Should You Take Hormones When You Get Older?

Should You Take Hormones When You Get Older?

Should You Take Hormones When You Get Older?

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hey guys I’m back and we’re gonna talk about do you really need to take hormones when you get older okay let’s first talk about the basics of what a hormone is to make it really simple because it’sit’s very confusing for people they believe some people make it confusing but it’s very simple you have the gland the purpose of the gland is to make hormones hormones are communications they’re messages they’re instructions that tell the body what to do and it travels through the blood so we have the gland makes the communication like right now I’m talking to you you’re understanding what I’m saying because you obviously understand English but the words could be the hormones they connecting your ears you understand that and then I can’t really see you but hopefully you are tracking with me so what happens when that hormone connects with the receptor on the other end of the communication circuitry then the function kicks in there it is activated and then the feedback loop comes back around here telling the gland that that function was complied with and then the gland can stop producing the hormone so we have this on/off switch going on so the endocrine system is a superior communication system composing of glands and hormones and the coordination thereof okay so you end up with low testosterone lo-fi red hormone low estrogen low growth hormone and you’re thinking wow I’m just going to take some bioidentical hormones because I don’t have enough because I’m getting older right well the problem is there’s side effects and this question is never asked why does your glands stop talking in the first place this is what needs to be looked at right here okay why do you have low hormones now you say well I’m gonna take bio tentacle hormones because they’re safer well you know what I’d like to see the study on that there are no studies that I know of unless you show me that compare bioidentical hormones like the risks versus synthetic hormones and we know that synthetic hormones have major risk problems there might be some studies but I’ve never seen any so the point is that when you take hormones it comes with a package because you bypass your body’s normal production and you make your body dependent on that hormone okay with a bunch of other side effects and there’s just not a lot of data known about taking hormones in and what it does with the complexities of your interactions with your own hormones so it’s a it’s an area of unknown okay so let’s just take a look at what could possibly stop your gland from talking all right you have counter hormones that oppose your hormones so you have like insulin estrogen and cortisol are the big three hormones that can nullify and block other hormones they have like dominating power they can block the fat burning hormones for example they can interfere with testosterone let’s talk about insulin for a second insulin can increase androgens and women that’s like the male hormone and that’s why they can get a condition called PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome when they get facial hair and they get hair loss they get a deeper voice but in men it can lower testosterone okay so low t because they have high levels of insulin but you can also in men you can have high levels of estrogen from consuming a lot of the the chemicals in the environment which can then block the receptor part right here and that’s called endocrine disrupters if you do research on endocrine disrupters you’re going to find a whole bunch of data relating to certain chemicals in the environment like pesticides insecticides herbicides fungicides heavy metals even if you look up on the lookup a book called toxicology the study of poisons it’ll list tons and tons of research on the effects from endocrine disrupters and how it can affect your hormones in a big way so let’s say you consume regular foods that are GMO and you’re exposed to an herbicide like glyphosate that’s Roundup Ready for example that’s gonna affect yourselves and it can give you estrogen effects okay in men and women as well so because of the the amount of chemicals that our environment and the complexity of our own hormones there’s all sorts of things that can happen you can actually have the gland enlarge it can shrink you can have all sorts of effects down here where certain hormones don’t work you can have a whole series of reactions that occur down the road that don’t happen right away they might take 13 years to develop okay then you have junk food okay or alcohol for example that destroys the liver and it starts developing a fatty liver so if you have a gut chances are you have a fatty liver and if you have a fed a liver you’re not gonna have the full capacity of a liver function and the liver is needed especially to regulate a lot of these hormones to act as a buffer and a reserve and even the production of certain hormones so it’s very very important especially in growth hormone which is the anti-aging hormone and growth hormone works with testosterone and then you have the thyroid hormone which works through the liver so if that liver is damaged that could be the reason why you have low thyroid hormones okay and lastly of statins which are drugs that block the the body’s ability to make cholesterol cholesterol is the precursor it’s the raw material that makes a lot of these hormones so that’s why one of the big side effects when you take statins like lipitor for example is severe muscle pain muscle achiness destruction of the muscles that’s because it blocks the hormones and then you start getting more inflammation you don’t have the testosterone now to build muscle tissue and you start having all sorts of inability to develop muscle mass and a lot of pain as well now the big question is what do you do well instead of starting to chase around some of these symptoms first get in the basics I’m talking about a healthy eating plan like healthy ketosis and then in a minute fasting do that and see if that doesn’t actually help your energy system right there chances are it will but you also want to make sure that you consume a lot of cruciferous vegetables to clean up these endocrine disruptors and help your liver as well okay the other thing that you can do is search out a high-quality glandular supplement okay make sure it’s grass-fed to support whatever gland that is not producing or not working in your body all right so thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video hey I appreciate your attention and if you’re enjoying these videos go ahead and subscribe and I will definitely keep you updated on future events live events and webinars that we’re going to do very soon

This Post Was All About Should You Take Hormones When You Get Older?.
Should You Take Hormones When You Get Older?

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about do we need to take hormones when we get older. Hormone which is made by the glands are the communications or the messages that tells the body what to do and travels by the blood. When the hormone connects with the receptor on the other end, the function will be activated and the feedback loop comes back to the gland if the function is complied so it would stop producing the hormone. He also talks about the basics to help the Endocrine System.

There are no studies that compare bioidentical hormones to synthetic hormones (Comes with risk).

Possible Reasons Why the Gland Stopped Talking
• Counter Hormones – Insulin, Estrogen, Cortisol (These hormones can nullify or interfere with testosterone)
• Insulin – It can increase androgens in women and decrease testosterone in men.
• Endocrine Disruptors – Block Receptors
• Junk Food / Alcohol – Destroys the Liver (Fatty Liver would make the liver not have the full capacity of the liver function)
• Statins – Drugs that blocks the body to make Cholesterol

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