The 9 Natural Ways to Kill Pathogens

The 9 Natural Ways to Kill Pathogens

The 9 Natural Ways to Kill Pathogens

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so I wanted to create one video to show you the nine different ways you can kill microbes in your body so let’s say you’re feeling run down and you’re feeling sick these are some things that you may want to implement number one a fever of course you may not have a fever but if you do you you don’t want to get rid of the fever too fast you want to let the fever work because when your temperature which normally should be ninety eight point six starts to elevate maybe to a hundred you’re basically cooking the microbes killing them off with heat but of course there is a point where it becomes dangerous and if you let the fever go to a hundred and seven point six degrees Fahrenheit for a growing child that could be dangerous it could actually create brain damage so with them small child this would be like way too high I would say if it gets like 102 103 then you can maybe do things to actually drop it and as a side note for children one of the best ways to help speed up an infection especially if it’s viral and there’s a fever is just to give the child some simple calcium I would give calcium lactate it seems to reduce fevers pretty pretty fast okay next point is oxygen I love ozone therapy I did a video on it I put a link down below you can check it out but ozone is used for a disinfectant for multiple purposes so you can use ozone in an air filter to clean particles in the air or there’s even a zone therapy if you have a kind of a systemic infection but ozone really is good for many things there’s even a therapy that you can use it to put up into your sinuses even in the ear to kill up mold or fungus in your sinuses now just oxygen in general will help kill microbes a lot of the pathogens the microbes that you don’t need in your body are anaerobic that means they live without oxygen so if you’re gonna flood the body with more oxygen they’re gonna have a hard time surviving so even the therapy hyperbaric oxygen therapy works for certain types of systemic infections and then there’s of course the hydrogen peroxide I did a video on this recently by diluting that and gargling with that if there’s any type of microbes in your throat to kill off microbes your cells actually make hydrogen peroxide to kill microbes so the white blood cells actually make this as a way to kill them off the next way to kill off microbes would be to starve them what they normally eat and they love glucose so go in a low-carb diet okay that’s going to improve your immune system this is why a diabetic who has high sugar has higher infection rates did you know that ketones are antimicrobial ketones can kill various types of bacteria fungus and even mold so if you have Candida for example or summin yeast infection and you go on a low-carb diet and you’re in ketosis that can help you greatly I put a link down below for some real interesting data on using ketones as in microbial factor all right next factor is stress stress can activate dormant viruses okay like herpes virus shingles so keeping your stress down can keep viruses in remission the problem with viruses is you can’t really kill them because they’re not really alive so the only solution is to stay extremely healthy and keep your stress as low as possible now the next point is just keeping your immune system really strong which relates to what I just talked about but a good probiotic most of the cells inside your body and outside your body are actually microbial so you have this symbiotic relationship with microbes and if you had a series of antibiotics that can really weaken your immune system so a very high quality probiotic is essential in building up your immune system also a vitamin D is really important in strengthening the white blood cells and in a minute fasting will also help as well I mean if you think about when a when an animal gets sick they just stop eating in fact when you get sick you may just lose your appetite that’s a natural way to find infection which I’m going to do a separate video just on that one point now altering your pH when you sit by certain parts of the body like by drinking apple cider vinegar for example you can speed up phagocytosis which are these little white blood cells that eat up bacteria there’s a very interesting book that are read on a therapy that they used to do in the 30s and 40s where they would inject a person with very low levels of hydrochloric acid in potassium to speed up the phagocytosis and help fight infection but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend injecting yourself with hydrochloric acid at this time just stick with the opposite of vinegar and that would work just fine and then we have just plain salt a lot of times people use saline solution for infections in their sinuses because salt actually sucks out the water of microbes and it helps to kill them that way and if you look at the ocean for example they have salts and other minerals and has natural antimicrobial properties and then we have the herbal remedies okay there’s this is like a natural antibiotic turmeric oregano is my favorite so her fate which actually is in broccoli and definitely sprouted broccoli sprouts which has a tremendous amount of sulfur Fein sulfur Fein is a is a vital nutrient that’s very toxic to microbes so it can create an environment that kills the microbes without killing off our tissues and garlic of course is very important an onion is great to take if you’re feeling rundown if you got if you have a cold it’s just a great anti every microbe antiviral antifungal antibacterial alright guys there you have it the nine natural ways to kill microbes so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications

This Post Was All About The 9 Natural Ways to Kill Pathogens.
The 9 Natural Ways to Kill Pathogens

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Do you know these natural ways to kill pathogens? 

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In this video, we’re going to talk about natural ways to kill pathogens in your body. 

9 natural ways to kill pathogens:

1. Fever 
2. Oxygen—ozone therapy 
3. Starve them of glucose 
4. Ketones
5. Lower stress
6. Keep your immune system strong
7. Take apple cider vinegar 
8. Salt 
9. Herbal remedies (turmeric, oregano, sulforaphane, garlic, onion) 

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