Sitting Kills Your Low Back Curve. Do This Daily!

Sitting Kills Your Low Back Curve. Do This Daily!

Sitting Kills Your Low Back Curve. Do This Daily!

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hey guys today we’re gonna talk about low back pain alright I mean it can be very irritating I’m going to show you some great things you can do to actually help yourself most back pain comes from sitting way too long so sitting kills your lower back alright I’m just curious how many hours do you sit on a given day go ahead and tell me down below in the comments section personally I sit way too long so what happens when you’re sitting or sitting when you’re driving is you basically lose the lower back curvature normally in your lower back you need this curve that goes forward when you lose the curve you create a lot of compression on those disks and the nerve roots and you creates attica and you create which is pain down the leg and you create muscle spasm and all sorts of imbalances because you need this curve to act as a cushion to support your upper torso so when you don’t have the curve it creates a lot more pressure on the disks same thing happens with your neck as well you need a curve in your neck now the techniques I’m going to show you are basically six and they involve a foam roller okay now I couldn’t really find the foam roller that I wanted because for example like this one it’s too big alright it’s good if you put in your lower back it’s gonna it’s gonna actually hurt and then what I did is I got a softer one right it still didn’t work so then I got a little bit smaller one but it’s just too firm so then I had a bright idea what I did is I basically just cut this thing right in half okay and this is what it looks like right here very simple and the reason that I like this shape is that the back part stabilizes on a chair very very nicely it doesn’t slip around it kind of sticks to the chair now you don’t have to get mine you can make your own you can roll up a towel really tight but I’m going to show you how to do these procedures with this foam roller okay so no one when they’re sitting in a chair sits up nice and tall they they kind of slouch right here now if you look at my lower back it’s just it’s rounded okay so I’m losing the lower back curve now there’s several problems with this number one my pelvis is constantly going back this way and I’m losing the lower back curve so it’s actually reversing the curve just as I’m sitting right here not to mention driving in my car the same deal I’m always losing that curve okay or taking a plane somewhere those chairs are terrible they’re very cramped and they have no support for your lower back okay so I’m gonna show you the first thing you basically put it right in your lower back not at the very lower back but a little bit higher up you know there’s a there’s five lumbar vertebra and you have your ribs that come off through here so this you want this directly underneath your ribs okay at the at like l2 l1 area which is right about here so you just kind of lean back and it puts the curve right back really nicely it’s not too big where it’s actually sitting sitting out like this and it’s just really comfortable and it supports my lower back alright the next thing you want to do because you want to create more motion if you’re sitting all day long just like this it’s gonna be uncomfortable as well because your body needs to move around so I like to rotate between this position right here and this position right here I’m going to take this thing and I’m gonna lay it flat right on the chair right here and I’m gonna sit back so my sacrum okay which is that you’re right in the back part of your pelvis rocks forward okay so I’m allowing this curve to very gently push on my sacrum to rock forward like here now my lower back curve is actually going forward and it feels very very relaxed and you’ll notice when your curve is forward all the muscles like just melt there’s no tightness anymore so I’ll do this for a while and then I might go back to this right here back and forth another really good stretch you can do and you just raise it up right here and you can just lean back and stretch right over certain pivot points so I’m gonna take this right here and I’m gonna go a little bit lower and I’m just gonna stretch this is like t12 the thoracic vertebra 12 I’m going to starts back okay and I’m gonna go to t9 okay and the stretch back through here okay just kind of push up this way let’s stretch back and go all up my spine the nice thing about this is it’s kind of sticks on the chair real nicely and I can create a nice backward stretch there’s a lot of ligaments in the back end muscles as well on the front part of the vertebra there’s a it’s called the anterior longitudinal ligament and with gravity it tends to cause people to go forward and kind of get stuck in this posture right here so this tends to reverse that posture and it gives you a lot of relief and it just so happens a lot of those nerve endings through the mid-back are related to something called the sympathetic nervous system that’s where it’s located and so when you do this it creates a lot of