The 4 Causes of Feeling Too Cold

The 4 Causes of Feeling Too Cold

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hi guys in this video we’re going to talk about the four main causes of what could make your body feel cold whether it’s cold feet or cold hands or your body’s just cold okay so the number one is slow thyroid an underactive thyroid that can be as a Hashimoto’s condition which is an autoimmune or just a slow thyroid gland because the thyroid hormones control the speed of your metabolism the rate of how fast that machine is burning fuel okay so if it’s slow then you can be cold but there’s some underlying causes to thyroid it could be high levels of estrogen okay that’s why when women they get pregnant or they have a baby they spiked estrogen all of a sudden they end up with a thyroid problem or it could be they’re taking estrogen birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy or they’re just estrogen dominant that can that alone can cause a thyroid condition or it could be your liver or your gallbladder if you’re missing a gallbladder or you have a sluggish gallbladder or a liver problem that can prevent the conversion of t4 to t3 so you got to look at what’s deeper so number two low blood Sugar’s this is called hypoglycemia very easy to fix the way to fix it is not to consume six meals a day or eat sugar when your your blood Sugar’s are low I put a link down below of exactly what you should eat to correct this but that will bring up the temperature number three low iron that could be because you’re anemic let’s say you have a heavy period and you’re losing blood and you’re becoming anemic that way because you’re estrogen dominant it could also be low stomach acids where you need to increase the acids in your stomach to pull this mineral back in your body because in order to absorb iron you need a very acidic stomach okay ALP cider vinegar is really good but taine how to chloride is really good as well and it also could be that you’re vegetarian because animal products deliver a certain type of iron that builds up the hemoglobin and yet even though there’s iron in vegetables it’s a different type of iron and lastly it could be low vitamin b1 or low vitamin b12 okay this could be a source of a neem a different type of anemia but B 1 and B 12 deficiencies can be created by consuming too much alcohol okay that’s a big one or consuming too much sugar or experiencing too much stress or certain medications could do it as well or it could come from having anorexia or bulimia so here are some things to look at if you’re too cold to potentially help you thanks for watching hey thank you so much for watching keep spreading the word and share this video 

This Post Was All About The 4 Causes of Feeling Too Cold.
The 4 Causes of Feeling Too Cold

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Dr. Berg talks about the 4 causes of feeling cold (hands and feet and even the entire body).
1. Slow thyroid (hypothyroid).
2. Low blood sugars
3. Low iron
4. Low B1 or B12

However, thyroid issues can be from excessive estrogen or a gallbladder issues. Blood sugar issues can also be a problem which is really insulin resistance. Low iron, anemia from a lack of stomach acids or having a heavy periods (loss of blood). Being a vegetarian can also lead to low iron.




(low stomach acids)

LOW B1/B12

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