Salmon with MORE PINK is Better – Choosing the Best Salmon

Salmon with MORE PINK is Better – Choosing the Best Salmon

Salmon with MORE PINK is Better – Choosing the Best Salmon

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I want to show you how to pick the right salmon at the grocery store or out of the freezer section or online or whatever ok so there’s some things that you need to be paying attention to and I’ll get to them throughout this video but we have to know one very important thing about salmon salmon of course is high in the omega-3s that are great for our brain ok particularly DHA but there’s one really important caveat the DHA that is in salmon is ridiculously fragile meaning like when it’s in the perfect situation everything is fine and that DHA is going to have an amazing result in your body but the problem is stress from exercise stress from your diet stress in general is more than likely going to trigger free radicals that are going to neutralize and basically turn that DHA into a not so good fat so the fat from salmon normally is really good but if it’s on its own it poses a pretty big threat in terms of just being an unhealthy fat but salmon comes equipped with a natural antioxidant and it called astaxanthin that already protects that I’ll talk about that in a second hey really quick hit that little red subscribe button and turn on that Bell icon to turn on notifications and then also after this video if you want to check out butcher box you can get grass-fed grass-finished meat you can get sockeye salmon you can get scallops you can get chicken all delivered to your doorstep for less cost in the grocery store so there’s a link down below in the description check them out after this video all right so asses anthems some cool stuff here’s what’s interesting about it so the reason that salmon are pink is because a they eat a bunch of krill and yes you can take krill oil and get a similar effect but not quite as well okay but also because they swim upstream so when they swim against currents it generates this pigment for whatever reason I’m not a biologist I just know that it’s a cool physiological fact right okay so here’s the thing with acid xanthine there’s an oxygen radical absorbance capacity that is six thousand times higher than vitamin C what that simply means is that it is six thousand times more powerful than vitamin C in operating in the body as an antioxidant so meaning all the free radicals that would normally come in from stress and exercise would normally turn the Omega threes sour but acid xanthine has a significant ability to prevent that from happening so that’s why it’s very important when you pick salmon that you go for the ones that are as dark pink as possible now if we want to get super nerdy there’s another thing known as electron dislocation resonance now this is the ability for a freer addict to neutralize different things at one time and astaxanthin has the ability to neutralize 23 radicals at once whereas most antioxidants can only do like two to three sometimes even just one at a time so because it’s fat soluble and water soluble any point is is the pink stuff is really really really powerful so here’s what you need to know when you’re picking salmon you go to the grocery store and first and foremost you probably want to go for sockeye salmon okay it’s leaner now you might be thinking okay I want the fats from the salmon salmon is going to have a lot of fat in it either way okay you can’t avoid that so that’s a good thing so you might as well go with the leaner kind because then you have a better ratio of omega-3 so you don’t want to have just a high fat salmon just because it has more marbling in it so when you look at a piece of salmon sometimes you’ll see the thick ribbons of white fat you actually want to go for the sockeye that is a darker red that doesn’t have as thick of ribbons of fat that means you’re getting more of the antioxidants and less of the fat so your ratio your actual ability to utilize it is going to be better whereas if you went with a higher fat one the ones that are kind of orange and almost pale looking a lot of times the Quetta or even the farm-raised especially it’s like a pale orange with thick ribbons of fat it does taste a little better because it’s fattier but then you have less acid xanthine and more fat which means you actually have a poor ratio I’d rather you have more assets Anthon and a little less fat and just eat a little bit more salmon the other thing you want to pay attention to is you want to eat the skin now I know you don’t always want to but the skin is what’s gonna have the vitamin A and the vitamin D for you without the skin and you still get the astaxanthin you still get the omega-3s but vitamin D is going to work really well with the fats that are coming in from the salmon so you have a perfect delivery system and you have the vitamin A which is also going to help with liver function it’s going to help with your eyes it’s awesome you absolutely need to be getting the skin if you can yeah now if you can’t get it it’s not the end of the world but what do you do when you’re actually choosing the salmon how do you know which ones best well obviously wild-caught but I also want to make sure that you know that it’s okay to get frozen salmon people shy away from it because they don’t think it’s fresh but the reality is usually when it’s frozen it’s caught and then it’s immediately frozen okay a versus being caught staying fresh and oxidizing so remember salmon is gonna oxidize really quick and this goes with most fishes but the leaner white fishes you run less risk of oxidation and them going bad because you have less in the way of the polyunsaturated fats that are super fragile so yeah it’s simple wild-caught leaner super dark red and frozen if you want otherwise just get it as fresh as possible as always keep it locked in here my channel see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About Salmon with MORE PINK is Better – Choosing the Best Salmon.
Salmon with MORE PINK is Better - Choosing the Best Salmon

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Salmon with MORE PINK is Better – Choosing the Best Salmon – Thomas DeLauer

Salmon is often touted as one of the healthiest foods you can eat due to its impressive nutrient & omega-3 content. HOWEVER, not all salmon provides you with the same benefits, with certain types of salmon doing more harm than good. So, how do you know which salmon to choose? Well, it comes down to the color of the salmon! You want to find salmon that has a red-pink color…due to something known as astaxanthin! So, what is astaxanthin and why is it so important?! Let’s dive in and find out!

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