The 5 WORST Breakfast Ingredients for Your Health (and Weight)

The 5 WORST Breakfast Ingredients for Your Health (and Weight)

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you need to know what’s messing up your morning okay there’s simple little miniscule ingredients in most breakfasts that are completely derail a new for just eaving the results that you want to achieve so we’re gonna talk about the most dangerous things that are in your breakfast foods and it’s not gonna be just boring simple ones like sugar all right I do want to ask that you hit the red subscribe button and then please hit the bell icon so you can turn on daily notifications and never miss a beat first ingredient we need to talk about you need to be careful of fructose yes that means the sugar that is coming from fruit I do not recommend that you have fruit in the morning okay it’s hard to process fruit in the way of fructose anyway let alone in the morning because you don’t have the transport molecules to actually get the glucose or the fructose in the system properly okay here’s what it looks like fructose does not process the same way that glucose does think about it like this all of the cells in our body can utilize glucose so that means when you have regular carbohydrates your body has a way of using them fructose has to get processed by the liver the cells that are in our muscles and our brains things like that they can’t use fructose so that means all the fructose that we consume has to get processed by the liver and the liver can only handle a little bit at a time so what that means is that the extra fructose that you consume very likely gets stored as fat it goes through de novo lipid Genesis it’s a very sketchy process and it’s a very slippery slope now when you consume fructose it also does another very damaging thing if you’re following a low carb or keto diet fructose converts into something called activated glycerol activating glycerol takes the free fatty acids that are floating through your bloodstream and it turns them into triglycerides the storage form of fat so it takes already liberated fats that are on their way to get burned and stops them in their tracks and makes them a storage form again just a little bit of fructose can do that so in the morning you can see how this can absolutely derail you from success to total Plateau now a very simple thing that we have to look at too that’s often forgotten is sugar is bad but at least sugar triggers a little bit of a satiation response fructose coming from fruit high-fructose corn syrup has zero gusik effect on ghrelin which means it does not make you feel satisfied one bit okay there was an interesting study the University Illinois took a look at my spot it’s still very relevant okay they had mice go on a you caloric diet two groups of mice ate the same amount of calories one group of mice ate eighteen percent of their calories from glucose and one group of mice ate eighteen percent of their calories from fructose otherwise the exact same the fructose group gained significantly more weight and had significantly more side effects than the other group avoid fructose avoid high fructose corn syrup and wait to have your fruit till later in the day next up is the starches in general I know it’s a blanket statement once again but keep the starches till later in the day we have this common theme in our brains that when we wake up in the morning we need to have starches and I don’t care if they’re gluten free or not we don’t need to be having the starches first thing in the morning but additionally if you want to break through the plateau you’re better off having a high degree of fat in the morning BMC medical genomics published this cool thing found that we have more in the way of fuel accumulation genes in the evening than we do in the morning and what that tells us is that we can get away with consuming more fat calories in the morning without it getting stored as fat then we can in the evening and vice versa meaning we have more of a chance of carbs storing as fat in the morning than we do fat storing as fat so keep your carbs later in the day and go higher fat higher protein somewhat even moderately higher calorie in the morning and then push everything else later in the day we also have less of those glucose transporters in the morning so that means that if we do consume carbohydrates in the morning or starches they have less likelihood of going where they need to go and potentially contributing to insulin resistance which can really derail you now while we’re on the topic of starches let’s talk about grains for just a moment you know that I talked about gluten being an issue okay and I don’t really even want to go down that rabbit hole but if you’re new to my channel and you’re hearing me talk about this I am skeptical of gluten but that doesn’t mean that all grains are good to go okay that doesn’t mean that non or you know non gluten or gluten free grains are good be very careful of still brown rice and things like that and here’s why okay it’s not the gluten itself that causes a problem when you consume gluten it’s an enzyme that breaks down the storage protein to make this very very simple the same enzyme that breaks down the storage protein or allows the storage protein to work for gluten is also involved in other grains so if you have a sensitivity to gluten there’s a very good chance that you’re gonna have a cross reaction with other grains you’re just not processing it mentally because well it’s not gluten the thing is it still has the effect on those TPO antibodies which can affect the thyroid thyroid is our metabolism the simplest way for me to say this is grains can potentially affect your thyroid just like gluten can for those of you that are out there that like cereal and still want to be able to have cereal please do check out magic spoon okay they’re a new supporter of this channel but they’re a product that I’ve known for a while these guys are super super super cool maybe you’ve seen them floating around I just want to throw it out there that they are the bomb when it comes down to a low carb high protein cereal these guys absolutely no sugar they’re utilizing like a whey protein blend to actually make a protein cereal and you’re gonna get a really good deal on this stuff by using the link that’s down below so I just want to give them a big shout out because it’s totally relevant when I’m talking about breakfast they’ve got chocolate they’ve got like a fruity flavor they’ve got a blueberry flavor they’ve got a frosted flavor you have to check them out you’ve probably seen them on Joe Rogan’s podcasts all these guys that are reputable within the health industry talk about them so just because it’s bright colored and it looks fun it’s called magic spoon doesn’t mean that it’s unhealthy it’s definitely a good way to be able to swap out your breakfast so highly highly highly due legitimately recommend that you try these guys at least give them a shot so the links down below in the description you can check it out after you watch this video and thank you magic spoon for making this channel possible and for helping out so many