Prevent Adrenal Fatigue on Keto with this…

Prevent Adrenal Fatigue on Keto with this…

Prevent Adrenal Fatigue on Keto with this…

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so sometimes when people do keto
they may develop adrenal fatigue symptoms okay and I’m going to talk
about why that is and what you need to do to prevent that now when you start a
keto plan you do lose a lot of water simply because most people are on a high
carb diet and high carbohydrate diets cause you to retain fluid so you get on
keto and you lose the fluid and you also can lose less salts okay
carbohydrates cause a retention of sodium ketosis gets rid of excess amount
of sodium and fluid so salt is also needed to support healthy adrenal glands
and if your adrenal glands are fatigued guess what you will be losing more salt
there is actually a condition called Addison’s disease where the adrenals are
completely shot and you are basically losing a tremendous amount of salt and
you need to consume a lot of salt to survive because it’s very dangerous when
you lose salt but the combination of doing keto and having adrenal fatigue
basically mean you need more salt and I would recommend if you’re gonna do salt
you always do sea salt and the best salt that I would
recommend is the Himalayan pink sea salt so why Himalayan pink salt because it’s
unrefined okay so recently I was at a grocery store and I was reading some
labels on things and I picked up a little canister of salt okay and I read
the this is table salt read the ingredients was sodium chloride and some
anti-caking agent as well as dextrose they put sugar in the salt I showed
Karen I’m like can you believe that they’re putting sugar in the salt now so
when you get the salt you want something more natural you want something that has
the whole package and table salt is a refined product so the Himalayan sea
salt is unrefined it has 84 minerals okay not just sodium chloride it’s
unpolluted it has most of the trace minerals trace minerals are the
cofactors to help enzymes work in your body which are proteins that are
involved in the machinery of building tissue
and helping you digest also sea salt is antimicrobial it’s very necessary to
support healthy blood sugars it can also prevent cramping when you’re in keto so
if you start keto and you start noticing cramping it could be a deficiency in
magnesium it could be sodium but when you’re doing
the sea salt you’re getting the whole package of minerals not just sodium
chloride but all the trace minerals and other minerals so the two big symptoms
that indicate that you need more sea salt are keto fatigue and keto flu
however you would also want to consume it if you start developing low blood
pressure fatigue in general or lightheadedness and one last good indication
is your salt cravings if you crave salt add some more sea salt to your diet
an average person needs about a teaspoon of sea salt every single day and lastly
I have another very interesting video on salt check it out and thanks for

This Post Was All About Prevent Adrenal Fatigue on Keto with this….
Prevent Adrenal Fatigue on Keto with this...

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Try this one simple tip to help prevent adrenal fatigue on keto. 

0:09 What causes adrenal fatigue on keto?
1:07 How to fix adrenal fatigue on keto 
1:18 The best salt to consume 
1:53 Himalayan pink sea salt benefits 
2:24 Cramping on keto 
2:38 Symptoms that you need more sea salt
2:48 More cases where you would want to consume sea salt 

In this video, we’re going to talk about adrenal fatigue, and how to help prevent adrenal fatigue on keto.

What causes adrenal fatigue on keto?

When you start a keto plan, you lose a lot of water. This is because most people are on a high-carb diet, which causes fluid retention and sodium retention. When you get on keto, you lose fluid and salts. Salt is needed to support healthy adrenal glands. If the adrenal glands are already fatigued, when you start keto, you will lose more salt. 

This means you may need more salt. But, if you’re going to do salt, you should always do sea salt. The best salt I would recommend is the Himalayan pink sea salt. Himalayan pink sea salt is unrefined. I recently found that table salt has some interesting ingredients, including dextrose (sugar). Table salt is a refined product. When you get salt, you want something more natural. You want something that has the whole package.

Himalayan pink sea salt benefits:

• It’s unrefined 
• It has 84 minerals 
• It’s unpolluted 
• It has trace minerals 
• It is antimicrobial 
• It can help support healthy blood sugars 
• It can help prevent cramping on keto 

Symptoms that you need more sea salt:

1. Keto fatigue 
2. Keto flu 

You may also want to consume sea salt if you experience: 

• Low blood pressure 
• Fatigue 
• Lightheadedness 

**If you crave salt, you may also need more sea salt in your diet. 

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