Plants Do Not Like to be Eaten: Thus the Anti-Nutrients

Plants Do Not Like to be Eaten: Thus the Anti-Nutrients

Plants Do Not Like to be Eaten: Thus the Anti-Nutrients

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hey guys today we’re gonna talk about anti nutrients in vegetables and other foods plants don’t like to be eaten they’ve developed certain defense mechanisms to help them survive over millions of years because they can’t run away and this is to prevent the insects and other predators from consuming them okay so let’s start off with phytoestrogens okay so certain plants like flax and soy have these little chemical compounds called vital essence and they can actually create a little bit of a birth control effect in insects so for the purpose of surviving because if you can make sterile all these insects and they won’t reproduce the plant survives so that’s an ingenious strategy but the problem that I see is not the phytoestrogens that you’re going to buy from the health food store that are good for hot flashes or other health conditions but the type of soy oil in soy protein isolates that are put out in certain veggie burgers and also even put in baby formulas we don’t know the long-term effects also the massive amount of soy oil which is mostly genetically modified in your salad dressings in your foods we don’t know of the long-term effects of that all right moving along to phytic acid phytic acid is another chemical that is an anti nutrient it prevents the absorption of many minerals including zinc iron calcium things like that now it is in seeds and nuts and it’s actually in the brand part now the thing about phytic acid is that some people take it for health benefits let’s say for example you have excessive amounts of iron in your body which is common with men because men and women don’t have the ability to get rid of excessive iron women do on their cycle but men don’t so when you build up iron it creates a lot of problems with your heart and the damaging effect of it being an oxidant on your body alright so phytic acid named ip6 you can look that up and I actually did a video on that has the property of being a key later it binds with certain minerals specifically I am so if you have high amounts of iron it will pull it out it also has anti-cancer benefits and there’s other other benefits as well so a lot of these compounds have pluses and negatives let’s move on to lectins lectins are certain proteins in plants and they’re used as a protective mechanism because what they’ll do is they’ll break down certain parts of our digestive tract and they will put holes in our gut lining and create leaky gut that’s a simple version there are nightshades white potato soy brown rice grains now I actually have a link of all the lectin foods rated from high to low put that down in the description but the problem with lectins is that certain people are sensitive to them and it can aggravate inflammation in the body so if you have an autoimmune condition you should be avoiding lectins but the vast majority of people do not have a problem with lectins but for example gluten is a lectin and that’s in grains all right now we have ox lids oxalates are chemical compounds and by the way our body makes them as well but they also come from foods that combined with calcium and create crystals and create a lot of problems with kidney stones and even inflammation and arthritis it can accumulate in different parts of the body the highest amount of oxalates isn’t parsley then spinach peanuts almonds chocolate and I put a list down below if you want a rating list of all the foods high in oxalates then we have subpoenas which basically it’s a it’s like a detergent that will dissolve a cell membrane and it’s another protective mechanism in certain plants like the nightshades it’s in legumes amaranth buckwheat so as you can see there’s a lot of anti nutrients in the food that we eat there’s also I don’t even mention this but there’s some enzyme inhibitors that block the enzyme to help break down protein you should germinate like the seeds and the nuts soak them in water overnight this is why older cultures and probably your grandparents pickled the foods and fermented foods to decrease the anti nutrients in increase the nutrient availability of certain foods so there’s a couple things you can do number one if you don’t have any problem consuming vegetables and these foods then eat them but if you start bloating you may have a condition called SIBO which is small intestinal bacterial overgrowth but to explain SIBO in a thumbnail sketch it’s basically a situation where you have the good bacteria that normally should be in the large intestine now in the small intestine so when you’re eating the vegetables and you’re having the fiber go in it’s fermenting in a different place and you’re getting a lot of gas and bloating a couple things you can do if you actually have this condition you can just cut out your vegetables for a month increase acidifier for the stomach take certain herbal antibiotics like garlic and thyme and oregano and that will help to eliminate that and also do in a minute fasting but you may just need to change the vegetables you’re consuming maybe you switch your vegetables from cruciferous vegetables which a lot of people are sensitive to – more leafy greens for example I can do leafy greens in large amounts but I can’t do broccoli for example but it really depends on an individual when you steamed or cooked cruciferous vegetables they’re easier to digest and they also recommend rotating the form of vegetables that you’re consuming for example some days I will consume just green salad okay other days I will consume pickle the vegetables without any green salad at the farmers market I found a great source of pickled vegetables and without any sugar always make sure it doesn’t have the sugar in there and I actually my system does very very well on these so I will do like maybe three or four cups of pickled vegetables per day for a while and then I’ll go back to my leafy greens and then I’ll rotate to something else now if you have an autoimmune condition or some type of arthritis I would eliminate lectins and see if you do better okay now if you have kidney stones I would eliminate oxalates but the cool thing about the ketogenic diet is you’re eliminating beans grains rice potato so you already eliminated a lot of the anti nutrients just by doing that anyway thanks for watching and I put some links down below for specific information about each one of these so if you’re enjoying this content go ahead and share it with someone that could really benefit from it

This Post Was All About Plants Do Not Like to be Eaten: Thus the Anti-Nutrients.
Plants Do Not Like to be Eaten: Thus the Anti-Nutrients

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about anti-nutrients in vegetables and other foods. Plants naturally develop certain defense mechanism to help them survive for a long time and to prevent insects and other predators from consuming them.
• Certain plants like flax and soy have these chemical compounds that could create a little birth control effect in insects.

Phytic Acid
• It is another anti-nutrient chemical which prevents the absorption of many minerals including zinc, iron, calcium, etc.
• It is in seeds and nuts (in the bran part).
• It has the property of being a chelator – which binds with certain chemicals specifically iron.
• IP6:

• These are certain proteins in plants that are used as a protective mechanism because they break down certain parts of the digestive tract and put holes in the gut lining which creates a leaky gut.
• They are in nights shades, white potato, soy, brown rice, grains
• Avoid lectins if you have an autoimmune condition.

• These are chemical compounds which our body also makes that can bind with calcium and create crystals which create a lot of problem with kidney stones and even inflammation, arthritis and could accumulate in different parts of the body.

• It is a detergent-like that will dissolve a cell membrane
• It is another protective mechanism in certain plants – in nightshades, legumes, amaranth, and buckwheat.

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1. Bloat – Change veggies (Lettuce – Cook Vegetables)
• Cut out veggies temporarily
• Increase acidifiers for the stomach
• Take herbal antibiotics (garlic, oregano)
• Intermittent Fasting
3. Rotate consumed vegetables – Pickled Fermented Veggies
4. Autoimmune
5. Kidney Stones

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