The 7 Foods that Made me Fat and WHY

The 7 Foods that Made me Fat and WHY

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the seven foods that made me fat okay look it I ate a lot of garbage food when I was 290 pounds there’s no denying that but being the research nerd that I am now I’ve gone ahead and I’ve analyzed foods that I used to eat a bunch of and now I’ve looked back and I said wait a minute this is why these foods made me so fat and some of them don’t even seem like they’re that unhealthy that’s what I want to address in this video I want to be able to teach you hey these foods are unhealthy because of this and these foods will make me fat because of XYZ you don’t just need to hear it from someone random or you don’t just need to be the blind leading the blind we need to actually analyze what’s going on so we’re gonna break it all down now without further ado I want to jump right in you don’t want to waste your time alright the first food we have to talk about tater tots now before you turn off the video and you think this is so obvious of course tater tots are bad let me explain why I did an analysis on it and what I actually discovered okay I eat a lot of tater tots it was one of my favorite things I was like I’ll french fries those are unhealthy tater tots no those are a little bit better because I’m gonna bake them in the oven come on not the case here’s what’s up with tater tots very high in different forms of starches but combining that with fats causes a spike in what is called a SP oscillation stimulating protein now for those of you that are fans of my channel then you probably hear me talk about that all the time a SP gets spiked when you have fats in the equation along with carbohydrates now what a SP does is it allows insulin to spike even higher now if you know what insulin is you know that insulin is something that stands in the way of fat loss tremendously so when we have an extra large spike of insulin we are stopping hormone sensitive lipase we are stopping fat burning from occurring and lipolysis from occurring at the intracellular level exactly what we don’t want we’re halting fat loss we’re not just taking a food in that’s going to make us gain weight we’re also getting something in our bodies that’s stopping fat loss in its tracks now additionally Oscillation stimulating protein has been shown to elevate triglyceride synthesis meaning it increases the amount of fat that gets stored from food consumed very very dangerous stuff now I do have to address one more thing with tater tots that a lot of people don’t realize tater tots are already pretty high glycemic okay what that means is that they have a glycemic index scale of between 80 and 90 anyway they already have a pretty high glycemic index scale but because it is a specific kind of starch it has some glucose in it and some fructose guess what fructose like the sugar that comes from fruit and high fructose corn syrup that’s also in tater tots believe it or not goes straight to your liver and it gets turned into fat via process known as de novo lipogenesis very bad stuff now here’s something really wild though when you heat up a potato you end up taking a starch molecule that is normally relatively low glycemic and make it extremely high glycemic because the heating process allows the amylase in the amylopectin two different polysaccharides to break apart and digest faster the point in me saying this is that tater tots although we know they’re bad they’re an extra extra sneaky lethal weapon when it comes down to gaining weight we don’t want to have that in the equation hey before I move on to the next one I just want to ask you guys to please hit that red subscribe button and then also hit that Bell icon that Bell icon is probably the most important part because we’ve new videos coming out every single day so if you aren’t hitting that Bell icon then you’re not seeing the new videos that are coming out educating you every single day also after you watch this video I put a link down below for thrive market I’ve been able to create different grocery 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my gosh they were so high in gluten and you might hate me for but gluten should not be in your diet no matter who you are celiac or not gluten is hard for the body to break down and it wreaks havoc it triggers the release of a protein known as Sanyal in within our body and zhonya ‘ln isn’t all that bad but when it comes in concentrated forms it triggers what it’s called a leaky gut where we get inflammation in our gut which doesn’t sound all that bad it sounds like you might get a tummy ache but no it’s worse than that because what happens is chunks of the gluten and chunks of material that we are trying to digest leak into the bloodstream at an earlier point in time than they should and what that means is we have large chunks of food in our bloodstream that aren’t digesting very well and that means that our body doesn’t know how to react with them so it triggers antibodies to try to break them down well guess what antibodies are our immune system so we just activated our immune system in essence making us feel like we’re sick on the inside that triggers inflammation and guess what obesity is inflammation so yes it stands in the way then when you look at the thyroid it gets even more crazy okay we have something in our body known as TGA ASE we’re just gonna call it t gaze t gaze helps break down some of the proteins in gluten well it turns out when we deaminate and break down gluten we end up activating a different inflammatory cascade and different antibodies that also cross-react with the antibodies in our thyroid i know that this sounds like so much i hope that i’m not losing you so let me just bring it back really simple basically what it means is that our immune system in essence decides to come after some of our thyroid but you don’t have to take my word for it there’s a really interesting study that was published in the experimental and Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes Journal I know it’s a mouthful and it took me a couple times to get that one right but here’s what’s happening in this study and they took a look at 34 women that had autoimmune thyroid diseases they already had issues with their thyroid and they divided them into two groups one group consume gluten and one group did not and then they measured their antibodies to see how their body was basically cross reacting and fighting their own thyroid well guess what they found the group that was in the gluten-free category ended up having lower levels of antibodies meaning they had less reaction to their thyroid than the group that had gluten the group that had gluten had the same still fighting of their thyroid going on I rest my case okay gluten is not good stuff and it was definitely messing me up probably one of the reasons why my thyroid levels were so plummeted all right all you soda drinkers you’re gonna hate me but I got to be honest diet sodas messed me up look at am human and I will have a diet soda from time to time still yes I do okay a little bit of artificial sweetener although bad I still have it okay I am