Should a Woman Who is Pregnant or Breastfeeding do Intermittent Fasting?

Should a Woman Who is Pregnant or Breastfeeding do Intermittent Fasting?

Should a Woman Who is Pregnant or Breastfeeding do Intermittent Fasting?

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so the question is should a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding do in a minute fasting okay and the answer is no because if there is preexisting subclinical nutrient deficiencies then everything is going to be magnified because that mother is eating for two now it is true that when you do in a minute fasting the nutrient requirements go down but still you don’t want to mess around because you want to make sure the mother has everything she needs and a lot of times a pregnant women will have cravings those are simply nutritional deficiencies there’s higher incidence of something called pica which is craving things like dirt clay chalk paper starch that is merely a deficiency of either zinc calcium or iron so I don’t recommend doing in a minute fasting now do I recommend healthy keto absolutely for two reasons one is that when you do have the keto you drop in your carbs a lot of women who are pregnant the last trimester develop insulin resistance and sometimes diabetes now the problem is if that mother gets diabetes the risks for the child getting diabetes goes up by three times so you don’t want to pig out and do ice cream and lots of sugar and things like that you want to do healthy keto and what the woman eats during pregnancy will determine the future health of that child it’s crucial that that mother consumes really healthy food for example cod liver oil has the DHA which is vital for brain growth and brain structural development if a fetus is deficient in DHA that the the actual brain will be smaller okay and there’ll be problems with IQ in cognitive issues and problems with visual acuity things like that and of course fish like wild caught salmon for the DHA as well and also vitamin A and vitamin d3 cod liver oil is an excellent source of vitamin d3 and vitamin A very important for a growing baby seafood for DHA which is a healthy fat that’s the omega-3 fatty acid and trace minerals you can also get trace minerals and seek help for the iodine iodine is so crucial especially in the first and second trimester if there’s an iodine deficient see the actual size of that that being will be smaller the IQ will be less there’ll be a lot of problems with learning and speech and even hearing these trace minerals are essential to prevent structural problems as well like preventing dental malformations or preventing scoliosis or flat feet a lot of skeletal issues and of course you know about a Mindi tree if that’s deficient you can end up with rickets starting both legs all sorts of issues with the with the actual bone eggs will provide an excellent source of protein and you can kind of look at eggs as a multi vitamin mineral product greens like in salad to provide vitamin C and also the minerals like potassium and magnesium these are all really really important to activate the enzymes that actually build human tissue meats for the protein healthy meats of course grass-fed and nutritional yeast to provide the natural B vitamins especially when you’re breastfeeding that will fortify the breast milk to make it very very rich and healthy so if you wanted a good example of a very healthy baby watch this this is this a trampoline Wow you want to pull my hair oh there she goes there we go handstands already you’re just non-stop lots of energy yeah that’s a nothing baby for you let’s workout just definitely work out for me there’s no Springs yeah ah time out time out oh you want more okay

This Post Was All About Should a Woman Who is Pregnant or Breastfeeding do Intermittent Fasting?.
Should a Woman Who is Pregnant or Breastfeeding do Intermittent Fasting?

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In this video, Dr. Berg answers the question about pregnancy and breastfeeding women doing intermittent fasting. He does not recommend intermittent fasting for pregnant and breastfeeding women because if there are preexisting subclinical nutrient deficiencies everything will be magnified. It is true that when you do intermittent fasting, the nutrient requirements go down but it is still not recommended because you need to make sure that the mother has all the nutrients she needs. Cravings during pregnancy is a nutritional deficiency.

Best Foods for Pregnant Women
• Cod Liver Oil – DHA
• Fish – DHA/D3/A
• Sea Food – DHA / Trace minerals
• Sea Kelp – Iodine
• Eggs – Protein
• Greens – Vitamin C Minerals
• Meats – Protein
• Nutritional Yeast – B vitamins

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