The Amazing Selenium Trace Mineral

The Amazing Selenium Trace Mineral

The Amazing Selenium Trace Mineral

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so let’s talk about selenium it’s a fascinating little mineral it’s a trace mineral and it’s involved in some unique things okay so selenium is a coenzyme it’s a helper enzyme in about 25 different proteins it’s a very powerful antioxidant that’s involved in glutathione glutathione is like the master antioxidant that helps to counter oxidation so if there’s heavy metals or chemicals or too much sugar glucose that’s destroying the brain of the nervous system as in diabetes glutathione basically protects the tissues from that damage and that’s why it’s really good for diabetics and it can improve insulin resistance so you have less insulin resistance also it’s good for the heart if you’re deficient in selenium you have more problems with the heart so it prevents oxidation it also helps rid the hydrogen peroxide so it’s it’s good for vitiligo for example where you have the loss of pigment because of the bleaching effect that’s occurring in that condition so hydrogen peroxide is actually made by your mitochondria as a byproduct and when purpose of this is to kill microbes so our body does make oxidants to help wipe out things that are not friendly but we also have antioxidants to counter those oxidants then we have the related function to the thyroid gland selenium is needed to convert t4 which is the inactive form of the thyroid hormone to t3 and then also to reverse t3 which is another inactive form of the thyroid hormone so it’s intimately involved in the conversion to make the thyroid hormones work every single cells of the thyroid innervates you have selenium that’s involved it’s also involved in the detoxification of mercury so people are concerned about consuming fish that’s high in mercury for example like in salmon but salmon also has selenium and if you have enough selenium you can make the enzymes to help detoxify or bind mercury and make it in act so it helps to protect you against the damage from mercury it also can decrease the susceptibility to certain viruses it can act as an anti-inflammatory most antioxidants are anti-inflammatory it also can reduce the risk of getting infertility in men and one more point about the thyroid is that when you have Hashimoto’s which is an autoimmune condition relating to a hypo thyroid condition and you take selenium there’s been some studies to show that you can decrease the antibodies to the thyroid by 21 percent okay so that’s interesting where do you get selenium Brazil nuts have the most fish in seafood like in tuna halibut sardines salmon organ meats meat in general and eggs it’s in other foods as well but these are the highest the RDAs for selenium are 55 micrograms you don’t want to go over 400 micrograms that seems to be the high limit that it starts to become toxic so a deficiency of selenium can create a lot of damage and a toxicity of selenium could also create a lot of damage so you just need the right amount thanks for watching so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed

This Post Was All About The Amazing Selenium Trace Mineral.
The Amazing Selenium Trace Mineral

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In this video, we’re going to talk about the amazing trace mineral called selenium.

What is selenium? 
Selenium is a coenzyme in about 25 different proteins. It’s also a very powerful antioxidant that is involved in glutathione, a master oxidant that helps counter oxidation. 

Thyroid function – Selenium is needed to convert T4 (the inactive form of thyroid hormone) to T3 (the active form of thyroid hormone) and to rT3 (reverse T3).

A selenium deficiency can create a lot of problems, but selenium toxicity can also cause problems. You just need the right amount from selenium foods or selenium supplements.

Benefits of Selenium:

• Helps protect the brain, heart, and nerves 
• Supports insulin 
• Helps with insulin resistance and diabetes 
• Prevents oxidation 
• Gets rid of hydrogen peroxide 
• Protects against damage from mercury 
• Decreases susceptibility to viruses
• Decreases inflammation 
• Decreases the risk of infertility in men
• May be good for those with Hashimoto’s 

Selenium Rich Foods:
• Brazil Nuts 
• Tuna 
• Halibut 
• Sardines 
• Salmon 
• Organ meats 
• Meat
• Eggs 

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