Susceptibility to the Coronavirus? No One is Talking About This

Susceptibility to the Coronavirus? No One is Talking About This

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More specifically, you want help with Susceptibility to the Coronavirus? No One is Talking About This?

so today I’m going to talk about
susceptibility to the coronavirus and other viruses in general of course right
now in the news they are freaking people out about this virus all sorts of
speculating headlines putting people in fear and worry and I just want to give
my disclaimer nothing said in this video is meant to treat or cure this virus
this is purely based on my opinion and there is some research down below I’m
not gonna try to sell you a vitamin or any cure at all that being said let’s
dive into this very interesting topic now did you realize that when someone
sneezes about 20,000 little droplets containing viruses are projected through
the air and that is the mode of transportation for a virus a virus does
not have wings it doesn’t have legs it has to be propelled in the air it has to
be contacted and put on your body surface and somehow invade the body and
certain viruses have targets for certain tissues so if you can vision the virus
like a tennis ball with these little spikes and these spikes have affinity
for different tissues depending on what virus it is the coronavirus has
affinity for the lungs okay so it’s gonna go in the lungs and do its purpose
now the Latin word for virus means poison
now viruses are everywhere these biological entities are more abundant
than any other entity on this planet just one liter of seawater contains over
a hundred billion viruses so it really has to do with are you susceptible to
the virus now the purpose of a virus is to deliver its DNA or RNA into the host
cell your cell to be copied so it can actually continue now DNA and RNA are
just genetic material so viruses can’t do anything without the host without you
so they’re not really alive they’re not really dead they have the potential of
acting like they’re alive and creating a lot of damage
so if we take a look at your cell right here okay and the virus and this is
definitely not in the right proportion because viruses are very very very tiny
certain viruses are like forty four times smaller than bacteria and they go
through five stages first one is they attach to your cell wall now realize
that your immune system is looking for these guys and they’re trying to kill it
so if you’re susceptible to a virus it has a much easier job of attaching and
penetrating this wall right here now the interesting thing about viruses is some
viruses have this envelope around them that they take from your cell membrane
cover themselves they actually steal it and they hide so they go underneath the
radar so your immune system cannot find them so they attach it penetrate and
then they go into the center part which is the nucleus you see they don’t have
any thing that can read this program let’s envision you have this little CD
okay this little round disc and you’re trying to listen to music you’re not
going to be able to listen to music without some type of CD player right you
need something to read it well the virus does not have a reader it uses your
reader all it has is the CD or the DNA and it’s definitely not gonna be playing
music it just wants to replicate okay like a copy machine so what it does is
it penetrates it hits the nucleus it hijacks your copy machine the duplicator
and when it does that it starts to reproduce at a very fast rate and this
prevents your own body from using that machine so your own body can now not
replicate anymore so that’s not good so now we have the replicating stage and
then the assemble stage so they’re going to take different things modify their
structure so then they can come out of the cell and hide from your own immune
system that’s what they’re going to try to do so they’re gonna be released and
when they get released the cell usually dies now some viruses actually go
dormant okay so that’s called latent so they just
pretty much hang out and do nothing and they wait and they wait and they wait
into you’re older until you’re weakened until you’re nutritionally deficient
until you’re stressed and then they come out and this is why so many people get
virus outbreaks during stress dates because these viruses are dormant
another interesting thing about certain viruses is they can activate glycolysis
this is the release of sugar interesting I’m going to come back to that in a
little bit but I do want to mention this one point in a study that I read which
I’m going to put a link down below when you decrease glucose metabolism it
weakens the influenza virus in laboratory tests now that’s very
interesting all right susceptibility okay there are
several factors that make you susceptible or vulnerable to viruses in
general age now here’s the thing there’s nothing you can do about getting older
so you know let’s cross it out right now let’s not talk about that because
there’s nothing you can do nutrients nutrient deficiencies there’s a huge
connection between nutritional deficiencies and the health of the
immune system and the susceptibility for viruses but there’s not a lot of focus
on this one area right here and there’s not a lot of research there’s some I put
it down below well we’ll talk about this in a second genetics well you can’t do
much about you genes you can do a lot about the epigenetics which involves
your environment stress nutrition what you eat but you’re given certain genes
okay so we’re not going to talk about that all right number four you’re the
health of your immune system if your immune system is weak you’re more
vulnerable more susceptible to getting the virus and having it create more
destruction the microflora in your digestive system also around your body
has a huge influence on your immune system so when you take antibiotics or
you sterilize the body you greatly increase the chance of getting
