Sneaky Hidden Ways to Make Sugar Look Healthier

Sneaky Hidden Ways to Make Sugar Look Healthier

Sneaky Hidden Ways to Make Sugar Look Healthier

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alright guys this is the video you’ve been waiting for we’re gonna talk about sneaky hidden ways to make sugar appear to be healthier than it actually is so a lot of times when I used to evaluate people in my clinic and they bring in their food and we would analyze it ok now the first thing we would say is well I’m not eating any sugars ok so then I look and it’s filled with sugars but sometimes it’s packaged in a healthy way that it doesn’t even appear to be sugar so I’m gonna cover some of the things that I’ve run across that appear to be healthy but they’re really not okay the first one is real cane sugar ok so first of all like compared to what what what would be like a fake cane sugar just the word real makes it a little bit healthier and then we have brown sugar right as compared to white sugar so it’s obviously healthier well the difference between brown sugar and white sugar is that brown sugar has point zero zero zero zero one percent molasses in there so there’s a tiny bit of maybe vitamins and minerals so insignificant that it really is virtually the same as white sugar then we have sugar in the raw like that’s a lot better because it’s raw it’s still refined sugar ok it’s gonna create the same blood sugar issues then we have coconut sugar sounds healthier because it’s from coconuts how about this organic cane sugar because of course anything that’s organic is healthy fruit juice concentrate because we know fruit is healthy so it doesn’t really matter if it’s concentrated or not well they’re taking this fruit juice and they’re heating it at high temperatures and you’re getting some massively concentrated sugar without any nutrients so this is basically sugar water right here how about this one made with real fruit yeah they start out with real fruit but then what do they end up with after they process it or this one made with whole grains but that’s gonna be healthier first of all we know that whole grains are not healthy because they’re going to deplete certain minerals like zinc because the phytates not to mention the gluten in there that destroys your stomach and I guarantee they’re gonna also add refined grains with that no one wants to consume purely just whole grains like sprouted grains or how about this one brown rice sugar as compared to white rice sugar it’s the same thing then we have beet sugar because beets are healthier well of course the beets are using our genetically modified so you’re getting the added glyphosate in their date sugar okay this might have more vitamins and minerals which is slightly better but it’s still gonna have the similar glycemic effect honey same thing it’s gonna actually spike your blood sugars and it has a good amount of fructose in there as well maple syrup same deal sounds healthy it’s not Gavin nectar ninety percent of a gobbet nectar is fructose it’s gonna create a massive problem with insulin resistance this is actually worse than high fructose corn syrup as far as fructose goes barley malt sounds healthier but it’s really not okay there’s a couple other things I want to talk about sometimes when you see the total carbohydrates then you have very little fiber okay chances are you’re gonna have high sugar but sometimes you don’t have high sugar but it’s high carbs like this right here okay kettles potato chips look on the back it says that it has 24 grams of carbohydrate and then we have two grams of fiber but we have zero sugar so you might think wow that’s healthy right this is a starch and it’s a fried starch so it’s gonna really spike your blood sugar so you have to understand the difference between like a starch or like celery for example usually it’s high in car because the fiber is carbohydrate that’s usually high in fiber low in sugar but because it’s high in fiber that buffers the carbohydrate and fiber has no effect on your blood sugar so you don’t worry about that what you have to worry about is like the starches like the rice and the potato and also the ingredients this says potato safflower oil sunflower oil and or canola okay I don’t like canola oil and it says right here a hundred percent access veggie something from our production process is converted into biodiesel emits 38% less co2 then petroleum diesel well uh this that’s a good enough reason right now to buy these chips for me says right here are natural promised non-gmo protected verified gluten-free well everyone knows that there’s no gluten in potatoes no preservatives and zero gram of trans fats but you know the best way to know that it’s okay to eat is if it has the word natural okay natural so anything that has natural on it go ahead and eat it because it’s it’s really good and I hope you guys know I have a very dry sense of humor and then I want to talk about serving size you have serving size and then you have the number of servings in a box or a container have an example right here this gough cookies right here now if you look at the serving size which is four cookies that would equal 31 grams of sugar now that is a lot of sugar but most people don’t stop it for cookies they keep going eight this has eight servings so it’s eight times for eight times 31 grams of sugar so if you consumed all of these in one sitting you get a massive spike of sugar so you just have to really watch the serving size especially when they go into teaspoons or tablespoons sauces and things like that they’re not measuring the whole bottle let’s see what this says right here this says just a handful of natural ingredients hey sugars natural no artificial colors flavors or preservatives that’s what I was really concerned about the colorings non-gmo and it’s vegan friendly wow this is awesome okay do you got cookies right there now when you consume food with sugar and protein and fat especially if it’s cooked as in ice cream an average ice cream has about 34 grams of sugar has protein in there that’s milk sugar plus a lot of fat and they cook that you’re going to get a much more exaggerated spike in insulin not to mention something called glycation which really caused these proteins to morph into this really sticky protein that cool clog things up in your body yogurt especially the sweetened filled with sugar just tons of sugar and yogurt even the plane has a lot of sugar and then you have the breakfast bars again read the ingredients you’re gonna find a lot of sugar granola bars they might appear to be healthy because granola is healthy right tons of sugar but like I said before this is what I use to know if something’s healthy if it says natural alright thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Sneaky Hidden Ways to Make Sugar Look Healthier.
Sneaky Hidden Ways to Make Sugar Look Healthier

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In this video, we’re going to talk all about sugar and how it may be hiding in more of your foods than you think. 

There are hidden sugars everywhere. Maybe you’re not consuming white sugar or table sugar, so you think you’re not consuming any sugar at all. But, sugar can go by many different names. The sugar just might be packaged in a healthy way so that it doesn’t even appear to be sugar.

Types of sugar that appear to be healthy, but really aren’t:

• Real cane sugar
• Brown sugar
• Sugar in the raw
• Coconut sugar
• Organic cane sugar
• Fruit juice concentrate
• “Made with real fruit”
• “Made with whole grains”
• Brown rice sugar
• Beet sugar
• Date sugar
• Honey
• Maple syrup
• Agave nectar
• Barley malt 

A few more things to consider:

• Carbs – Fiber (something may not have high sugar, but it may still have high carbs)
• Serving size
• Sugar + protein + fat (spikes insulin, glycation) 
• Yogurt/breakfast bar (typically filled with sugar)
• Natural does not always mean healthy

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