human but I used to drink like six to ten diet cokes or diet Pepsi’s a day when I was sitting in my office I used to drink the diet soda they use to drink the diet you know the monster zeros and things like that all those things just to keep me going in the office well guess what those artificial sweeteners will mess you up there’s a study those published in the journal Nature that found that when you consume artificial sweeteners it literally makes you glucose intolerant they found this in mice and in humans so it’s not just one of these one species studies its cross species really wild stuff they found that if they gave humans some form of artificial sweetener like diet soda in a regular amount like just have them drink diet soda it wouldn’t make them glucose intolerant then they would take their gut bacteria and they transplant it into mice and guess what the mice would become glucose intolerant just by receiving the gut bacteria from those that consumed artificial sweeteners that will mess you up our gut bacteria is responsible for a good portion of our metabolism let me say that again because not enough people truly understand this we have trillions of those little bugs in us and they metabolize food more so than our body itself does so if you mess those little guys up they can’t do their job and if they can’t do their job you’re not utilizing nutrients right and you will get fat it happened to me and I hate to say it will happen to you so just do not rely on those artificial sweeteners have a diet soda now and then be human but just don’t rely on the plus not to mention it’s gonna trigger a dopamine response this is gonna make you crave more food and it spikes your insulin through something known as a cephalic insulin response say that video for something more complicated that I’ll link down below in the description alright moving on to number four number four creamers but not just any creamer I kind of wish I just used half-and-half or just use whole you know some kind of like heavy cream or something I used to use those creamers that were like the sugar free or reduce calorie different like novelty creamers and I would put it in my coffee two problems with that the first problem is having a creamer in your coffee breaks that precious fasting period now I know you might not be doing intermittent fasting may you may not but the thing is is in the morning the second that you have calories you stop fat burning I really wish that I just had black coffee with a little stevia I would have been able to burn fat for that much longer in the morning but instead I disrupted that that’s not the big problem okay because I’m human and I want some cream in my coffee the issue is with the hydrogenated trans fats that are in that stuff okay garbage it takes 51 days to break down the CIS bond in a trans fat what that means is our body’s metabolisms aren’t designed to break down trans fats they are there to alter the chemical makeup of a beverage so it can be more self stable okay you’re gonna find that stuff in peanut butter you’re gonna find it in creamers but anyway the point is it messed me up so get rid of that stuff go with the straight heavy cream put that in your coffee instead just ditch it you don’t need it plus there’s artificial sweeteners that I’m which kind of piggybacks on the last point right okay now I get to jump to the next one which is also something really I thought I was making a healthy decision I truly did so my thought process was that if I were to have a tablespoon or two of peanut butter every couple of hours while I was sitting in my office that it would be a healthier alternative for me because it would keep me say she ate it and I wouldn’t go snack on cereal maybe that’s true maybe that’s we can pretend that’s the case for a second but come on what is in your peanut butter okay in your peanut butter you have more hydrogenated fats okay you also have sugar because yes they put sugar in it and even let’s pretend for a second you go for like the $12 Maranatha brand or some other like crazy ridiculously ludicrously expensive peanut butter then no one can really afford that’s the sort of thing you go for that for a second well you’re still looking at 200 calories in a couple tablespoons okay there’s no denying that that is going to get stored unless you are following a strict ketogenic diet and you’re really exercising moderation okay the point is is that one made me very ver fazt very fast in spite of me actually trying to lose weight alright the next one we got to talk about Kapaa can’t even spend much time if you’re from Texas you know what I’m talking about collage ease end of story alright moving on to the next one lattes I used to drink lattes all the time okay and here’s the thing like so crazy cuz lattes you would think oh that’s something just simple and healthy and low-calorie it’s a it’s a it’s like explain this it’s so simple and it’s like you don’t think of it as a food but here’s what we have to remember with fat loss okay we have fat gain we have fat loss two different categories but they also bridge together every time you have a single calorie you are stopping fat loss at that point in time every time you a single calorie whether it’s fat protein or carbohydrates you have somewhat of an insulin spike occurring period now when that happens that shuts off fat burning you either have insulin on or insulin off and glucagon high so you you have a nice big lunch and you’re like I’m not gonna eat until dinner but that’s three o’clock I’m gonna have a latte maybe a decaf latte just to enjoy it still 100 to 200 to 300 calories depending when you’re putting in it that is turning off fat-burning I have so many clients that will come to me and say can I just have a latte in the morning and am I still gonna be fasted no you’re definitely not fasted if you have that latte okay that is a consistent energy source coming in okay that is a good amount of calories and if you’re doing it with regular straight up milk oh come on now you get the sugar now you got all this other stuff is coming from it at least do it with almond milk but even then almond milk latte is going to trigger an insulin spike which is going to shut down glucagon which is going to stop fat burning I used to drink those things all the time and guess what you don’t just consume a latte in a five-minute period no you sip on it for a half an hour so great so now I just not only like disrupted my fat-burning I just rubbed in it for 30-40 minutes as I’m sipping on it man I wish I hadn’t done that and I’m not saying that you aren’t human don’t have a latte from time to time but when you have one in mid morning and one in mid afternoon between your distinct meals you’re basically giving yourself in no time to ever burn fat so foods made me fat no denying that lots of calories but these foods I’ve identified as the big culprits this was supposed to be fun let yourself enjoy it let yourself enjoy the foods I’m fine make you fat because you need to stop eating them anyhow as always make sure you keep minute locked in here my channel please don’t forget to Like subscribe and hit that little Bell icon and I’ll see you soon 