infections so antibiotics steroids drugs chemotherapy
all break down your immune system and make you weak so you can’t fight these
things off also if you have a pre-existing chronic disease that makes
you susceptible to getting a virus number 6 stress I’ve already talked
about this a little bit but stress significantly increases risk of
infections and viruses I put some data down below your adrenal glands are
really the gland that regulates your stress if we take a look at mice that
had their adrenals extracted all sorts of problems with the immune system
increasing risk of infections viruses if we also take a look at another condition
called Addison’s that’s a condition where your adrenals are basically shut
down they’re not working and you need to take adrenal hormones you’ll see a lack
of killer T cells in this condition interesting unique killer T cells to
defend against viruses also your risk of infections the way up so the adrenals
are definitely involved but this is the area I really want to focus on because
you can influence this right here and you can also influence these with this
so in other words you can strengthen your immune system this and this with
this right here now there’s two things that happen when you have certain
nutritional deficiencies number one it weakens your immune system so it makes
your immune system weaker but nutritional deficiencies also make viruses become
stronger now there’s a really interesting study I put it down below
that talks about viruses are more virulent in selenium and vitamin E
deficient mice which is actually quite interesting because you would think if
you starve off this virus with nutrients it would become weaker but no it doesn’t
it kicks in a certain gene that makes it stronger very similar to when we do
fasting our bodies actually become stronger at least temporarily but
because because you can’t fast for for too long so certain viruses can go from
avirulent to virulent and virulent means able to infect the
host so by taking away their nutrition they become stronger but it makes us
weaker that’s not fair now let’s go to the next section that I
want to just kind of touch on this one topic on age for a second now if we take
a look at the fatality rate of the coronavirus in this age group right
here 80s and older you see a 14 point 8 percent death rate and let’s take a look
at if you’re 70 or older it’s 8% okay 60 comes way down to three point six
percent death rate if you’re in your 50s it’s only one point three percent
40s 0.4 that’s less than a half a percent chance of dying once you’re
infected I mean look at this 30s 20s or let’s say you’re in your teens 0.2
percent chance okay this is extremely low this is really
important to know because if you read the news they make it sound like
everyone’s gonna die okay so that’s not true let’s take a look at a couple of
things here’s the virus compared to other viruses there’s a hundred and
twenty one thousand cases if we take a look at the fatality percentage is three
point nine percent okay in 113 countries if we compare that to Ebola SARS and
MERS look at this Ebola is 40 percent okay fatality rate
SARS is nine point six percent MERS is thirty four point four percent so the
coronavirus actually has the lowest fatality rate at least of these four
right here it’s just interesting information because sometimes again the
news distorts things and it makes it sound like everyone’s gonna die when
that’s not actually true it really depends on the strength of the immune
system and how strong you can resist it alright let’s talk about the key
nutrients involved in viruses in general one vitamin C that’s probably the most
important vitamin of all vitamins for viruses it’s so very well known
antiviral nutrient it decreases the time that you have a cold it decreases the
risk of certain lung infections it can help decrease the susceptibility of
getting an infection in general and it also can increase the white blood cell
now China right now is doing a study on vitamin c in the actual city where the
coronavirus originated from they’re giving people 24,000 milligrams of
intravenous vitamin c for seven days we’ll have to see the results on that
but that’s actually quite interesting viruses in general when you’re infected
deplete your vitamin c that would make sense as a strategy because if you can
decrease the vitamin c you can decrease the white blood cell vitamin c has the
tendency to up regulate normal T killer cells vitamin c is also necessary to
make interferon and interferon stops viruses by killing the infected cells so
the cell that’s been infected with the virus and it’s closely associated
neighbors so it really will help wipe out viruses now one of the best ways to
give item and see is through food and hands down the food that has the most
vitamin C is sauerkraut normally a person needs between 70 and 90
milligrams of vitamin C today certain types of sauerkraut can give you up to
700 milligrams per cup so that’s a really good source it’s also in bell
peppers it’s in leafy green vegetables and it’s in a lot of other foods as well
number two vitamin E very very important in building up your resistance to
viruses selenium another really important trace mineral zinc involved in
over 200 enzymes but vital for your immune system and then of course you
have vitamin D viruses have this interesting strategy to down regulate
the vitamin D receptor because apparently somehow it knows that
vitamin D is one of the key modulators for the immune system it helps control
it and this is probably one of the reasons why people get sick in the
winter in flu more than during the summer because the Sun will give you
vitamin D as far as getting selenium and zinc you can get that from fish and
seafood vitamin E comes from vegetables nuts and seeds anyway this is a long
video thanks for hanging in there if you have not seen my video on how to
strengthen your immune system I put it up right here check it out 

