Study PROVES Mediterranean Keto is FAR Superior

Study PROVES Mediterranean Keto is FAR Superior

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I’m telling you guys this is the future of Kido all right Mediterranean Kido is where it is turning we can only live for so long seeing people eat a bunch of cheeses a bunch of low-quality dirty keto foods this is the future Mediterranean keto and now there’s some science and some research that shows it in practical applications so I’m gonna break down a study that was published in the Journal of Medicine food it talks about a full-on Mediterranean ketogenic diet which I have talked about in a number of videos and later on in this video I’ll reference some of those but I have them down in the description as well so full ketogenic meal plans for the Mediterranean diet but also just general breakdowns so we want to look at the Mediterranean keto diet as it relates to metabolic syndrome getting unhealthy people healthy because the thing is the ketogenic diet gets a bad rap and gets this stigma that because it’s high fat it’s going to be so terrible it’s so hard to get the lay person to understand that the ketogenic diet yes is high in fats but it is going to actually alter them in so many different ways and it makes them healthier so let’s break down this study but first I do want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button hit that Bell icon to turn on notifications and please do check out thrive market down below in the description they’re a huge sponsor in this channel they make these videos possible so you can get my groceries my prices really awesome stuff down below in the description all right so this study took a look at 22 obese subjects with metabolic syndrome in metabolic syndrome being a classification of a lot of different things which we’ll talk about in a second but these subjects had a BMI on average of 36 or higher so fairly overweight individuals with metabolic syndrome now it was a 12-week study and what they wanted to do is they said okay for 12 weeks you’re gonna eat this Mediterranean style keto diet now they called it a Spanish Mediterranean keto diet but that’s just because the study was conducted out of Spain and quite frankly it all works together so they had them eat specific things which we’ll touch on later in the video but first I want to go ahead and give you what the actual results were because the general side of this is it’s pretty easy for 12 weeks they eat a Mediterranean keto diet which will be defined a little bit later but here’s the results after 12 weeks their LDL levels went from 126 down to 103 after just three months that’s remarkable their weight went on average from six kilograms down to 91 kilograms we’re talking 15 kilograms lost in three months on a Mediterranean keto diet plasma glucose went from a hundred and eighteen fasting down to 91 okay that’s basically taking someone that essentially is diabetic and not making them diabetic at least on paper that is phenomenal then the big one triglycerides 224 all the way down to a hundred and nine that is over a 50% reduction in triglycerides now triglycerides are the storage form of fat right before it’s really utilized so that means that we’re reducing that available fat we are truly changing the human body when we see triglycerides being reduced that much that alone is phenomenal let alone all the other biomarkers so in essence by definition all the subjects were able to get rid of their metabolic syndrome just by doing 12 weeks of a Mediterranean keto diet now there was a little bit of criteria with this ok the subjects for example could not have a history of a lot of exercise so they had to be people that were relatively sedentary and they do this for good reason okay they want people to be all the same they don’t want to have a lot of variables if you take someone that has metabolic syndrome that’s exercising a lot versus someone that has metabolic syndrome that isn’t exercising a lot their chemistry and their physiology is going to be radically different between the two of them simply because one person has just more efficient mitochondria etc etc the point is they wanted sedentary people they wanted people that were just generally unhealthy with metabolic syndrome so that they could get the idea the other thing that they had to do is they had to check their ketone levels and make sure they’re in ketosis every morning ok and they had phone consults with people that were facilitating the study to make sure that they were within that range and quite honestly if they weren’t following it and they weren’t getting into ketosis they were removed from the study and the reason that they did that is because they want to make sure that if some random person decides to have bread it doesn’t blow the study for everybody else they want people that were strict and are actually remaining in ketosis so it truly is a measure of the Mediterranean ketogenic diet now we get to the fun stuff what was incorporated in this diet because I’m sure this is what a lot of you are wondering ok what did they eat because I want to eat this well they incorporating 