Palm Oil vs Coconut Oil: Health Benefits

Palm Oil vs Coconut Oil: Health Benefits

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hey guys I wanted to do a video on some of the differences between palm oil and coconut oil there’s been a lot of attention on coconut not a lot on palm oil now palm oil has gotten a bad rap because what’s happening in the environment so you want to make sure you get something that’s eco-friendly sustainable but this talk is not necessarily on that piece of the puzzle it’s mainly on the health benefits of palm oil in fact there’s no other crop that can yield as much oil per acre as palm and it absorbs fewer pesticides and chemical fertilizer then coconut oil and corn oil and soy oil so it does have its advantages now the majority of saturated fat in palm oil is called palmitic it’s 44% okay and palmitic acid also has gotten a bad rap from some of the studies so mainly these studies if not all the studies are done on refined isolated plum attic acid which does not come in nature very very few if any of the studies were done on actual palm oil itself now I do want to put three links down below of some pretty hardcore credible studies that show that saturated fats are not dangerous especially the compared to unsaturated fats so I’ll put those down below and you can check them out now palmitic acid can be used for energy by the body coconut oil is nine times lower palmitic acid but it’s very high in lauric acid which then turns into mono lauren which is really good for the immune system it’s antiviral antimicrobial now there are many other types of fatty acids and coconuts that actually have additional health benefits and a good portion of coconut oil is medium chain fatty acids which are really good to increase energy and also help you make ketones now what’s interesting about palm oil is that it’s very very high in vitamin E okay now vitamin E in nature always comes in a complex and the other half of the vitamin E complex are composed of compounds called tocotrienols and I recently purchased this book called tocotrienols vitamin e beyond taka Falls it’s a mouthful but this book shows you all the amazing research of the vitamin E complex it says right here vitamin E is a collective name for a family of fat soluble compounds so it has a lot of different things in it tocotrienols move more freely and more efficiently within the cell membranes then due to corals especially in tissues with saturated fatty layers such as the brain and the liver now typically when people get vitamin E from the health food store they don’t realize they’re getting a synthetic version of vitamin E and only one little tiny fraction of the vitamin E complex tocopheryl okay they’re not getting the whole complex so I’m just gonna summarize what’s in this book right here because the benefits of taking vitamin E and the whole complex are huge anti-cancer anti tumor neuroprotective it counters radiation damage that’s incredible actually there’s benefits of regrowing your hair and that’s why I’m going to be putting this ingredient in my hair formula as well very soon I mean by the mini is one of the main antioxidants that protects the inside of your arteries from oxidative damage so it’s quite incredible so palm oil has one of the highest sources of the vitamin E complex and palm oil also has vitamin A now it’s true that it is a pre vitamin A it’s a beta carotene in alpha carotene but some of that does convert into retinol which is the active form certain cultures in Africa for example that have a high risk of going blind are consuming palm oil in getting improvement with eyesight because one cause of blindness is a vitamin A deficiency and it also has quite a few final nutrients one called the phytosterols which are the precursors to steroid hormones okay so like cortisol for example as a steroid hormone to help fight stress here’s a really good source of palm oil right here red palm oil loaded with vitamin A and vitamin E okay you can check it out right here this is what it looks like right here looks pretty healthy now I know some of you are gonna ask in the comments section how much vitamin E in vitamin A is in coconut oil and the answer is close to zero okay I think there’s like point zero zero one percent there’s not much at all so coconut oil has its benefits but palm oil has some additional benefits that I wanted to increase your awareness of but just make sure that if you’re going to buy some make sure it’s sustainable eco-friendly alright guys thanks for watching so I want to thank you for being here and watching my videos if you haven’t already subscribed go ahead and do so so you can stay informed of future videos 

This Post Was All About Palm Oil vs Coconut Oil: Health Benefits.
Palm Oil vs Coconut Oil: Health Benefits

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In this video, Dr. Berg discussed the differences between palm oil and coconut oil.
Palm Oil
• It absorbs fewer pesticides or chemical fertilizer than coconut oil, soy oil, and corn oil.
• It has 50% saturated fat – 40% of which is called Palmitic.
Palmitic Acid Uses: Energy
• It has very high sources of vitamin E complex – It is one of the main antioxidants that protects the inside of the arteries from oxidative damage.
Benefits of Vitamin E Complex:
o Anticancer
o Antitumor
o Neuroprotective
o Counters radiation damage
o Regrowing the hair
• It also has vitamin A.
• Phytonutrients – like Phytosterols which are the precursors to steroid hormones.

Coconut Oil
• 9x lower palmitic acid
• High in lauric acid (which turns into monolaurin) – beneficial to the immune system, antiviral, and antimicrobial.
• A portion of coconut oil is medium chain fatty acids – good to increase energy.

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