So-Called Keto Friendly Condiments May Not Be Friendly

So-Called Keto Friendly Condiments May Not Be Friendly

So-Called Keto Friendly Condiments May Not Be Friendly

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today we’re going to talk about the keto friendly condiments now it seems really straightforward but there’s a lot of exceptions to the rule things that show up on the label that are gonna confuse you so I’m gonna actually go through quite a few things to help you understand but typically the ones that you have to watch out for barbecue sauce has so much hidden sugar ketchup of course is loaded with high fructose corn syrup and sugar there are versions of sugar-free ketchup that you can find mustard usually is okay but sometimes it has sugar I will show you mayonnaise is filled with soy oil you want to avoid that I’m going to show you the one that I’m going to recommend herbs are totally fine pesto most the time it’s okay I have a pesto we’re gonna cover that dressings are a big problem I’m gonna show you what I recommend for that hot sauce is usually okay because they don’t add sugar of course salt might seem okay right especially if you’re doing sea salt but I was at the grocery store last week and guess what they put dextrose which is artificial sugar in salt go figure so a condiment is a sauce or an herb or a seasoning that enhances the flavor of your food alright let’s go through the list and because the print is so small I’m gonna use these right here okay the first thing I want to show you is the yellow mustard okay it’s organic both of these are organic Trader Joe’s and this is just 365 now if you look at the ingredients on both of these what you’re going to notice is this one has no sugar all organic ingredients pretty good but this one they add the sugar now the problem is you can look at the sugar grams and it says zero so you’re thinking there’s absolutely no sugar just realize it’s less than one gram so the number of servings and this is 52 so if you actually can make the sugars less than one gram and not show up it might appear to be low but if you’re adding quite a few teaspoons because one teaspoon equals five grams you could be adding a lot of hidden sugars and not even annoying it so you want to read the labels get the one without sugar okay so this one here is a dressing Italian hemp dressing Sal it’s organic organic chem seed oil organic apple cider vinegar organic fresh basil organic onion xanthan gum organic garlic organic Italian seasoning this is totally fun now I can’t promise that it tastes good but it’s totally edible all right here’s a really good brand the primal kitchen most of the things that primal kitchen puts out is really good chipotle lime Mayo real mayonnaise with avocado oil it’s non-gmo let’s take a look here avocado oil organic eggs organic egg yolks organic vinegar water sea salt organic lime chipotle powder lime granules organic garlic powder organic rosemary extract no sugar no soy so that’s really good all right Trader Joe’s Thai green curry okay let’s take a look at this water coconut milk okay this is a problem corn starch soybeans anything with soy that’s not organic is GMO okay this one says sugar cane so this one you just have to avoid it okay so let’s put that right here okay here is an organic green pesto sauce all right this has basil extra virgin olive oil so far so good sunflower oil cashews and then we get two potato flakes I don’t like that it’s probably not the end of the world but it’s not perfect all right here we go imported country mix pitted olives green olives prune olives water sea salt wine vinegar oregano virgin olive oil this is perfect this is good not a problem with that okay this one this is basically the probably the only dressing at the grocery store that I found that didn’t have bad things in it this is bold parmesan and garlic this one has expeller press safflower oil Parmesan cheese Dijon mustard sea salts gar like anchovy paste and then we have sugar black pepper so unfortunately this has hidden sugars so we almost have a good product but they have to put the darn sugar in there okay here we have empanada which has olives olive oil and capers totally fun okay here’s the dressing classic buttermilk ranch dressing first ingredient is canola unfortunately canola is most of the time GMO so we have corn oil we have soy oil cottonseed oil and canola are all usually GMO like 95% of the time so if there’s an oil that is the first ingredient that is the majority of this product so I’m not gonna recommend that one all right we have sir Kensington okay classic ranch with a hundred percent safflower oil so if safflower oil cucumber juice distilled vinegar water egg yolks salt garlic lemon juice celery seed dill black pepper mustard extract this is totally fine this is actually really really good so that would that would be something I would definitely consume check this out here kimchi sauerkraut organic cabbage red bell peppers water onion sea salt garlic ginger ooh cayenne pepper mustard seed chili pepper lactic acid this is really really good I think I’ll have some later all right so now I have the Sunbelt plantations creamy roasted red pepper salad dressing first ingredient is soybean oil and then we have corn syrup okay GMO we’re not going to recommend that one alright so now we have Newman’s Own organic oil and vinegar so this seems pretty good and it’s organic let’s just take a look here first thing is organic extra virgin olive oil so far so good next one is organic soybean oil now this is the confusion because it’s organic which means it’s non so it’s definitely a lot better do I like consuming a lot of soil even if it’s organic probably not but this is much better than the regular one so if I had a choice between this and some of the other ones that would I would go with this right here and then we have the vinegar mustard Organic onion this is pretty good except for that little bit of soy and as a side note I’m not recommending soy oil at all even if it’s organic but if you were at a restaurant or something or you’re in a pinch and you had a little bit it’s gonna be fine okay here we go st. German mustard Dijon mustard okay this one has distilled vinegar water must recede salted garlic spices and turmeric this is totally fine okay and lastly we have Victoria Emory fine herb mayonnaise it’s handcrafted and guess what it’s all natural okay so we have sunflower oil egg yolks lemon juice extra virgin olive oil egg whites water white vinegar salt spices chives dill onion powder mix to cough roses vitamin E this is this is really good totally fun so I just wanted to go through quite a few different condiments just so you had some idea of what you should be doing when you read labels you have to just read a lot of labels everywhere you go because they hide the sugar in there they have the different oils but if you have the time I highly recommend that you make your own I put some really great recipes down below and on this screen right here check them out 

This Post Was All About So-Called Keto Friendly Condiments May Not Be Friendly.
So-Called Keto Friendly Condiments May Not Be Friendly

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Be careful when you buy so-called keto friendly condiments, and be sure to read your labels closely.

Keto-friendly Homemade Mayonnaise:

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0:15 Condiments to watch out for on the ketogenic diet
1:17 Looking deeper at the labels of condiments 

In this video, we’re going to talk about keto-friendly condiments. It may seem like a straightforward topic, but there are exceptions to the rule and things that can actually get pretty confusing. Many different condiments have hidden sugars, high-fructose corn syrup, or soy oil. Even organic condiments can have hidden sugar and ingredients that aren’t keto-friendly. Consider making your own condiments to be sure they’re keto-friendly. Give a few of my tasty recipes a try.

Condiments to watch out for on the keto diet:

• BBQ sauce 
• Ketchup 
• Mustard (usually ok)
• Mayonnaise 
• Herbs (just fine)
• Pesto (most of the time it’s ok)
• Dressings 
• Hot sauce (usually ok)
• Salt

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Are these not so keto friendly condiments in your kitchen? Here’s what to look for on your labels.

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