people with their health so transitioning from talking about magic spoon let’s talk really quick about glyphosate for a second those of you that don’t know glyphosate glyphosate are from roundup okay so grains gluten things like that we’re gonna have a high degree of glyphosate so now there’s a lot of skepticism out there people are glyphosate SAR really bad well the World Health Organization who quite frankly a lot of us are leading on right now during the specific time even they say that it’s quote probably carcinogenic well here’s what’s wild there’s a very recent press release from the Environmental Working Group took a look at 28 different breakfast products okay these 28 different breakfast products and all but four of them had what they considered to be unsafe levels of glyphosate okay again glyphosate SAR generated for roundup which are spraying the wheat spraying the the corn spraying all the you know everything we’re using for grains unsafe levels however what’s funny is the FDA seems to think that those levels are fine well when you look the clinicals and you actually see what glyphosate is do in the body it’s pretty sketchy because there is some clear evidence that it affects your lactobacillus levels within your gut it affects your gut bacteria but what I think is even more scary than that is how it affects cytochrome p450 gets in the way of this enzymatic process that is involved in proper detoxing within the body at the phase 2 level within the liver very very very important stuff it’s best to steer clear if anything that’s going to be a GMO grain to begin with because you know it’s going to have glyphosate within it the next one that’s in a lot of low carb products and I wanted to put this out there because a lot of people that watch my channel follow a ketogenic lifestyle be very careful of soluble corn fiber soluble corn fiber is a highly highly processed basically sugar alternative so they take corn syrup which we know is generally very GMO to begin with so again we’re looking about you know glyphosate we’re taking a you know corn syrup and then we’re going through an electric hydrolysis process where we’re making it even more concentrated the problem with this is not the fact that it’s high glycemic or that it’s a sugar but it’s really not recognized by the body so much so you’re getting a derivative of corn but you’re trying to manipulate the human body into basically taking a part of corn that’s indigestible but still somewhat sweet so a corn syrup already we know is bad right we try to avoid high fructose corn syrup we try to avoid corn syrup corn syrup solids what makes soluble corn fiber that much better when it’s derived from corn syrup to begin with the big thing we have to be concerned with is the gastric distress though almost every person that I have personally talked to you that has soluble corn fiber ends up bloated and feeling very uncomfortable later on well why because we don’t die just it and that’s kind of what they Bank on when they market it oh you don’t digest it so it’s not gonna have an effect on your blood sugar but you don’t digest it and it’s it’s and it potentially rots in your gut that’s not exactly something that we want now one of my favorite journals PLoS ONE had published a paper that was really interesting okay took a look at soluble corn fiber and it found that hey what do you know it sort of incubated in the gut and fed bad bacteria in fact it fed pathogenic bacteria okay so definitely not a good thing now one could argue well is it also growing good bacteria it could be because it’s a prebiotic fiber but naturally there’s going to be an affinity for good bacteria or bad bacteria and it looks as though soluble corn fiber could have more of an affinity towards bad bacteria meaning it could throw off your gut biome which affects your immune system and as we all know affects your fat loss result now I’m gonna jump into something that’s really wild that I really want you to be careful of and I know that if you’re watching my channel and you’re a devout follower of mine you probably avoid this already it’s still important to note sucralose okay sucralose yes has been shown in different studies to kill off a large percentage of your gut bacteria but that’s not the big problem that I’m focusing on right now I am more concerned with how it affects glucose tolerance okay check this out interesting paper published in the journal Nature 2014 gave seven humans artificial sweeteners okay for a few days okay these were normally healthy people well all but one of them developed glucose intolerance what yeah because their gut bacteria was affected so they developed a glucose intolerance they couldn’t tolerate glucose anymore so they were at risk of insulin resistance and everything they got that’s bad news but just to make sure that correlation didn’t equal causation they took bacteria from these humans and they transferred it into mice well upon transferring the bacteria from the glucose intolerant humans into the mice guess what the mice became glucose intolerant whoa that’s powerful it happened fast so if that doesn’t convince you that the gut bacteria does have a link with how we process carbohydrates I don’t know what will these things can really mess you up and there’s one other piece that I really have to talk about and that’s going to be something that’s in your jams and your jellies now in addition yeah jams and jellies have fructose which is the first thing I talked about but we also have sulfites we have to be careful with sulfites there is a percentage of people that have an immunoglobulin response to sulfites sulfites are commonly found in as a preservative like in jams and jellies but you’ll also see in like buffet food right if you’ve ever noticed that after you go to a buffet or after you have jams and jellies sometimes you feel sniffily and your face feels kind of puffy well sometimes it has to do with literally an immunoglobulin allergic response to sulfites this can trigger all kinds of different issues just because it’s an allergic type response doesn’t mean that it’s as simple as having the sniffles okay that means you have an inflammatory cascade in a cytokine storm it’s happening inside your body that is very very dangerous when it comes down to the storage of fats and you know further inflammatory response in the body so I encourage you to just be very very careful if anything on the label says sulfites or sulfates we just have to be very careful with that okay now when it comes down to it just to recap you really want to just be focusing on having high protein lower carb within the morning it’s just going to be a better bet for you even if you’re not following low carb diets allow your carbohydrates to be introduced later on in the day with lunch and maybe with dinner or whatever you want to do there but just keep them out of the equation with breakfast and if you really do want the cereal of course you can always try a magic spoon like I mentioned because they definitely are worth it or you can just skip breakfast all together and practice intermittent fasting and have breakfast for lunch anyhow I’ll see you tomorrow 

