Support Immunity With Intermittent Fasting

Support Immunity With Intermittent Fasting

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hey guys today we’re gonna talk about how to fight cancer with intermittent fasting cancer is very very scary and it’s always better to try to prevent it than to wait till you get it and then try to backtrack cancer in certain countries is the number two cause of death okay so the statistics aren’t too good so the odds are not in your favor the chances of getting cancer are pretty high and I found this very interesting article I put a link down below the contribution of chemotherapy so when you do chemotherapy your 5-year survival in adults is only 2.1 percent that’s like insignificant while radiation has a carcinogenic effect it can trigger more cancer and create mutations now let’s look at a normal cell and a cancer cell and the differences so in a normal cell you have something called apoptosis apoptosis is where the cell commits suicide okay so it has certain programs if the cell is damaged it kills itself and that protects you because any time you have a alteration in genes it can create a bad effect so apoptosis is a really good thing to keep the body in check and preventing alterations in genetics from things that are carcinogenic okay now with a cancer cell you lose this apoptosis effect cancer cells just don’t die they keep living and they take over in other words if there’s certain a mutation or alteration in cell your body is not able to clean that up and get rid of that so the cells just take over and they start multiplying rapidly what happens with cancer cells is you first get a damaged within the mitochondria okay through some type of trigger some type of carcinogen whether it’s smoking radiation viruses chemicals poisons and the list goes on and on and then as a way of adapting to this damage your mitochondria alters its metabolism it starts to shift to something called fermentation okay it’s a different ancient metabolic pathway and that’s a key difference between a normal cell and a cancer cell it basically ferments glueck okay so cancer lives on glucose and it can live on glutamine which is an amino acid which I’ll get to in a second if you do a PET scan to look for cancer what you’re looking at is you’re looking for areas of your body that are eating a lot of sugar so cancer cells basically our sugar addicts now it would make sense to say well I’m just gonna go on a ketogenic plan that should be enough right I’ll just cut down my carbs I’ll be fine but what about this other food for cancer cells glutamine the problem glutamine it’s in almost all foods so it’s really really hard to avoid okay so yes ketogenic diet can help you with cancer but what about this well this is why I recommend doing fasting or in a minute fasting some very interesting things happen when you fast you have this genetic shift okay in certain genes that starts causing this protection effect and repair effect so let me cover the things that can happen when you fast you get a decrease in oxidative damage in other words there’s less free radical damage occurring when you fast your body can protect against that it can resist that type of stress you also get more protection with the DNA and you have less DNA damage and then there are also enzymes that help you detoxify with the carcinogens itself there have been numerous studies to show that fasting helps shrink tumors okay and also improve something called angiogenesis which is basically creating new blood vessels for the tumor itself fasting decreases inflammation and what’s unique about this is that cancer cells seem to follow and spread in areas of inflammation like old injuries and trauma so let’s say for example you go on chemotherapy okay and you do fasting at the same time fasting can help protect the healthy cells against the chemotherapy so you have less nauseousness less hair loss less digestive problems like diarrhea vomiting etc and the really cool thing is you are actually starving the cancer cell of both glutamine to certain certain degree when you’re not eating and glucose at the same time okay because it’s only the normal cells that can live on ketones not the cancer cells so why wouldn’t someone with cancer or that wants to prevent cancer not do fasting and the ketogenic diet it’s I have no idea and one last thing I interviewed dr. Seyfried which you’ve got to check out this interview this guy is an excellent researcher that’s been researching cancer for decades and one thing you mentioned is that if you even do a yearly fast of 7 days you can greatly reduce your risk of cancer I recommend doing periodic prolonged fasting and regular intermittent fasting okay and I’ll put some links down below for that so whether you want to prevent cancer or you have cancer and you want to do something about it definitely start doing this immediately thanks for watching hey guys real quick I have a new healthy keto eating plan for you just go to dr. Burke calm it’s right on the front page I put a link down below download it it’s free check it out

This Post Was All About Support Immunity With Intermittent Fasting.
Support Immunity With Intermittent Fasting

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how to support your immune system with intermittent fasting. There’s a study that says the contribution of chemotherapy for 5 years has a survival rate of only 2.1% in adults.

In a normal cell, there is something called apoptosis. It is where the cell commits suicide. It has a certain program that if the cell is damaged, it will kill itself. With these cells, you will lose this apoptosis effect because these cells cannot die. They live on glucose and glutamine.

Intermittent Fasting Benefits
• Decreases oxidative damage
• Decreases DNA damage
• Carcinogen – detox enzyme
• Decreases Tumor
• Decreases inflammation
• Stress resistance

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