Sauna & Heat Exposure: Secret Weapon to Faster Results (how to)

Sauna & Heat Exposure: Secret Weapon to Faster Results (how to)

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sweating yourself silly in a sauna we’re working out with a sweat suit on or wearing a sauna vest or working out in extreme heat or doing hot yoga to try to sweat and to try to induce as much heat as you possibly can on your body is not crazy okay in fact there is legitimate science that backs up doing these things I’m working on an extreme heat trying to make yourself exposed to more heat sitting in a sauna we’re gonna talk about this today and I’m also going to give you some great ways that you can induce some heat in a good safe way all right so we have to look at the big picture here heat stress is a hormetic stressor but what exactly is a hormetic stressor so let’s break it down really simply a hormetic stressor is where you were adapting to anything exercise is the simplest example of hormetic stressor you know for example when you’re exercising you’re forced to adapt you’re forced to get stronger right okay well when you expose yourself to heat your body has to get stronger too it has to adapt to that this hormetic stressor is a really important thing another example if you fast if you fast for an extended period of time you are triggering a stress response in your body and it’s a hormetic response to get stronger and more adaptive so your body gets more metabolically flexible okay now the cool thing about heat is yes it’s a hormetic stressor because you’re exposing yourself to heat but it also simulates exercise to begin with like if you’re sitting in a sauna you’re going to have vasodilation you’re going to have an increased respiration you’re having increase in heart rate very similar to exercise just absent the movement right so that’s great but it goes much deeper than that at the cellular level see the cellular level we have to look at proteins and proteins in the body have a three-dimensional structure and this is made up of particular folding and unfolding of these proteins now what that means is that when we look closely at a protein in the body it’s going to go through phases where it unfolds and then it folds again and that’s all to shape shift and to form structure but sometimes we have miss folding of these proteins and these miss foldings if you want to call mat end up leaning on to disease or cellular dysfunction we want them to fold properly well it turns out that our body has a natural adaptive response to heat that triggers these proteins to fold properly you see it looks like this when you’re working out and you’re generating a lot of heat again maybe you’re wearing a sauna vest or one of those things to generate some extra heat or maybe you’re sitting in a sauna well your cells your proteins are forced to kind of fold improperly because the exposure to the heat but it turns out that these things called heat shock proteins are available within our body they get released so these heat shock proteins protect the folding of these proteins so it means like when you are actually exposing yourself to heat something that would normally disrupt your cells we have heat shock proteins that activate as an adaptive response and make sure that the cells are protected and fold properly so this is tremendous for longevity which I’ll get to the research in a minute but it’s also good just for metabolic function and helping the body thrive in a state where it can just use fuel more efficiently and you can live up to your genetic potential when we look at a lot of different chronic disease states for example we find that miss folding protein miss folding is the root of them for example Alzheimer’s is an aggregation of the miss folding of tau proteins and also amyloid proteins so ultimately leaning in a diseased state now I’m not an expert in Alzheimer’s but I can say that when you have an aggregation of miss folded proteins in any situation it could lead to cellular disruption ultimately a diseased state so my point here is that yeah you can sit in a sauna and it’s going to have these health benefits that hit you too you feel good and you get the endorphin rush but there very well could be a lot of links to just living for a longer period of time too so one particular study that was published in the Journal of Experimental Biology took a look at fruit flies yes fruit flies and they found that exposing them to heat did in fact increase heat shock protein levels which had an effect on longevity via the HDAC pathway so histone deacetylase inhibition or histone deacetylase in general that has to do with our genetic system okay that’s our genetic blueprint so with histone deacetylase we want to be able to deactivate or activate that at specific times so in other words heat seemingly made it so that we are able to access our genetic potential better meaning we can live up to our potential and our body can actually rebuild cells and create stem cells and do what it needs to do at the right point in time if we expose ourselves to heat it’s pretty fascinating stuff now sure I want to talk about longevity I want to talk about health but I also want to talk about practical use and things that you can do so in this video I am going to break down ways that you can induce heat shock proteins okay one of the things that I usually like to do is sit in a sauna okay sitting in a sauna is a tremendous way to of course stimulate heat shock proteins in fact there was one study that was published in 2015 it took a look at Finnish people that used a lot of saunas and a lot of Scandinavian countries use saunas they found when following them for twenty point seven years that there was a dose-dependent effect on sauna usage along with cardiovascular disease and causes of death that were related to cardiovascular disease or even just other sudden death what that means when it’s dose dependent is