This Post Was All About The 5 WORST Breakfast Ingredients for Your Health (and Weight).
The 5 WORST Breakfast Ingredients for Your Health (and Weight)

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The 5 WORST Breakfast Ingredients for Your Health (and Weight) – Thomas DeLauer


Fructose is included in a lot of breakfast cereals/foods, and while every cell in the body, including the brain, can use glucose, fructose is metabolized much differently – the liver is the only organ that can metabolize fructose

Fructose converts to activated glycerol (g-3-p), which is used to turn FFAs into triglycerides – the more g-3-p you have, the more fat you store (fructose is a lipophilic carb)

Fructose has no effect on ghrelin (glucose, for example, can suppress ghrelin → suppresses appetite) and interferes with your brain’s communication with leptin, resulting in overeating

Insulin Variations – BMC Medical Genomics

“Fuel accumulation” genes, such as those involved in cholesterol biosynthesis (HMGCR, HMGSC1), LDL receptor (LDLR), and glucose transport (GLUTS 1, 3, 5 and 14) have low levels in the morning and rise in the afternoon (negatively, correlated with PER1 mRNA.)

Hypothesized that diurnal rhythm in human adipose underlies the transition from a catabolic, energy-releasing state in the morning to an anabolic, energy-storing state in the evening


Fat Loss

A 2009 study (Gastroenterology) took frozen sera from 1948 to 1954, tested it for antibodies to gluten, and compared these results with a test sample of similar people today

In this study the incidence of celiac disease increased by four-fold

By triggering the production of the protein zonulin, gluten causes the tight junctions in the gut to open. Gluten proteins then leak into the blood stream. Your body responds by making antibodies against these proteins, which have the potential to cross react with thyroid tissue.


A press release in which tests from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) said found glyphosate levels above what it considers safe (for children) in all but four breakfast products tested (basically they detected glyphosate levels in breakfast cereals)


Breakfast cereals contain mostly refined (not whole) grains and sugar

It can spike your blood sugar levels very fast.

Elevated blood sugar leads to rebound hunger that causes you to eat more at the next meal, which can make you gain weight

A study from PNAS found that in regards to the body’s circadian rhythm, human glucose tolerance is reduced during the evening hours, even when “day” and “night” times are experimentally reversed.

Found that glucose levels after identical meals were 17% higher (indicating lower glucose tolerance) in the evening than in the morning, independent of when a participant had slept or had their meals

Soluble Corn Fiber

While some data support SCF as a prebiotic, studies on maltodextrin contradict that – maltodextrin may suppress the proliferation of beneficial bacteria like bifidobacteria (per PLoS One:

Another study, also from PLOS One Medical Journal, published research showing that soluble corn fiber increases the survival of Salmonella bacteria, which can cause gastroenteritis and a broad range of chronic inflammatory conditions.

Sucralose – Nature, 2014


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