The 15 Benefits of MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Oil

The 15 Benefits of MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Oil

The 15 Benefits of MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Oil

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let’s talk about some really amazing benefits using MCT oil first of all what is MCT oil it’s medium chain triglycerides it’s a unique oil that will not just turn into ketones very rapidly and give you energy but it has the ability to bypass certain digestive processes as compared to other fats so in other words you don’t need bile from the gallbladder to help you digest MCT oil it just goes straight in so you can use it so it has the ability of spiking ketones now a couple drawbacks to MCT oil when you first start consuming it it could give you some digestive troubles or pain in your abdomen so you always want to consume small amounts maybe a half of a teaspoon at first and then slowly go up to a teaspoon or maybe a tablespoon the other challenge is that it may have a laxative effect on you but for most people it’s a very mild thing despite all the positive things when you consume MCT oil your body is going to turn that into ketones not necessarily your own body fat so it may slow down your weight loss but it’s a really good thing to start out with to allow you to do in a minute fasting especially in the morning so when you put in your coffee for example you’ll be able to go a lot longer without having to eat so it’s very satisfying and the last negative thing about it is that it’s a refined product it doesn’t have a lot of nutrients so it basically is used for fuel so in addition to MCT oil you want to eat healthy too you don’t want to just consume MCT oil to get you in ketosis without you know considering all the nutrients that you need all right that being said one of the benefits well first of all you’re gonna have a better brain function especially if your brain is damaged and you’re having Alzheimer’s or epilepsy or Parkinson’s the ketones generated from MCT oil will penetrate the brain and you’ll have better cognition memory focus concentration okay number two increase energy so you’re gonna have more energy especially in the head all right so that’s a good benefit number three better lipid profile because MCT oil has no carbohydrates despite it being a fat you’re gonna find it doesn’t increase insulin and your cholesterol is going to look better the LDL is gonna look better the HDL is going to look better now number four lowered blood sugar so this is really good to help stabilize someone if they have if they’re a pre-diabetic or diabetes or they have insulin resistance so it’s gonna help your blood Sugar’s why because the body is gonna be running on ketones not blood sugar so it takes the stress off the pancreas alright number five reduced hunger this is a huge benefit your hunger is gonna go away it’s gonna make doing this program a lot easier so I always recommend it especially in the beginning just to increase the time between meals so you can fast longer number six decrease lactate that’s generated after exercise so if you’re an athlete and you need endurance what will short-circuit that is the amount of lactic acid and lactate that is produced and that’s gonna cause a problem with cramping in the muscle so if you can run more on ketones from MCT oil you’ll be able to decrease this and have more endurance so your performance will be much better number seven decrease epileptic episodes so if you have epilepsy and you’re getting these seizures ketones will bypass the part of the brain that’s damaged and you will reduce these episodes alright number eight improve cardiovascular function if you have congestive heart failure angina atrial fibrillation any problem with the heart especially the heart muscle itself ketones from MCT oil will bypass the damaged heart cells and feed the heart ketones directly and your heart will be very very happy and it’ll function better alright number nine it decreases the symptoms of autism because there’s usually some damaged part of the brain that is causing this problem and so by adding ketones like I said with this point right here if you have Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or autism taking ketones will be very beneficial to help reduce the symptoms all right ten MCT oil has antimicrobial properties so if you have Candida or some viruses or a fungus this would be the thing to do now as a side note when you consume coconut oil it has lauric acid which is really good for the immune system so if you had a microbial problem you might want to do just straight coconut oil because it has some benefits from something called lauric acid and it has additional medium chain triglycerides that would benefit you alright number eleven MCT oil has anti-inflammatory properties so it’s going to help reduce inflammation ketones are anti-inflammatory ketones are they act as an antioxidant so it’s going to help you and that’s the next one it gives you antioxidant properties which is going to counter the free radical damage thirteen it’s going to increase the mood so not only are you going to improve the cognitive function but your overall mood will go up because your brain is happier 14 increase the absorption of fat cyber vitamins fat type of vitamins get absorbed with other oils and fats that you consume so if you were to take your cod liver oil for example or any type of fat soluble vitamins whether it’s vitamin E or k2 while you’re taking MCT oil this MCT oil will help the absorption it will also help the absorption of the DHA and EPA those are omega-3 fatty acids and 15 taking MCT oil will make the transition into a full ketosis much smoother because it’ll give the brain more ketones and you’re gonna have less brain fog and it’ll allow you to transition smoother because sometimes when you transition over especially like the first day or second day you’re not going to be in a hundred percent ketosis you’ll be like 30% 40% 50% so take MCT oil gives you the ketones that will make you feel like you’re in 100% ketosis all right there you have it the 15 benefits of MCT oil if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you 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This Post Was All About The 15 Benefits of MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Oil.
The 15 Benefits of MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Oil

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In this video, we’re going to talk about some incredible MCT oil health benefits.

What is MCT oil? 
MCT means medium-chain triglycerides. MCT oil is a unique oil that will not just turn into ketones very rapidly, but it will also bypass certain digestive processes. You don’t need bile from the gallbladder to help you digest MCT oil. It ultimately has the ability to spike ketones. 

MCT oil side effects:

• When you first start consuming MCT oil, it could give you digestive troubles. Always start small at the beginning (1/2 tsp.) and consume more over time (up to 1 Tbsp). 

• It may also have mild laxative effects.

• It may slow down weight loss. But, it is great to help you as you begin intermittent fasting.

• It is a refined product—it doesn’t have a lot of nutrients. Eat healthy, along with taking MCT oil.

MCT oil benefits:

1. Better brain function and cognition
2. Increased energy
3. Better lipid profile 
4. Lowered blood sugar
5. Reduced hunger
6. Decreased lactate 
7. Fewer epileptic episodes
8. Better cardiovascular function
9. Decreases symptoms of autism 
10. Antimicrobial properties 
11. Anti-inflammatory properties
12. Antioxidant properties
13. Better mood
14. Increased absorption of fat-soluble vitamins 
15. Easier transition into ketosis

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