that the more that they use the sauna the less that they died from diseases okay now that’s pretty wild right but we can take it even a step further okay this held true even when they factored in things like BMI when they factored in if they smoked if they drank anything like that so what that means is that regardless of what they were doing it was sort of on a sliding scale so it found that yes saunas at the end of the day definitely had a dose-dependent effect on these people living for a longer period of time and this is taking a look at over 2,300 subjects it’s a big study okay now some of the things that you can do obviously sitting in a sauna is great but not everyone can sit in a sauna there’s things like you can go do hot yoga so hot yoga it’s just a great way to expose yourself to a lot of heat in a way that is functional okay obviously the heat is gonna make it so you’re more pliable so you can get into movements better and things like that but I look at it from the metabolic side of things another thing that you can do is work out with one of those sauna vests okay so the sauna vests are like neoprene little vests that you wear and you can work out and they stimulate more heat okay basically you’re retaining more of your body heat so you’re stimulating the effect of sitting in a sauna we’re working out in a sauna so pretty cool little things and you can also wear those things when you sit in a sauna to exacerbate the effects of a sauna so you’re going out for a run you can wear a sauna vest always trying to find ways to generate more heat I don’t live in Arizona so I can’t go for a run in 125 degree weather like I would like to and I’m not saying that you push yourself to the limit but you do all these different things that are going to at least allow more heat shock proteins we’re always trying to expose ourselves to as much stress as possible you can get those little sauna vests down below I put a link down below company called Coolio makes them you can get them with a zip up you can get them where they just slip on over and you just simply workout with them on and you will definitely notice within like 10 15 minutes you feel like you’re working out in a sauna you’re sweating a bunch it’s just a quick way in an inexpensive way if you can’t get an infrared sauna in your house or anything like that so special link down below if you want to check them out if you’re interested in elevating your heat shock protein levels within your body definitely want to check them out so sure there’s also some fat loss effects and everything like that okay of course you’re gonna increase thermogenesis so you potentially increase fat loss you also increase vasodilation and then we’re also talking about you know increasing respiration increasing heart rate which of course has ties with fat burning I mean one of the clear as day outlines to burning more calories is increasing your heart rate so if you can generate more heat and make it so you’re ultimately getting your heart rate up then yeah one could argue that you could potentially burn more fat I think it’s pretty safe to say that of course everybody is different now let’s take a look at the disease states for a second when we talk about the protein folding and misfolding it would make sense that saunas and working out an extreme heat would have a better effect on disorders that are related to protein misfolding well when we take a look at the study that we talked about earlier okay that Experimental Biology study found that it had a better result on disease states for example with Alzheimer’s it was a 65% reduction in Alzheimer’s disease in those that did more sauna usage again it just ties in with diseases that are related to protein folding and unfolding I mean you look at like cancer for example cancer doesn’t really have to do with protein unfolding and folding but other diseases do so sure there is a little bit more of a particular time in which saunas would work better point is you can always have a benefit by stressing yourself out the right way it’s more about how you perceive that stress that could be damaging okay I always say stress is stress okay the stress of a five-year-old that’s excited to go to Disneyland tomorrow is the same exact stress that one would experience because they just got a big tax bill it’s all about how it’s perceived okay so how we perceive stress is how our body manipulates and changes it and makes it good or bad good stress is always good because we’re gonna adapt and get stronger and Rhonda Patrick is someone that talks about this all the time and to her credit a lot of the things I’m talking about this video are things that she’s talked about and things that she talks about at great length and in much more detail than me so I will put a link below for any stuff that you want to see from her but I highly recommend that you give everything a shot you try working out in extreme heat just do things in moderation at first you try using asana if you haven’t already you try inducing these heat shock proteins you try wearing a sauna vest and actually stimulating more heat you try hot yoga try hot yoga with a sauna vest anyhow any ways that you can increase your hormetic effect as always keep it locked in here in my channel and I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About Sauna & Heat Exposure: Secret Weapon to Faster Results (how to).
Sauna & Heat Exposure: Secret Weapon to Faster Results (how to)

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Sauna & Heat Exposure is my Secret Weapon to Faster Results (how to) – Thomas DeLauer

This may seem crazy, but doing hot yoga, wearing a sweat vest, or spending time in a sauna to raise your body temperature and induce sweating has some INSANE benefits!! We have tons of exciting science to go over so let’s dive right in! Enjoy the video and I’ll see you in the COMMENTS!

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