The Amazing Zinc: PART 2

The Amazing Zinc: PART 2

The Amazing Zinc: PART 2

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hey guys we’re back I’m talking about zinc this is part two if you have not seen part one I put a link down below you can check that out first first thing will in touch on is depression okay zinc is a natural antidepressant okay in patients that have major depressive disorders they’re usually always deficient in zinc so if you have depression it’s such a simple remedy take some zinc it might just help you but generally if you’re deficient in zinc you get degeneration of your nerves or your nervous system now there’s a lot of concentration of zinc in the neurons around the amygdala and the hippocampus specifically the dentate gyrus or gyrus I don’t know how to pronounce him now the amygdala is this part of the brain that’s involved with stress responses is kind of you can look at it like the adrenal gland in your brain because it reacts and adapts to stress the hippocampus which they don’t know exactly what it does but it’s involved in like a relay switch with your memories forming new memories and spatial memory like trying to find your way out of some maze it’s kind of like your GPS okay helps you locate things in space now the hippocampus in general has a very interesting capacity to regenerate and this is why things that are connected to memory loss focus concentration can be improved with intermittent fasting so well because in a minute of fasting stimulates the regeneration of this part of the brain right here and these structures right here directly influence one’s mood dopamine for example binds to zinc so dopamine gives you pleasure so what’s the opposite of pleasure depression right also it’s involved in like I said before making proteins and guess what neurotransmitters are their proteins so if you have any problem with depression or any type of mood disorder take zinc it can potentially help you greatly all right now let’s shift to skin disorders now you may already know this but there’s so many different skin creams and skin healing creams that involve zinc and if you’re zinc deficient you can get acne eczema dermatitis many different types of dermatitis rosacea a zinc deficiency can dry out the oil in the skin it’s called the sebum it can lead to ulcers of the skin both superficially and internally like ulcers of the stomach or ulcers in the mouth or even like bed sores one of the treatments for bed sores is a zinc cream that you would put on it or even diaper rash for example irritation and skin use this zinc so you can look at ink as a natural anti-inflammatory so a zinc deficiency can also lead to hyperpigmentation on the skin and alteration in color alopecia that’s where you have hair loss in different patches this is an autoimmune condition crack skin skin that’s fissured nail changes and skin is the third most zinc abundant tissue in the entire body alright guys stay tuned for part three when we get into the relationship between zinc influencing your blood sugars and insulin your immune system and the prostate and testosterone hey guys real quick I have a new healthy keto eating plan for you just go to dr. Berg comm it’s right on the front page I put a link down below download it it’s free check it out

This Post Was All About The Amazing Zinc: PART 2.
The Amazing Zinc: PART 2

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In this part 2 of 3 series video where Dr. Berg talks about the amazing benefits of zinc and how zinc deficiency affects the skin.

• Zinc is a natural anti-depressant

Zinc Deficiency Signs of the Skin
• Acne
• Eczema
• Dermatitis
• Rosacea
• Dry out oil in the skin
• Ulcers of the skin
• Increase Inflammation
• Hyperpigmentation
• Alopecia
• Cracked Skin
• Nail Changes
• Diaper Rash

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