Passing a Kidney Stone? DO THIS FAST…

Passing a Kidney Stone? DO THIS FAST…

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More specifically, you want help with Passing a Kidney Stone? DO THIS FAST…?

so hopefully right now you’re not right in the middle of passing a kidney stone get these things out of me and trying to focus on this video but let’s say for example you can’t make it to the hospital or you can’t make it to your doctor’s office you’re on a desert island okay and you’re passing a kidney stone what can you do to get some relief well number one you need to start drinking serious amounts of water real fast okay just drink a ton of water right now because in this diagram you see the two kidneys here’s your belly button here’s the front of the abdomen you got the kidney right here diaphragm right here and you have two little tubes that come down to the bladder and a tube that comes out so you have these two tubes and if there’s a stone that is stuck in one of these tubes or let’s say it’s stuck right here drinking more water will create a little more space to give you more relief and and maybe even help you push it through okay so that’s number one if you have some potassium citrate or electrolytes around put that in the water because if it’s a uric acid stone you also want to alkalize the urine to reduce the uric acid crystals so that will help you they’re also helping oxalate stones if you don’t have that just use a lemon juice okay Syd rates will help with oxalate stones so you add the lemon juice with the water drink a lot of it start immediately realize it’s going to take a little time for that water to actually be filtered through the kidneys so you’re talking maybe five ten fifteen minutes by the time it starts ending up down here and giving you a little relief but the water will give you some relief next thing you should do is what’s called manual therapy and no one does this you can actually manipulate the stone and help push it through so here’s your belly button right here okay so your rib cage is right here so if we come out about an inch to inch and a half to two inches right here and you start pressing in there and start slowly pressing downward okay start on the right side and then do the left side do both sides even if you have pain on one side okay and you might find some areas that are in awesome because that stone is stuck there you’re gonna get a lot of tightness around this area in the abdomen okay because the whole body is freaking out and and also the side note try to relax and breathe slowly as much as possible don’t panic because everything gets tightened up even worse just relaxed and just start pressing downward on the right side slowly downward on the left side all the way down as far as you can go to the bottom of your for the front part of your pelvis because you want to attempt to push things this way down into the bladder and hopefully out through this way right here I put some videos down below on how to prevent kidney stones that’s the ultimate solution and what’s behind a kidney stone it’s good to learn about it this is a really good remedy called hydroxycitric I like this one the best potassium citrate is also good but this one works better on both oxalates and uric acid stones alright guys it’s real simple drink a lot of water add some electrolytes with lemon juice start doing manual therapy until you get some relief so hopefully that’ll bring down the pain so you can get through it thanks for watching breathe through the pain hey guys I’m not sure if you have my app yet dr. Berg app it’s totally free you should download it okay this is what it looks like you click it it gives you all sorts of great resources I have all my YouTube videos on this app okay and it’s regularly uploading the most recent ones all the YouTube videos are also converted to audio versions okay so you can use it when you’re walking exercising driving your car I have a mini course on there I’ll be putting additional courses I have a lot of recipes on there this is new and also PDF resources so there’s various downloads PDFs that you can get as well and if you wouldn’t mind after you download it check it out give me your unbiased review and tell me how you like it I want to know

This Post Was All About Passing a Kidney Stone? DO THIS FAST….
Passing a Kidney Stone? DO THIS FAST...

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Dr. Berg talks about the relief for kidney stone. He also showed how to manual therapy to help push the kidney stones.
1. Start drinking a ton of water – it could create more space that could add relief or can help push through.
2. Add Potassium Citrate (electrolytes) with lemon juice and water – Uric Acid stone (Alkalizing)
3. Manual Therapy – This is to manipulate the stone and help it pushed through. Try to relax and breathe slowly as much as possible.
4. Hydroxycitrate – This works better on both oxalates and uric acid stones.

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