Quest Protein Chips | GET IT or FORGET IT ep.1

Quest Protein Chips | GET IT or FORGET IT ep.1

Quest Protein Chips | GET IT or FORGET IT ep.1

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what’s happening guys welcome to the first episode of Genet or forget it I’ve had this idea to do a healthy food review show for two years and I’ve had the name of the show for two years and I just I never filmed an episode and basically the point of the show is pretty much the name of the show by the end of this I’ll let you know if you should get the product that I’m reviewing or you should just forget the product that I’m reviewing and don’t waste your money time and macros so there definitely has to be some categories to judge these products on and I think I’ve come up with three pretty solid categories so the first category I’m going to judge the products on is going to be their price and their price compared to the other products that they’re competing against the second category I’m the judge the product on is going to beat them macros and how the macro stack up against the macros of its competition in the final category that I’m going to judge the products on is going to be taste so what I’ll do is I’ll do a quick little taste test and then I’ll let you guys know if I think that it’s really tasty or if I think it’s just kind of met and not really all that great and then at the end of the show I’ll let you know if I think you should get the product that I’m reviewing or I think you should just forget it and don’t waste your time money and macros on that particular product so that pretty much takes care of how I think the show is gonna go do you guys have any ideas on how to improve the show at all let me know and I will incorporate them in future episodes because I want this to be the absolute best healthy food product review show on the youtubes anyways without further ado let’s hop right into the first review of the series which is going to be quests new and improved protein chips alright so before we start the review I just want let you guys know I have no relationship with West they’ve never given me anything for free they didn’t give me these chips for free I literally drove myself to find a job and bought these chips so this is a totally unbiased review today I’m gonna be reviewing four of their chip flavors I’m not sure if they have more than four flavors but this was all the flavors that vitamin shoppe had so flavor number one that I’ll be reviewing is the salt and vinegar flavor flavor number two that I’ll be reviewing is going to be the barbecue flavor flavor number three that I’ll be reviewing is going to be the cheddar and sour cream flavor and the last flavor that I’m gonna review is the sour cream and onion flavor all right so the first category like I said that I’m gonna review these products on is going to be price this is my receipt receipt from Vitamin Shoppe and the chips were two dollars and 69 cents a bag and as far as I can tell the price of protein chips range anywhere from $2 to $3 so these being two dollars and 69 cents sort of in the middle I think they’re pretty fairly priced I don’t think it’s anything to write home about and also when you think like a protein bar is like $2 little cheaper the protein chips there is sort of on the expensive side but it’s not a knock on quest it’s just a knock on the protein chip industry in general so the second category I’m judging the protein chips on is their macros and how the macro stack up against the macros of other protein chips so as far as the macros and each one of these bags they’re all pretty much the same for a 32 grams serving it’s a hundred and thirty calories four grams of fat 5 grams of carbs and 20 grams of protein really doesn’t matter which one of these bags you get they’re all pretty much those macros so what I will say about the quest protein chips is that the macros are actually the best macros that I’ve seen for protein chips either it’s half the calories and macros of the other protein chips that are out there or they have more protein than the other protein chips that are out there so I’m really impressed with the macros on these quest protein chips I have to give it to quest I think that these macros on these chips are actually the standard that all other protein chips should be judged by these macros are nothing to sneeze at these are amazing macros for chips so that’s gonna bring us to the third and final category that all the products are judged on and then it’s taste so it’s time for a taste test I’m gonna open up a bag of these and let you guys know if they’re any good if they suck let’s do this so before I rip open a bag guys let’s talk about the bag inside this is the photo that they’re showing you on the bag as the picture for the chip I don’t think that really looks a whole lot like it chips me it looks like some type of combination of a chip cracker and rice cake ish definitely not your average chip at least the photo on the back as far as the bag itself it says improved on the top of the bag all caps and exclamation mark it says more crunch more flavor and I hope that’s true because I had their old unimproved version and I really wasn’t impressed with I was just kind of mad so hopefully these are gonna live up to the new improved status 22 grams approaching for serving in the salt vinegar kind baked never fried soy free gluten free to Graham’s net carbs and the protein in the chips is from whey protein isolate so a pretty high quality protein source for the chest so that about does it for everything the bag wants you to know about the chips I’ll open these up and we’ll do a little taste us these are the salt and vinegar chips first things first you always have to smell the inside of the bag that’s like one of the best parts about eating chips –is that first smell the first flavorful whiff of the chips that you get from the bag they smell pretty salt and vinegar and as far as the chip looks it really does look a lot like a cracker made of baby with a chip doesn’t really look all that chippy to me not really a whole bunch of seasoning on here super crunchy though just like a potato chip so I’m like five chips deep guys and this is what I can tell you about these so far the first thing they get hit with is a ton of crunch which I really like because one of my favorite things about chips is the fact that they’re so so crunchy but my problem with these chips is that the flavor is just good it’s not great what it’s missing is a lot more vinegar flavor the best thing about salt vinegar chips is that vinegary super salty taste that you get from the chips especially the vinegar part it’s like this hanging