions and asthma symptoms need zinc has remained mineral so when you take zinc it can act as a natural antibiotic a natural anti-inflammatory reduce inflammation and mucus and zinc actually can inhibit certain viruses as well especially the Rhino virus of the sinuses the superficial internal layer that surrounds your Airways are loaded with zinc okay of course you have all these mast cells there waiting to deal with any type of foreign particles like pollen for example zinc can decrease the time of having the common cold if you can take zinc right at the very beginning of getting a cold you can shorten the time considerably now another interesting side note about zinc is that certain funguses Candida grow with these minerals and so they will tend to steal your zinc and other minerals like manganese and if they take your zinc and leave you deficient then they can survive better because they weaken your immune system so there is this underlying immune battle between your immune system and microbes and trying to snatch up and steal all the zinc right here so I hope you guys now have an increase awareness of the importance of this really simple trace mineral in your entire health I always recommend taking trace minerals in their complete blend not just taking one trace mineral because you need other trace minerals as well so find a good trace mineral that you can take on a regular basis to compensate for all the other deficiencies in your environment in your food all right guys thanks for watching hey guys real quick I have a new healthy keto eating plan for you just go to dr. Berg comm it’s right on the front page I put a link down below download it it’s free check it out

This Post Was All About The Amazing Zinc: Part 3.
The Amazing Zinc: Part 3

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In this part 2 of 3 series video where Dr. Berg talks about the amazing zinc. Zinc is very important for prostate health, testosterone health and sperm viability.

• Out of all the tissues, the prostate has the highest concentration of zinc.
• Having a deficiency of zinc could develop a condition called hypogonadism (Small testicles).
• Zinc is needed to make testosterone.
• The sperm is rich in zinc.

• Zinc is stored with insulin (Production – Secretion – Storage)
• Low in zinc: People with pancreatitis, pancreatic insufficiency.

Immune System
• Mast cells or cells that are involved with histamine needs zinc as its main minerals.
• Zinc is a natural antibiotic and a natural anti-inflammatory.
• Zinc can inhibit certain viruses.
• Zinc can decrease the time of having a common cold.

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