Reduce Lectins for Autoimmune Conditions

Reduce Lectins for Autoimmune Conditions

Reduce Lectins for Autoimmune Conditions

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hey guys recently on my live show I talked about lectins and in the immune system and I wanted to just elaborate on that a little bit now what is a lectin okay well lectins are large protein molecules made by plants plants are chemical factories and plants have evolved over time and defended themselves against insects and other predators by creating elect ins okay there’s other things that they used to but lectins are one of them and so when the plant or you consumes electon it can create issues with your digestive tract and it can create inflammation because what it does is it attaches to the gut lining and it can make a hole through it okay so if you took your small intestine and spread it out it would be the size of a tennis court okay so there’s a huge surface area but only a one self thickness so these lectins have the ability to make a whole thread okay so the problem is this leakiness in your gut allows other proteins to go through okay the immune system is on the other side it’s going to attack it and create antibodies it’s going to be involved in a lot of inflammatory conditions and even autoimmune conditions whether it’s Hashimoto’s lupus rheumatoid arthritis MS and there’s a whole list of them so the point of this video is this if you have an autoimmune condition or you have some chronic inflammatory condition and you’re doing keto and in a minute fasting okay but you still are not getting relief you may want to consume foods low in lectins so let’s talk about the ones that are high of course you wouldn’t be eating this but we is very high gluten is electon okay and we know that this tears up the intestines and creates all sorts of problems corn is high soy legumes definitely peanuts but what you may not realize is tomato squash primarily the seeds potato which you wouldn’t be eating if you’re on keto eggplant peppers okay the nightshades so there’s a whole list of additional foods that I would recommend avoid consuming because they’re high in lectins if you have an autoimmune condition because you just may find that it reduces your inflammatory State now also realize that vegetables that are fermented have less lectins so there are things that you can do to lessen the amount but I put a link down below of a more of a complete list of lectins from high to low so you can see if this can help you alright guys thanks for watching so I want to thank you for being here and watching my videos if you haven’t already subscribed go ahead and do so so you can stay informed of future videos

This Post Was All About Reduce Lectins for Autoimmune Conditions.
Reduce Lectins for Autoimmune Conditions

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about lectins and the immune system. Lectins are large protein molecules made by plants – plants are chemical factories which they produce these to protect themselves against insects and other predators.

Lectins attach into the gut lining and create a hole in it. If you consume it, it could create problems with your digestive tract, inflammation, and even autoimmune conditions.

If you have an autoimmune condition or some chronic inflammatory conditions and you are doing ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting and you still don’t get relief, you may have to consume foods low in lectins.

High Lectins Foods
• Wheat (Gluten)
• Corn
• Soy
• Legumes
• Tomato
• Squash (Seeds)
• Potato
• Eggplant
• Peppers

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