relaxation okay so it feels really good so I’ll actually do the lower back right here okay which is very very relaxing and I’ll switch to this right here back and forth of the day okay I might do the other stretches right here because I’d sit a long time during the day doing my research kissed our set but then what we do is we take this on your butt bone it’s called ischial tuberosities there’s two bones that you sit on okay it’s part of your pelvis what you do is you just take this right here and you you sit on it on one side okay and what this is gonna do it’s gonna cause your pelvis to tilt to the side this way to the to the left side right here and you’re gonna be stretching all the muscles on the left side the oblique muscles another muscle called the quadratus lumborum the so as all these muscles you’re gonna stretch to this side and this will allow you to give your lower back some more motion in symmetry now when you actually stretch to this side and you compare it to the other side you’re gonna feel one sides going to be tighter usually so I’m going to do this side and what you want to do is just take the tight side and really work that more than the other side and what you’re doing is you’re just creating symmetry in your lower back it gives your lower back a lot of relief this is basically what I do because I’m sitting a lot okay so we got that the next stretch I’m going to show you is you put this writer Neath your hamstring okay right here so it raises the leg up the femur and then you lean forward and you can stretch this way okay but what I like to do is I like to to cross my leg and it’s all nice and raised and I like to kind of get this a little bit higher up this way and lean forward and really kind of stretch the lower back the glutes and the all the muscles in the lower back so I create some space okay so stretching that side as well as a little bit on the hamstring and I’ll take it on the left side and again I’m comparing left to right and I’m stretching the one that needs to be stretched more it’s it feels really good when you do this because it gives you a lot of relief in space so I’ll do that side right there okay so just to recap lower back cushion right here lay it flat back right here look the little round part rock your pelvis forward okay you could do the mid back as well to reverse the the hunchback that people are getting all the time okay and then I’ll do this it’s called the issue of tuberosity or just the butt bone and I’ll stretch it going you’re basically stretching the pelvis to one side okay and you’re feeling the tightness comparing it to the other side and I’m going to take the side that’s more tight and I’m going to take the side that’s more restricted and stretch that more okay but it feels really really good okay alright now the next thing I’m gonna do is going to take this thing right here underneath my hamstring I’ll start with this side just to keep it okay and then I’ll cross my leg I lean forward so I’m really taking the muscles in the in your butt muscle was called gluttonous and the back and I’m just stretching all those muscles really nicely creating in that space and this kind of will save your lower back it keeps the curve in the lower back it keeps the back from getting stiff and that way you can sit longer right you can sit for eight eighteen hours instead of eight hours but on a on a flight oh my gosh this will save you when you’re flying long distances because it’s so uncomfortable sitting in those chairs alright now the question is can use in your car possibly it depends on how your seat is positioned at the wraps around you it might be more difficult but if it’s flat it would work fine so you can try that alright and there’s one less stretch I’m going to show you which basically involves just stretching your your calves okay and you’re gonna basically stretch your calf like this right here and why do you want to stretch the calf well simply because the lower back muscles are connected to the hamstring which is connected to the calf and if you stretch this it creates more space okay so the entire back could be stretched by stretching your calf and we’re just going to do both sides right here and that’ll actually create more space alright guys thanks for watching and go ahead and try this out and let me know through the comments section below how it can help you and I’ll see you in the next video hey guys real quick I have a new healthy keto eating plan for you just go to dr. Berg comm it’s right on the front page I put a link down below download it it’s free check it out

This Post Was All About Sitting Kills Your Low Back Curve. Do This Daily!.
Sitting Kills Your Low Back Curve. Do This Daily!

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Most back pain comes from sitting way too long. It loses your back curvature that causes a lot of compression on the disc and nerves. In this video, Dr. Berg talks about low back pain and various techniques you can do to relieve the pain.

Techniques for Low Back Pain:
1. Arch Low Back
2. Rock Pelvis
3. R L Pelvis
4. R L Hamstring
5. Calf Stretch
6. Midback Stretch

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