Solve Diabetes Overnight Understanding This Simple….

Solve Diabetes Overnight Understanding This Simple….

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so I’m back in today I’m gonna answer a question by a lady who called in and she had a big confusion about diabetes she was a diabetic type 2 and she watched some of my videos but she was still confused about the cause-and-effect relationship she’s on medication and I have a lot of videos on this topic but I’m gonna try to make it really really simple so anyone could really grasp it okay so today we’re going to talk about how to solve diabetes overnight with just a simple understanding of several links okay you have the pancreas okay it’s located right here it makes a few hormones it makes enzymes and then the hormone that we’re gonna talk about is insulin insulin lowers the blood sugar okay so it produces this insulin hormone goes into the cell and then what happens it once it lowers a blood sugar because insulin is triggered by glucose or sugar same thing what happens is it sends a signal back turning the pancreas off everything’s cool everything works but what happens if you keep consuming carbs or sugar and it becomes more and more your body considers it toxic okay so as a way of protecting itself it starts to resist the insulin okay so this is too much sugar going in there’s too much insulin it’s toxic so that’s called insulin resistance so what happens is now we don’t get the feedback loops back to the pancreas there’s no return communication so the pancreas to make this connect starts producing more and more insulin to create the same effect while this is happening we have a lot of insulin and we have insulin resistance we still have normal blood sugar okay so you check your blood and it’s normal because we have this resistance that’s buffering all this excess insulin because if you didn’t have that you would have a massive hypoglycemic reaction you have low blood sugar because the insulin drives the sugar lower so you have carbs increase insulin and some resistance now over a period of time maybe I don’t know five to ten years your your pancreas gets tired it becomes exhausted to the point where it’s overwhelmed so when it starts to burn out we no longer have enough insulin so now it’s the instants gonna go down well if you keep eating the sugar your blood sugars are gonna start going higher that’s pre-diabetes and then even higher diabetes okay so that’s kind of the mechanism and then we have medications we have certain medications for diabetes that increase or stimulate the cells to make more insulin other medications that help the receptor for insulin help to receive it metformin for example and then you have other diabetic medications that basically cause the sugar to be released through the urine so it just dumps more sugar to help your body get rid of it that way it’s interesting this medication actually puts your body into ketosis interesting okay so that’s that’s what medicine is trying to do it’s trying to treat things but it’s treating them lay down the chain of events so what do we know we know that the original problem is too much insulin we know that carbs increase insulin and we know the diabetic medication treats the later effects of this chain reaction so it basically treats the symptoms of high insulin but why the high carbs why are we consuming so many high carbs well the dietitians are following the Dietary Guidelines by the USDA and they’re recommending that 45 the 60% of all of our calories should be in the form of carbohydrates that comes out to on average between 225 and 325 grams of carbohydrate that is a massive massive amount okay then we have guys like this professor Tom Sanders head of diabetes and nutrition science division in the School of Medicine at King’s College in London tsu’tey says diabetes increases risk of cardiovascular disease the diabetes is not caused by eating sugar I think what happened was he was sick the day they talked about insulin this is right here why sugar sweetened beverages contribute to obesity where intakes are high it’s probably because it’s providing extra calories okay he doesn’t understand insulin refocusing dietary advice on sugar and away from fat modification in reduction is not helpful okay well what you need to know about this guy is that he received four point five million pounds for research okay by the sugar industry okay and of course dietitians are sponsored by the food manufacturing companies and their continuing educational programs okay that’s why the high carbs so this is what you need to know if you are a diabetic how to solve diabetes overnight is just to understand several simple links okay excess carbs equal excess insulin which equals insulin resistance which then causes excess insulin until the point where the pancreas becomes burnt out now the insta Goes Down and that causes diabetes okay so what do you do about it keto and I F you guessed it right I have a link down below check it out if you’re new to my channel so if you want to get notified with all my content click the notification bell next to subscribed

This Post Was All About Solve Diabetes Overnight Understanding This Simple…..
Solve Diabetes Overnight Understanding This Simple....

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about how to solve diabetes overnight. The pancreas makes hormones called insulin that lower the blood sugar. Insulin is triggered by glucose so if you consume a lot of carbohydrates in your diet, the body considers it toxic and as a way of protecting itself the cells starts to resist insulin and it is called insulin resistance.
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