This Post Was All About The 7 Foods that Made me Fat and WHY.
The 7 Foods that Made me Fat and WHY

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The 7 Foods that Made me Fat and WHY – Thomas DeLauer

1) Tater Tots

Acylation Stimulating Protein stimulates glucose uptake, increases the activity of diacylglycerol acyltransferase, and inhibits hormone-sensitive lipase activity

In cellular studies, ASP increases fat storage through increased triglyceride synthesis and decreased intracellular lipolysis

ASP is stimulated directly by fat and is stimulated indirectly by carbs because insulin stimulates ASP as well, and then ASP returns the favor by stimulating insulin

It stimulates glucose uptake and inhibits hormone-sensitive lipase activity – *Fat stimulates ASP, which stimulates insulin, and insulin stimulates ASP*

Potatoes have a relatively high glycemic index (GI) score – each variety of potato has a different index score, but many of them fall between 80 and 90 (potatoes are almost all starch and starch is made up of long strings of glucose)

Potatoes have a higher GI score than table sugar


Heat breaks down starch granules, which allows amylopectin and amylose (the two polysaccharides that form starch) to be more readily digested by pancreatic amylase (an enzyme), which turns starch into maltose (a sugar)

2) Flour Tortillas (Nick)

By triggering the production of the protein zonulin, gluten causes the tight junctions in the gut to open. Gluten proteins then leak into the blood stream. Your body responds by making antibodies against these proteins, which have the potential to cross react with thyroid tissue. In other words, the gluten antibodies also can also cause your immune system to attack your thyroid, causing functional
hypothyroidism and a slowed metabolic rate.

Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes:

3) Diet Soda


Some sweeteners do elicit an insulin response, and this phenomenon is known as the cephalic phase insulin response (CPIR)


Composed of 3 main chemical ingredients: phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methanol

Nature, 2014

4) Coffee Creamers
Pure Hydrogenated Fats

5) Peanut Butter
Again, hydrogenated fats


A study from the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology looked at the effects of trans fats in 29 volunteers

The study replaced saturated fats with trans fats over a 4-week period – researchers found that HDL cholesterol was lowered by 21% and the ability of arteries to dilate was impaired by 29%

6) Kolaches…..Pastries are made of a light and fluffy yeast dough and usually filled with meat

7) Constant Lattes….. When you’re constantly eating, you’re consistently releasing insulin, which puts your body into its “absorptive phase”

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