Stress Depletes These Nutrients

Stress Depletes These Nutrients

Stress Depletes These Nutrients

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so I think that most people consider a
vitamin deficiency coming from a lack of eating certain things in your diet right
and you may know that consuming pure sugar or refined sugar will cause a
vitamin deficiency and of course all the refined grains and caffeine and if you
have a lack of bile let’s say you don’t have a gall bladder or you have a
problem with your liver you can’t make bile
you’re going to be deficient in vitamin A D and K those are fat soluble vitamins
and then if you don’t have enough microbiome your friendly bacteria you’ll
also have vitamin deficiencies and if you don’t have enough stomach acid
you’re not going to be able to absorb the minerals into your body because you
need a very strong acid stomach to absorb minerals and then there’s the
anti nutrients it’s like phytates which block zinc and tannins which block the B
vitamins and then you have ox let’s like and spinach and rhubarb and almonds
which will block calcium the calcium instead gets stuck in your kidney so
there’s a lot of data on these things but did you realize that stress will
also cause vitamin deficiencies not to mention all sorts of other health
problems and especially a lowered immune system so let’s let’s talk about that so
right here we have the Ciba collection of medical illustrations volume four
endocrine system and I’m gonna flip to the page about cortisol so when we’re
talking about stress in the body we’re really talking about the hormone
cortisol cortisol goes up and it creates a whole series of effects so in this
page it talks about several nutrients becoming lost when you have high levels
of chronic output of cortisol but vitamin b1 deficiency it usually comes
from consuming too much refined sugar but it also comes from having high
levels of stress over a period of time and this is probably one of the reasons
when you take b1 you just feel like such a relief of stress so if you want a nice
calm sensation nutritional yeast or take a natural b1 not the synthetic
version and you’re gonna feel very stress free also vitamin D stress causes
the receptor for vitamin D to be downgraded so that means you’re not
going to be able to absorb vitamin D efficiently and we’re talking about vitamin D
deficiencies couple symptoms are anxiety depression lack of good restorative
sleep so vitamin D is very very important and then we have a zinc
deficiency and zinc has a lot to do with neurotransmitters and stabilizing your
mood and then we have a potassium deficiency which is right on this page
people will attempt to lose potassium when they go through stress and
initially they retain sodium so they have fluid retention so we have low
potassium and high sodium so that could potentially increase your blood pressure
cause fluid retention but potassium is very important in stabilizing your pulse
rate for example if your potassium is low your pulse rate will go up your
blood pressure will go up your arteries will become stiffened so potassium is
like a physiological tranquilizer it’s calming it’s really good for sleep and
this is why I recommend a lot of potassium because our body’s really need
4,700 very few people get this much but it’s very interesting when a person
starts to get this amount from increasing their vegetables or taking it
as the electrolyte they start having more energy and they start sleeping
better and they just feel a lot more calm and then as stress goes on and your
dream will start becoming burnt out then you start to lose sodium so when your
stress is really high this could be one of the reasons why people crave a lot of
salty foods when they’re stressed alright so if you haven’t seen my video
on the stress webinar you should probably check that out I put it right

This Post Was All About Stress Depletes These Nutrients.
Stress Depletes These Nutrients

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Many people don’t realize that stress depletes these nutrients. Check this out. 
0:09 Causes of nutritional deficiencies 
1:08 Stress 
1:20 How stress affects your health

In this video, we’re going to talk about how stress can deplete certain nutrients. Most people think that a lack of eating certain foods causes nutrient deficiencies. While this is one cause, it’s not the only cause. 

A few causes of nutritional deficiencies:

• Sugar 
• Caffeine 
• Refined grains 
• Diet low in nutrients 
• Lack of bile
• Lack of microbiome 
• Lack of stomach acid 
• Anti-nutrients 

Stress is also a major factor that can potentially cause vitamin deficiencies, not to mention many other types of health problems. 

When talking about stress in the body, we’re really talking about the hormone called cortisol. Chronic high levels of cortisol could cause deficiencies in certain nutrients, such as:

• Vitamin B1
• Vitamin D
• Zinc
• Potassium 
• Sodium  

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