The 5 Health Benefits of an Avocado

The 5 Health Benefits of an Avocado

The 5 Health Benefits of an Avocado

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hey guys today we’re gonna talk about the health benefits of the avocado okay this thing is a superfood so let’s talk about it so number one the amount of nutrients is very very high there’s a lot of potassium an average avocado has between 500 to 800 or even eight hundred and fifty milligrams of potassium which is good for energy good for your blood Sugar’s good for the heart it’s also potassium is a physiological relaxer so it’s gonna help you sleep at night it’ll actually help lower blood pressure it does a lot it has a full length which is a B vitamin it’s loaded with vitamin C vitamin K k1 the B vitamins b5 b6 vitamin e b2 like museum manganese zinc b3 vitamin A in the preform of beta carotene so it’s not actually retinol but the precursor to retinol but all the other fats in avocado help this conversion so it’s loaded with fat soluble vitamins which actually enhance the absorption of other nutrients okay number two it’s very keto friendly now what makes things keto is how many carbohydrates they have so per cup and avocado has about 12 grams of carbohydrate but we’re gonna take the net carbs so we’re gonna – the fiber which is 10 grams of fiber per cup giving us a net carb of 2 grams per cup so this is an incredibly keto friendly food 2 grams of carbs for this whole thing so this should make right around one cup number three it has high amounts of fat 77 percent of this is actually fat mostly mono saturated this could be very friendly to your lipoproteins and just so you know when you consume fatty foods like this you’re not gonna gain fat okay it’s not gonna happen alright number four fiber and I’m gonna have to kind of explain this a little bit because all fiber is not the same you have in Seibel fiber and you have Seibel fiber okay so let’s just talk about it because the fiber in avocado is mostly 75 percent in Seibel so I have to explain it so cyber fiber is fermented for your microbes your microbes consume it okay and then they make butyric acid which is really good for your insulin levels and your blood sugars and it’s food for your colon cells so soluble fiber gels with water whereas inside the fiber does not cyber fiber slows down digestion inside low fiber speeds up digestion so too much of it can give you diarrhea too much cyber fiber can give you constipation especially if you don’t consume enough water now I notice when I eat a large salad I get thirsty I need to drink more water well that is because your body’s telling you we need to add the water because in the dissolving process it needs water now anytime there’s fermentation there could be gas involved and this is why I wanted to explain this because there are two types of insoluble fiber okay there’s fermentable so I’m inside the fiber and non fermenting insoluble fiber so one type of fermenting inside the fiber is resistant starch and the reason I’m bringing this up is because when you consume in resistant starch which usually some potatoes it’s in the bananas and it’s in some other foods as well this could give you gas because it’s fermentable by your microbes but of course if you’re in keto you’re not going to be consuming potatoes or bananas okay so you don’t to worry about that all you need to know is there’s different types of fibers that are influenced differently by your body and with avocados it’s 75 percent in size fiber okay the 25 percent can be used for your bacteria all right lastly phytonutrients okay this is an additional health benefit going beyond these nutrients right here so you have carotenoids phytosterols oh and by the way carotenoids being a very powerful phytonutrient are fat soluble so when you consume other fats with it you get better absorption and the benefits of phytonutrients are anti-inflammatory anti-cancer antimicrobial and on top of that they can really support your blood triggers as well all right guys there you have it the five health benefits of an avocado so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications daily notifications that sounds weird well I’ll just remind you on a daily basis how about that

This Post Was All About The 5 Health Benefits of an Avocado.
The 5 Health Benefits of an Avocado

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about avocado and its health benefits.

• The amount of nutrients in avocado is very high.
• An average avocado has between 500 to 800mg of potassium which is good for energy, blood sugars and the heart.
• It is also a physiological relaxer that helps with your sleep and blood pressure.
• Folate, vitamin C, vitamin K, B vitamins, vitamin E, manganese, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A
• It is loaded with fat soluble vitamins which also enhance the absorption of other nutrients

• Per cup, an avocado has 12 grams of carbohydrates
• Net Carbs: 2g / cup

High Amounts of Fat
• 77% of avocado is fat – mostly monosaturated.

• 75% of insoluble fiber
• Food for bacteria
• Insoluble fiber speeds up digestion – too much of it could give you diarrhea.
• Two types of Insoluble Fiber: Fermentable and Non-Fermentable

• Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, Anticancer, Antimicrobial, Supports blood sugar
• Carotenoids (Fat Soluble)
• Phytosterols

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