The 13 Top Foods We Eat in the US

The 13 Top Foods We Eat in the US

The 13 Top Foods We Eat in the US

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so let’s talk about the 13 top sources of calories in the US okay number one grain-based desserts as in cakes cookies donuts that’s number one number two bread three chicken but most of this chicken is not going to be organic it’s gonna be probably fried chicken okay for soda with high fructose corn syrup energy drinks filled with tons of sugar and sports drinks which are really sugar drinks five Pizza six pasta and pasta dishes number seven Mexican dishes burritos tacos things like that eight beef dishes nine dairy desserts we’re talking about ice cream things like that ten burgers of course with the bun right don’t forget the ketchup eleven regular cheese like in Velveeta cheese twelve potato and corn chips and thirteen alcohol now what’s going to happen when a person starts consuming this they’re gonna start getting tired because the massive amounts of sugar and insulin going on they’re gonna swollen eyes a lot of fluid retention especially in their feet eventually high blood pressure metabolic syndrome they’re gonna definitely crave carbs they’re gonna be hungry all the time because the amount of insulin pushes the blood Sugar’s down they’re gonna probably be grouchy irritable and they’re gonna have a belly and speaking from personal experience this pretty much was my diet before I was 28 years old okay so I lived on these foods ton of sodium lots of sodium lots of msg very little potassium very little B vitamins a lot of refined foods of course if you were to tell me this back when I was in my 20s I wouldn’t listen to you because I didn’t have very many health problems until a little bit later so what should we eat pasture-raised eggs okay organic eggs fish seafood sardines avocados greens salads and veggies grass-fed meats dairy including grass-fed butter olives and olive oil nuts and berries and when I think a lot of people don’t realize is that when you make this transition it’s not as painful as you think I do know though when I was in college I would go to the grocery store with the intention of buying these foods right here okay and sometimes I would buy them they would sit in the refrigerator I would never eat them and of course I ended up driving home with Doritos with a huge bag of Doritos and that would down the whole thing I mean one serving size I think of Doritos gave you 250 milligrams of sodium and there was like I don’t know how many like maybe 20 serving size I would down the whole thing in one sitting okay so I had a massive amount of sodium going on and a massive deficiency of potassium I had zero information on health I had to go through a lot of health problems before I finally like did it a hundred percent for those of you that are watching that might have a similar consideration just realize that a lot of these like even pizza you can make a pizza that tastes very similar to the pizza that you’re consuming I said similar not identical and be very satisfied with it and not have the bad stuff so there’s recipes for that I’ll put them in the description down below same thing with the pasta the same thing with this pretty much every single thing you see up here can be consumed as an alternative food or dessert to give you the same pleasure so you can make the transition and not make the mistakes that I made thanks for watching so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed

This Post Was All About The 13 Top Foods We Eat in the US.
The 13 Top Foods We Eat in the US

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the 13 top sources of calories in the US.
1. Grain-based desserts
2. Bread
3. Chicken
4. Soda, Energy Drink, Sports Drink
5. Pizza
6. Pasta
7. Mexican Dishes
8. Beef Dishes
9. Dairy Desserts
10. Burgers
11. Regular Cheese
12. Potato and Corn Chips
13. Alcohol

Side Effects of High Sugar and High Insulin
• Tired
• Swollen Eyes
• Fluid Retention
• High Blood Pressure
• Cravings
• Hungry
• Grouchy and Irritable
• Belly Fat

What Should We Eat?
• Pasture-raised eggs
• Fish / sea food / sardines
• Avocados
• Greens / veggies
• Grass-fed meats / dairy
• Olives / olive oil
• Nuts
• Berries

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