This Post Was All About Susceptibility to the Coronavirus? No One is Talking About This.
Susceptibility to the Coronavirus? No One is Talking About This

Here’s The Video Description From YouTube

Can your immune system stand up against the coronavirus? Watch this video to find out what you need to know about this pandemic. 

0:09 Coronavirus news
0:35 How viruses spread 
1:19 Virus and coronavirus facts 
1:45 The purpose of a virus 
2:15 Viruses and coronavirus explained 
5:15 Coronavirus susceptibility 
8:02 Nutritional deficiencies 
9:10 Coronavirus outbreak and age 
10:00 Coronavirus fatality percentages compared to other viruses 
11:00 Key nutrients for viruses 

Today we’re going to talk about coronavirus susceptibility and susceptibility to other viruses. 

When someone sneezes, about 20,000 little droplets containing viruses are projected through the air. For viruses like COVID-19 to spread, it has to be propelled in the air, and you have to come in contact with it. Certain viruses have targets for certain tissues. The coronavirus targets the lungs. 

Viruses are everywhere. One liter of seawater contains over 100 billion viruses. So, it really all comes down to susceptibility.

The purpose of a virus is to deliver its DNA or RNA into the host cell to be copied so it can continue. 

Viruses go through 5 stages:
1. They attach to the cell wall (this is easier for it to do if you’re susceptible)
2. They penetrate the cell wall 
3. They go into the nucleus and replicate 
4. They assemble 
5. They are released 

Some viruses go dormant and wait until you’re older, weakened, nutritionally deficient, or stressed, and then they come out. This could be why many people get a virus outbreak during stress states. Certain viruses can also activate the release of sugar. 

Susceptibility factors:
1. Age
2. Nutritional deficiencies
3. Genetics 
4. Weak immune system 
5. Chronic disease 
6. Stress 

Out of all of these factors, you have the most control over the nutrients you get. Getting the right nutrients can also influence your immune system and even stress.

Two things happen when you have nutritional deficiencies:

1. It weakens your immune system 
2. It makes viruses stronger 

If we take a look at the fatality rate of the coronavirus pandemic and age, the fatality rate is much higher as the age group gets older. For example, people in their 80s and older may have a higher risk of death than people in their 50s and younger. COVID-19 also has a much lower fatality percentage than other viruses like ebola SARS and MERS.

Key nutrients for viruses:

1. Vitamin C
2. Vitamin E 
3. Selenium 
4. Zinc 
5. Vitamin D

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Thanks for watching! I hope this video helps you better understand the coronavirus and susceptibility.

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