30 milliliters of olive oil that’s largely what made it a Mediterranean keto diet the large part of their fats were coming from omega-3s from fish and olive oil so 30 milliliters of olive oil split up three times evenly throughout the day 10 milliliters of breakfast lunch and dinner okay pretty high amounts of olive oil which most people at least in the Western world are not really using so first order of business get that olive oil into the equation in your diet secondly they ate a bunch of omega-3s from fish okay so they actually divided their diet into what they called fish block days and lean meat days so about four times per week they had them eat only specific fish as long as the fish was not a predatory large fish like swordfish they were allowed to eat whatever they wanted in the way of fish so they could have salmon they could have mackerel they could have sardines anchovies you name it as long as it wasn’t a large predatory fish now here’s what’s really cool this is an unlimited calorie diet by being an unlimited calorie diet it just literally means they could eat as many calories as they wanted to the only stipulation was that they couldn’t exceed 30 grams of carbohydrates coming from vegetables generally usually leafy greens the point was is eat as many calories as you want just don’t exceed this number of carbohydrates this simulates what is called a free living condition and it really simulates okay if we were to just indoctrinate this kind of eating pattern for these people and they were just to go through daily life eat as much as they normally would then this is what would happen they’re not saying X amount of calories because that’s way too clinical and it’s not a free living condition and here’s the one that a lot of you guys are gonna like they consume between two and four hundred milliliters of a red wine per day as well okay so one to two hundred millilitres with lunch and one to two hundred milliliters with dinner they were allowed to have their red wine because that truly is part of a Mediterranean diet and still had the phenomenal results that we saw of course they weren’t able to have any kind of trans fats they weren’t able to have Marjorie anything like that that’s kind of a given now let’s jump back to the protein blocks again okay so four times per week they were consuming these fish blocks now on the fish block days but they were consuming things like salmon and mackerel and stuff like that on average they ended up taking in about 14 to 15 grams of omega-3s from their diet that is a lot okay if you were to put that into any kind of comparison that’s like taking 14 or 15 fish oil pills per day okay you’re not generally getting that much omega-3 in your diet the point is even on the days where they weren’t supplementing they were just eating high fat fish they were getting a huge amount of omega-3s which clearly affected their blood markers now on the days that they weren’t able to eat the fish on the regular protein block days where they were eating the cheeses they were eating the lean meats they were eating the eggs shellfish things like that they supplemented with 9 grams of salmon oil 3 times per day so they made a concerted effort to keep those omega-3s exceptionally high guys this just comes as a tremendous argument to make sure that you’re getting your omega-3s in and to make sure you’re getting that high oleic acid content that you’re getting from olive oil okay remember what I’ve talked about in other videos that oleic acid converts into only 11 ala mine that is a powerful thing when it comes down to converting the right kind of or converting the bad kind of fat into the good kind of fat that elevates our core body temperature the point is we need to be investigating this further ok the Mediterranean keto diet is the future of keto if we want the mainstream to get on board at this we need to promote this more so I have full videos that give you the meal plan sort of down in the description Mediterranean keto diet meal plans and then I have another video there that breaks down a little bit more of an introduction to mediterranean keto since this was more of a breakdown of just the study in general that outlines it now again please do check out thrive market down below in the description they have mediterranean keto options that I’ve put in my Kido and fasting bundle boxes there so do check them out down below in the description and appreciate you guys being loyal to this channel being loyal to our sponsors and as always I will see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About Study PROVES Mediterranean Keto is FAR Superior.
Study PROVES Mediterranean Keto is FAR Superior

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Study PROVES Mediterranean Keto is FAR Superior – Thomas DeLauer

THIS. IS. THE. FUTURE. and THE FUTURE IS NOW!! I’m talking about The Mediterranean Keto Diet. I’ve talked about this amazing diet and all its benefits before, but now we have an exciting NEW study to show how awesome Mediterranean Keto truly is!! Let’s dive in and I’ll see you in the COMMENTS!

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