Require LESS Sleep & Feel MORE Awake  by Doing This

Require LESS Sleep & Feel MORE Awake by Doing This

Require LESS Sleep & Feel MORE Awake by Doing This

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More specifically, you want help with Require LESS Sleep & Feel MORE Awake by Doing This?

another reason to get fat adapted being able to feel wakeful perhaps even if you didn't sleep all that well look at this is some pretty crazy science that we're starting to unfold here now when you look at the low carb world it's very easy to just want to say that ketones do it all right that .

We have more energy and brain feels good because of these magical ketones that we're creating and look at i get it but it's a little bit overdone now okay there's other things that are going on and when you start looking at the bodies of research specifically surrounding fat adaptation ppar alpha circadian clock genes and how this is all working you .

Realize there is a lot more going on than just the ketones it's the fat adaptation so i want to talk about something that i had experienced like when i'm fat adapted when i am doing a lower carb protocol a lot and i'm exercising a lot and i'm i feel like i can get by with less sleep and now there's some data that somewhat .

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Again to unbun for the support okay we have to reintroduce our friend ppar alpha and i'm going to make this as light as simple as i can because i did another video that went into a lot more detail but i want to talk more about the fat adaptation piece ppar is .

Something that a switch that is flipped it's a receptor protein and when we are deep in ketosis for a long period of time or we're practicing intermittent fasting for a long period of time things like that we get fat adapted well fat adaptation is largely activating ppar more well now we're .

Seeing some evidence that ppar isn't just about the metabolism we don't just have ppar receptor proteins in our muscle in our liver in our fat we actually have it in our brain too specifically in the region of our brain that helps regulate our circadian rhythm so what they're finding out now and i'll explain some studies is that if you .

Activate ppar it promotes wakefulness and that means that you can potentially get by with less sleep let's explain what this means there's a study that was published in the journal brain research bulletins okay and this looked at rats and what they did is with these rats they said let's go ahead and now that we know that there are ppar .

Receptors ppar in the brain let's go ahead and activate it let's use a synthetic what is called an agonist so they used an agonist to activate ppar alpha or ppar in the brain and what they found is that it dramatically promoted wakefulness okay but it also improved their dopamine levels and it improved their adrenaline levels now this is very .

Intriguing because even if you were to be somewhat sleep deprived if you're indirectly promoting or even directly promoting wakefulness by activating or by having an agonist for ppar that could explain why hmm when i'm deep in keto or anything like that like i just feel like i can get by with less sleep okay well then there are some .

Other studies that kind of looked at the opposite they looked at antagonists and they found well let me explain this study was published in the journal neuroscience research they found in this case with rats if they gave them a ppar antagonist in this case it was called mk886 a synthetic antagonist if basically they affected ppar .

Negatively it made them have to sleep longer and be more groggy they were more groggy they just couldn't recover well but then again on the contrary once they gave them an agonist that positively influenced ppar they promoted wakefulness and it made it so they could basically get by with less .

Sleep they weren't directly measuring sleep they were measuring wakefulness i am sort of uh elucidating that right i'm pulling that because that's how i see it as someone that's looking at optimization i try to get fat adapted i try to say okay how do i go periods of time where i do not have carbohydrates so my body gets more efficient at .

Activating ppar but when you look at some more data surrounding like circadian clock genes it gets really fascinating because that's all about wakefulness okay that's important sure but we also know that ketones themselves kind of make us feel awake and give us energy and fasting itself kind of gives us energy so we know that but what about .

Actually helping us out with like restorative sleep well there was a study that was published in the journal ppar itself that has its own journal okay and it took a look at specific mice that are called knockout mice what they did in this particular case is they knocked out something called bmal1 they knocked out a very important circadian clock gene we .

Have genes that express throughout the course of the day and night to regulate our diurnal rhythms and some of them are very important namely bmal1 per2 per 3 if you knock out bmal1 you're really messing up your circadian clock genes so when they in this particular ppar study they knocked out bmal1 it lowered their ppar levels .

What does this mean this means that there is such a finely tuned connection between your fat adaptation and your circadian clock genes like so much so that we're just scratching the surface but in a reciprocal fashion they found that when ppar was knocked out it affected bma l1 so let me rephrase .

That okay when b bmal1 was knocked out ppar was lower when ppar was knocked out bmal1 was lower they definitely have a synergistic reciprocal relationship there okay how do you activate more ppar what do we do fasting periods of exposing ourselves to fat fasting like doing things like .

Where maybe i'm going to take two or three days where i'm gonna have coconut oil and olive oil and try to saturate those ppir receptors try to really flip that ppar switch right the more that we can potentially activate the ppar the more fat adapted that we get the more that we are continually activating the ppar the more .

That we are potentially improving that reciprocal signal between ppar bma l1 per 2 per 3 which improves not just the potency and the effectiveness of that gene expression but the rhythmicity of it too allowing our actual like clock genes to go through the rhythmic motion that they should be to potentially regulate sleep patterns but also allow .

Us to get more wakefulness during the day so really there's two full pieces here okay there's the fact that activating ppar is much more than just burning fat it's actually affecting our brain and promoting wakefulness but then there is the indirect effect on our circadian clock genes so it's promoting .

Wakefulness and helping us restore sleep patterns if you ask me that is the best of both worlds i'm getting potentially good sleep and i'm more wakeful so it is not about just trying to get magical ketones to do the thing in fact i encourage you as someone that watches this channel to stop just consistently thinking about ketones and getting your .

Ketones as high as you possibly can and think about keeping your body in that fat adapted stage whether you get there through ketosis whether you get there through periodic fasting or you get there through longer endurance training it's going to do it too okay i'll digress for one second i have argued for a long time .

That one of the reasons i probably activate so much ppar and why i am so fat adapted could be because i did so much endurance work when i was a young child to the point where my body got so fat adapted and flipped that ppar switch so early on that i got a lot of benefits of fat adaptation we are just now seeing that fat adaptation could be playing a .

Role in our alertness our wakefulness and possibly even our sleep patterns so as always keep it locked here on my channel and don't forget to check out unbun down below in the description

This Post Was All About Require LESS Sleep & Feel MORE Awake by Doing This.
Require LESS Sleep & Feel MORE Awake  by Doing This

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