Realistic Eating: INTERMITTENT FASTING with Carbs – Meal Plan Starts Today!

Realistic Eating: INTERMITTENT FASTING with Carbs – Meal Plan Starts Today!

Realistic Eating: INTERMITTENT FASTING with Carbs – Meal Plan Starts Today!

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it is time for the january challenge and this time we're combining some keto with some fasting with some carbs that you can have the full metabolic flexibility approach so a little over a week ago i did the announcement video that broke this all down talked about like how we're doing this what's gonna happen now .

We have the whole diet structure so a couple quick housekeeping things first okay down in the description there is a link to a facebook group okay i know some people will be upset that it's facebook you don't have to join it that is a free facebook group just for banter just for community i'll be popping in there i just recommend it in terms of .

Being able to have community as you go through this share pictures of your food i really just want to create some fun and just a fun environment with it okay also there's going to be some basic things with this plan unlimited veggies okay you can have unlimited greens unlimited asparagus unlimited broccoli so it's not always .

Notated here but just know with whatever meal you have you can always add veggies i consider those a zero like a free food that you can have those in this case and then i'll kind of get into more of the details in just a little bit as we get through it so the way this breaks down is monday and friday are going to be your more aggressive fasting days .

Pretty long fasts like 18 hours which is going to seem like a lot but the neat thing is is even though our calories are relatively low on this day we kind of make up for it a little bit on wednesday which is still somewhat of a fasting day except on wednesday we're skipping dinner okay so wednesdays let your family know wednesdays you're gonna .

Sit there twiddling your thumbs no okay and then tuesday thursday saturday and sunday those are our keto days where we do not have carbohydrates in the picture unless you want them which i'll explain in a little bit uh so let's just go ahead and break it down and just remember this whole challenge is sponsored by butcher box huge thank you .

To them you can get your meat delivered to your doorstep from them grass fed grass finished beef super cool stuff really good lean chicken really cool options sockeye salmon all stuff you can use with this entire protocol so please do check them out and even if you don't want to necessarily use it for the challenge just because they are .

Supporting this channel and making this kind of challenge possible the best way you can give back to this channel is support them because that directly supports this channel as well so that link is down below in the description for butcher box enter whatever cuts of meat you want delivered to your doorstep easy peasy all right so on mondays and .

Fridays these are gonna be your 18-hour fasting days you can cut it down to 16 hours if you need to but just to kind of like give you the basics and just so you know like i'll put this all into a document too so i'll put that link down below too you can click on that and that way you can just download a pdf version of this so you're not having to like .

Screenshot this but this is for the explanation you can have black coffee tea et cetera okay no cream nothing like that you're fasted you can have electrolytes that's fine then when it comes time to break your fast eight ounces of chicken fish or one and a half scoops of either whey protein or pea protein okay .

Optional one scoop of collagen or you could have bone broth with it so basically you're breaking your fast with just clean protein that's it okay super easy this isn't a meal it's a strategy to break your fast then two hours later okay you're gonna be a little hungry you're gonna be hungry after you break your fast but two hours later 10 ounces .

Of lean beef is what i would prefer okay and then you have 10 ounces of sweet potato or 60 grams of carbs any carb that is not does not have gluten has to be gluten free that's like a huge prerequisite with this okay then two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and i know i don't necessarily like to combine fats .

And carbs a lot but when they're relatively low glycemic like a sweet potato i'm pretty okay with some olive oil especially given all the benefits of olive oil so long story there anyhow dinner okay so a few hours later 10 to 12 ounces of lean protein your choice again simplicity is the name here i'm trying to make it easy i know it seems .

Complex but the food choices are easy it's all about the timing here okay so here's where you do have to pay attention 0.25 grams of carbs per pound of body weight okay i don't want you just eating x number of carbs okay if you weigh 200 pounds then you would be having 50 grams of carbs okay one quarter of a gram of .

Carb per pound of body weight okay if you were 400 pounds that would be 100 grams of carbs so you see where i'm going with it okay 0.1 grams of fat per pound of body weight sounds complicated but that's a very easy metric to look at if i was 200 pounds and that tells me right there point one of that is 20 grams of fat .

Okay so that's what we're aiming for so 0.25 grams of carbs 0.1 grams of fat and then i want you any additional calories you feel like you need if you feel like you add up your calories and you're still too low i want you to add them by way of olive oil it sounds crazy but two tablespoons of olive oil is going to get you over like close to 250 calories one .

Hour post dinner have one ounce of like dark chocolate keto chocolate that doesn't have sugar in it optional supplements i'm not making this protocol about supplements but ones i would recommend would be taking an omega-3 some magnesium uh some tryptophan maybe a thousand milligrams of tryptophan and a good probiotic .

Okay so now we move into wednesday so this is monday and friday so then we have wednesday here's how wednesday looks this is called a skip dinner day it's still fasting in some ways but we're shifting the timing and there's a good reason behind this okay black coffee okay then you work out but then after your workout guess what this is .

Where you get to have some fruit half of a large apple okay this is to have a combination of fructose and glucose which i'll explain in a second too 30 grams of a high glycemic carbohydrate okay i would prefer in this case like bake a potato because when you heat it it's going to become high glycemic white rice if you are okay with grains .

