Statins: Trivial Benefit at a Great Cost

Statins: Trivial Benefit at a Great Cost

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hi guys in this video I want to talk about statin drugs they really had trivial benefits with a great cost okay now the studies basically indicate that two out of a hundred people will end up with a heart attack not dying from a heart attack they’ll end up with a heart attack but if you take statins it drops it down to one out of a hundred people okay so if we take two to one that’s a 50% reduction in heart attacks right that’s significant if someone to tell you oh yeah you have i can drop your chance of getting heart attack by 50% you probably would do it but these aren’t whole numbers these are fractions if you take to it 100 to 100 that’s actually only a 1% decrease not a 50% so they use words like relative risk factors and they have no legal definition so if I were to tell you you have oh you’re going to have a 1% decrease of having heart attack if you take the statin you knee might not do it here’s some of the risks to get this one percent increased risk of Parkinson’s it depletes your coenzyme q-10 that’s going to actually make your heart work harder and create more problems with the heart especially if you’re getting older there’s over 300 adverse reactions with statins muscle damage nerve damage liver damage endocrine system damage cancer and heart damage so this is a huge risk statins blocked enzyme that makes cholesterol now the problem is that your body makes cholesterol for a reason it makes 3,000 milligrams of cholesterol every single day that’s a lot of cholesterol that’s like the equivalent of the cholesterol in 300 strips of bacon or the amount of cholesterol in a pound of butter or 14 eggs for a lot of cholesterol so why would you body make so much well because it’s the precursor for hormones like testosterone that you need as you as it decreases testosterone decreases with age you need more cholesterol to make more testosterone as well as cortisol versus stress hormones so we need that we age but if you take this you’ll cut down the raw material for making this for most cellular membranes LDL that’s the low-density lipoproteins okay that’s the so-called bad cholesterol here’s what it is it’s a protein that carries cholesterol into the arteries as a healer as a band-aid to patch things up that’s why you get a clogged artery because there’s a lesion there already that the cholesterol comes in and starts to patch it up so LDL is not actually bad it’s late on the chain of events your brain needs cholesterol to function your eyes especially the retina needs cholesterol biocells to help you digest okay so you need cholesterol and the most ironic thing is that high cholesterol doesn’t cause heart attacks in that first place I’ll put some links down below cholesterol is a necessary thing it’s late in the chain of events but because it’s in the arteries people freaked out so how can you have so many people tens of thousands of people taking this medication and buying into this whole cholesterol scare it’s one word fear all of doctor has to say is what you want a heart attack you better take your medication okay so if this makes sense and you logically want to do it but you’re scared here’s what I recommend you do cut down the sugar in your diet cut down the refined carbs I put a link down below if the ketogenic diet to intimate a fasting that will greatly help lower your cholesterol and once it’s normal get with your doctor to come off this medication if the doctor still wants you to take the medication when your values are normal find another doctor thanks for watching you know just wanted to take a moment out to thank you for your amazing feedback that you guys are giving me it’s just mind-blowing the successes the wins I created a link down below so you can actually type out your full success story and if you have a before and after with weight loss that would be awesome if you don’t have a success with weight but other things just put an image of yourself and your personal success story and I would love to read it and also share it with others so I want to just thank you in advance for doing that but there’s a link down below fill it out but I can’t wait to read it

This Post Was All About Statins: Trivial Benefit at a Great Cost.
Statins: Trivial Benefit at a Great Cost

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Dr. Berg explains what statins are and what the pros and cons are. Find out what the risks are of taking this medication and why it is prescribed in the first place. Among the risks of statins, it blocks the enzymes that produce cholesterol. Why is that important? It’s because your body makes cholesterol naturally everyday for vital functioning of your body. Without it, your body will start to break down. It’s one thing to lower your cholesterol in your diet so you have the normal levels of cholesterol, but it’s completely different to make your body stop producing it altogether.

Dr. Berg explains the natural way to lower your cholesterol and how to go about it the right way.




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