is it kind of like makes your tongue a little numb or feel weird or something there’s just not enough seasoning on these chips and that’s why I think they’re just good and they’re not great but if I had to rate this flavor out of 10 I think I’d give it a seven and a half out of ten just because I think it’s a little disappointing flavor wise that there’s not more vinegar and saltiness to these moving on to flavor number two the barbecue flavor let’s open this guy up I just written bad open didn’t open properly but what I can’t tell you guys is that this bag potato chips it’s super smoky super barbecuey the chips themselves look really well seasoned and I’m actually kind of really excited about this because barbecued potato chips are some of my favorite kind of potato chips oh wow that does not disappoint that is very very good I taste just like a regular barbecue potato that is awesome I’m like really really impressed right now so as far as this barbecue flavor goes guys I think you can see if they’re extremely well seasoned much more seasoned than the salt and vinegar chips were and it really stands out you can really taste the difference of how much more seasoning is on these chips so if I had to give the barbecue flavor a rating out of ten I think I’d give it a nine and a half out of ten and the only reason I docked it a half a point was because of the chips themselves are kind of part cracker part chip they’re not totally a potato chip other than that though it is spot-on barbecue potato chips in here it’s amazing one of the best parts about eating potato chips is licking the seasoning off of your fingers and when you’re done eating your chips so that’s gonna bring us to the next flavour cheddar and sour cream and what I have to say is these have quite a high standard to live up to because it was barbecue chips with this so damn good so I’m gonna open these up get a little smell I’m actually a little disappointed with the smell of these cheddar and sour cream chips I’m really only getting a slight cheddar smell and I don’t really get much sour cream at least from my initial width of the chips so as far as the seasoning on the chip I actually think there’s less seasoning on bees than there were that barbecue potato chips and maybe that’s why there’s not as much of a flavorful smell coming out of the bag but I’m gonna bite into one of these and I’ll let you know what I think so I’m like five chips deep and I think it’s the same story as the salt vinegar chips instead of there not being enough vinegar flavor like those chips there’s just not enough sour cream flavor with these chips I wish there was more tangy mess I wish they were seasoned a little bit better with the barbecue chip flavor you get all the boldness all the smokiness you get all the flavors of barbecue potato chips both this I’m really just getting cheddar and not really sour cream and that’s a little disappointed because I need the tiniest of the sour cream so if I hadn’t rate these out of ten I’d only give them a seven and a half out of ten I think they’re good but I do think they still can be improved further than their improved version and if they just add more seasoning more sour cream – that’d be nine and a half out of ten just like the barbeque chips anyways that’s gonna bring us the last flavor of the day which is sour cream and onion I’m gonna open up this bag give it a little smell ski again so once again I’m not getting overwhelmed with flavor when I smell these chips it’s nothing like the barbecue chips the barbie chips you open the bag and it’s just like pow right in your face barbecue bold flavor this I’m getting a little bit of onion so I’m expecting it to be just like salt vinegar and just like cheddar and sour cream probably missing some flavor in these and as far as the seasoning on the chip I actually think these might be the least seasoned chip that I’ve seen today so kind of disappointed with how much seasoning is out here I wish I saw more onion seasoning but such is life I’m actually pleasantly surprised there’s quite a bit of sour cream flavor to these there’s definitely a little onion flavor to these they’re pretty solid I think out of ten I’d give these in eight eight to half out of ten but quest needs to do is they need to get the sour cream flavor from this and just add it to their cheddar and sour cream chips and they’d have a total winner they would be just as good as those barbecue chips were because there’s a lot of sour cream flavor in here there’s that Tang eNOS that I was looking for in the cheddar and sour cream chips and if I hadn’t rate these these are my second favorite so that wraps up all the categories it’s the moment of truth dog doo I think you guys should get the quest protein chips or do I think you should before get the quest protein chips and I’m gonna say get the quest protein chips because overall I think they’re a pretty solid product terms of their price they’re fairly priced against all the other protein chips that are out there the macros they’re not gonna get any better than the quest protein chips so that’s awesome and then as far as taste goes I think they’re pretty good I think some of the chips can be improved well that being said beef BBQ and the sour cream and onion are really really good so those two flavors would just be my recommendation if you’re trying to choose between all the other flavors but maybe you guys will have a difference of opinion than I have and for everybody who’s had these chips before would you get them again or would you forget them and were you not impressed if you’ve never spend any more money on these chips let me know in the comments below and also let me know what is your favorite chip flavor doesn’t have to be the quest protein chips just chips in general anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this first episode of get it or forget it if you did it really helps me out a lot and helps the channel out a lot you hit the like button if you hit the thumbs up button and of course if you’re not subscribed already subscribe to the channel thank you guys so much for watching thank you for all the support and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About Quest Protein Chips | GET IT or FORGET IT ep.1.
Quest Protein Chips | GET IT or FORGET IT ep.1

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Today I’m reviewing the Quest Protein Chips on the very first episode of GET IT or FORGET IT! I review the chips on 3 different categories – Price, Macros, and Taste and use those three criteria to determine if I think you should GET the Quest Protein Chips or FORGET them.




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