Everybody's different but 30 grams of carbs coming from a higher glycemic carbohydrate like white rice baked potato along with half of an apple two different kinds of carbs are going to allow for better delivery of the protein and the carbohydrates into the muscle 35 grams from either a whey protein shake or a pea protein shake plus a scoop of .

Collagen optional okay this is what's important not necessarily the exact things but more so about the kind of the grouping of them do not eat until lunch you work out have that meal that's it then you go to lunch 10 to 12 ounces of lean chicken or some kind of poultry again one whole avocado okay we're getting the calories in here .

Two tablespoons of olive oil which tastes really good mixed up with avocado one cup of veggies i don't care what kind but predominantly like brussels sprouts baby broccoli things like that are perfect one ounce of cheese added on there so you see the calories add up you're looking pretty hefty amount of .

Calories there okay three hours later so if this lunch was around like say 12 p.m three hours later two three hours later around 2 3 p.m you're gonna have another six ounces of protein it sounds like you're stuffing yourself with a lot of food but you kind of are for good reason okay veggies again however much you want with one tablespoon of olive oil and two .

Tablespoons of a nut butter of your choice macadamia nut butter i'm even okay with peanut butter in this case let's just have fun okay then once that meal is done you fast so at 3 pm you're done eating okay no later than 3 p.m should you be eating you're skipping dinner one day a week it's all you have to do trust me when you're aligning .

Fasting with your circadian rhythm in different ways it's allowing diurnal rhythms to kind of match up you have the synchrocity of having the environmental cues working upon the circadian clock genes in your brain along with the peripheral tissues and the peripheral cues that are being casted upon by food and by timing of meals basically in .

Other words you are stopping eating before it gets dark so your body clocks can kind of synchronize you'll find sleep is good everything improves which is why i'm so big on adding the tryptophan in on this plan too i want you to focus on getting good sleep that's a big marker for me so we're fasting here so we stopped at .

Three we're fasting through to the next day in this case the next day would be a thursday but this plan applies for tuesday thursday saturday and sunday these days these three days your calories are pretty low they really are and you're fasting so i want to make sure we're compensating a little bit here in a proper strategy but black .

Coffee in the morning then you have electrolytes they're still good to go work out in a fasted state especially after this day because if you work out at 8 00 am and you stopped eating at 3 pm the day prior think about it you're already deep into a fast 16 17 18 hours into a fast for your workout talk about results right .

So post workout you get to have some fun here one cup of berries raspberries blackberries strawberries any kind of berries there half a cup of white rice or a half cup of mashed not literally like mashed potatoes but mashy potato okay red potato white potato that you've heated up and one and a half scoops of protein of your choice once .

Again okay one to two hours later 30 to 35 grams of protein okay your choice another 0.25 grams of fat per pound of body weight so again if i'm 200 pounds that's 50 grams of fat okay now what i do want to say is there's a little bit of a tolerable upper intake on this one if you're over 250 pounds i do not recommend that you .

Exceed say 60 or 65 grams of fat in one sitting okay so kind of note that if you're even 500 pounds you would still want to just cap it at that 65. i don't want too much it's too hard we don't have enough pancreatic lipase to really deal with that at one point in time especially with how our situation is here so in this case avocado and eggs .

Would be a great strategy for that you could have however many eggs and avocado to get you there it's perfect and then lunch okay lunch is going to be 8 to 10 ounces of in this case i said grass-fed grass-finished burger that's perfect because it's easy for lunch but you could substitute that with any other .

Kind of lean protein one cup of brussels sprouts or broccoli two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of in this case you can have peanut butter enjoy it two tablespoons sounds like a lot it is a lot of calories but i mean we're talking come on when you take one scoop of peanut butter you're probably having like four tablespoons realistically and .

Finally dinner okay we've got salmon so eight ounces if you're doing salmon if you're doing beef you're doing six ounces what i'm doing here is as the day goes on the meals are getting smaller so this dinner is a smaller meal to instill a better sleep pattern you can go two routes on this totally your call this can either be a total .

Keto day which i would recommend i think you're going to get best results if you let this be a keto day and these be days where you have carbs and even though this is you know not keto with this meal there's a lot of kind of nuancy stuff post-workout it's not really going to be a huge issue for you as far as ketones are concerned with .

This plan so what i would recommend with this dinner is go with some kind of keto side like have avocado have brussels sprouts with some oil on them have cauliflower rice with some sesame oil something like that if you have a carb option i would recommend you go with like eight ounces of sweet potato okay so you kind of have an option there .

You can cycle in and out of it and play around with what you want to do the most important thing that is here is the timing more than anything and again veggies are unlimited okay so this is all written out into a document that might make a little bit more sense but i want to be able to explain the method to the madness behind this whole challenge .

Remember the facebook group is there for all of us to be able to enjoy to be able to like get some motivation to be able to talk to people for me to hop in there and motivate people also i'll try to hop on some live broadcasts here on youtube so that we can all communicate and if you're watching this video later on after the challenge this all still .

Applies everything is still evergreen stays here forever the facebook group stays forever so you can hop in and join and don't forget to check out butcherbox and get your box down below i will see you tomorrow

This Post Was All About Realistic Eating: INTERMITTENT FASTING with Carbs – Meal Plan Starts Today!.
Realistic Eating: INTERMITTENT FASTING with Carbs - Meal Plan Starts Today!

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