STOP Knee Pain! 5 Best Exercises to Create Symmetry in Knee Muscles – Dr. Berg

STOP Knee Pain! 5 Best Exercises to Create Symmetry in Knee Muscles – Dr. Berg

STOP Knee Pain! 5 Best Exercises to Create Symmetry in Knee Muscles – Dr. Berg

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Today we're going to talk about the five best exercises for recovering your knee now i've done other videos on knee pain but i haven't done any videos on how to strengthen the knee especially after an injury or in the process of recovering these five exercises not only strengthen the muscles in the knee but provide .

Symmetry between the left and right knee and also the muscles on the front of the knee versus the muscles in the back of the knee which is very very important because normally a person will injure either one knee or an ankle and that sets up a pattern of putting the pressure on the opposite knee and .

Over time that can really create some asymmetrical stress so let's say 20 years ago you hurt your right ankle and now the left knee is hurting simply because of the years of compensation that occurred so i am going to show you .

A very powerful balancing technique for pain and just balancing the muscles after this video but let's just talk about these five exercises now just to learn the anatomy real quick you have this the longest bone in the body which is also the strongest it's called the femur and that's the top part of the leg which is covered by .

The front muscles the thigh muscles called the quadriceps and then the muscles in the back part are called the hamstrings okay now the knee joint is really the largest hinge joint in the body okay so you have flexion and extension with some slight minor rotation but this top femur bone is connected .

With a bottom tibia bone which is the second longest bone in the body and so this is where a lot of weight has to be supported on this joint right here and then on the side of the tibia on the outside of the leg okay we're looking at the viewpoint of someone's right knee okay going from the front .

On the outer part of this tibia this lower bone here you have another bone called the fibula the purpose of the fibula is to really stabilize that ankle to allow you to perform all the amazing movements and running and different motions that you can actually perform then we have this thing called the .

Patella that's your kneecap that's right in front and that glides right over the tendon that's connected to the quadricep femoris it's just going to glide over that tendon right there and then you have four ligaments ligaments go from bone to bone okay a tendon goes from a muscle to a bone and the purpose of those ligaments are .

Just to prevent motion going from to the lateral outside or the inside or the front or the back or twisting so it keeps everything really really nice and tight you also have this very hard piece of cartilage that is connected to the bone on the top and the bottom that is called articular cartilage and then right in .

Between you have this little shock absorber called the meniscus so that's your anatomy a lesson of the knee joint so let's dive right into the four exercises the first exercise we're going to talk about is the quad stretch so the quad stretch improves the hip flexor which is up in the hip as well as the .

Quadricep itself and we're going to be balancing out the flexibility of your left quadricep to your right quadricep so basically you're going to be standing up supporting yourself with a wall okay so you'll be holding on the wall with one hand and with the other hand you'll grab your foot or ankle as you're pulling it up into your .

Hamstring and you're going to be stretching the quadricep make mental note of the flexibility of the right side versus the left side because usually you're going to find one that is way tighter than the other one and that's the one you want to work on more and so then you're just going to stretch and hold for 30 seconds okay each side .

And you're just going to do that twice okay so that's the quad stretch the next stretch is going to be the heel to calf stretch for this one you're going to have your hands on the wall and you're going to move back so your toes are facing forward make sure the heels are flat with your knee slightly bent .

Then you're going to lean into the stretch and hold for 30 seconds and then when you're done with that you'll do the opposite leg and so you're going to do this exercise back and forth just two times so this exercise is going to stretch the back part of your leg as compared to the quad stretch which stretches the front part of the leg all .

Right the next stretch is called the half squat and this is more of a strengthening exercise where you're going to stretch the quadricep the glutamas muscle which is your butt muscle as well as your hamstrings so you're going to get in a standing position and then you're going to slightly squat downward and make sure .

That your feet are shoulder width apart you're just going to squat down about 10 inches at a halfway point so you're not all the way down to a 45 degree angle and at this point you're just going to pause for a few seconds and then stand up so you're completely erect so basically this is a half squat or a partial squat .

And you're basically going to do this 10 reps and you'll do two to three sets of these 10 repetitions we want to keep it easy we don't want to create too much stress but we do want to start building up the quadricep the buttocks muscle as well as your hamstring all right number four let's talk about the hamstring curl now with .

This exercise you'll be standing facing a wall for support your feet will be hip width apart you're going to lift one foot up bend the knee and raise your heel towards the ceiling go as far as you can while keeping your upper body still with your hips facing forward hold for five to ten seconds you'll do ten repetitions .

Two to three times all right now that you did the hamstring curl let's move to number five and that's called the straight leg raisers now it's important to know that your quadricep and your hip flexors help raise the leg and so this exercise will help strengthen both of those flexors now what you want .

To do is you want to flex your foot upward so you feel your shin muscles contracting and as you do this exercise and get better you want to add some weight to your ankle so you can start off with adding a five pound weight and then eventually going up to maybe a seven or eight pound weight and then even a ten pound weight but for now .

We're going to do it without weights i would highly suggest using some type of mat while you're laying down or you can do this on the carpet so you're going to be laying down the floor with one leg bent and the other leg straight out in front of you and so now you're going to contract the quadricep on the leg that .

Is extended straight and slowly raise it off the floor until it's at the same height as the bent knee then you're going to pause for about five seconds and then lower the position down to the mat and repeat for 10 repetitions do this two to three times all right those are the five exercises that are going to put symmetry and strength and .

Flexibility into your legs which surround your knees now the next important video to watch is how to get rid of knee pain okay you're going to like this video check it out

This Post Was All About STOP Knee Pain! 5 Best Exercises to Create Symmetry in Knee Muscles – Dr. Berg.
STOP Knee Pain! 5 Best Exercises to Create Symmetry in Knee Muscles - Dr. Berg

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Learn how to stop knee pain using these simple exercises.

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0:00 Introduction: Stop knee pain
1:07 Anatomy you should know
3:02 The best exercises for knee pain
7:15 Watch my other video on how to get rid of knee pain

Today, I’m going to cover the five best exercises to help strengthen your knee, especially after an injury or during recovery.

These exercises will strengthen the muscles in the knee. They will also help provide symmetry between both knees and the muscles in the front of the knee and back of the knee.

Typically, a person will injure one knee, which sets up a pattern of putting pressure on the opposite knee. Over time, this can create asymmetrical stress. You may have hurt your right ankle, but 20 years later, you have pain in your left knee because of years of compensation.

The best exercises to stop knee pain:
1. Quad stretch
2. Heel/calf stretch
3. Half squat
4. Hamstring curl
5. Straight leg raises


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