Overnight Oats Recipe (CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER)  Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Overnight Oats Recipe (CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER) Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Overnight Oats Recipe (CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER) Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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what’s happening guys hope you having a great day today I am back with another fantastic overnight over ice before you we’re doing some Reese’s inspired overnight oats and basically all that means is that these overnight oats are filled with chocolate and peanut butter deliciousness like literally this is as close to eating a Reese’s as you’re gonna get from an overnight over recipe so let’s hop right into this one and get cooking alright guys so in a large bowl you want to add a half a cup of old-fashioned oats half a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder a heaping half tablespoon of sugar substitute a heaping tablespoon of chocolate whey protein powder 1/2 a cup of low-fat or nonfat Greek yogurt half a tablespoon of semi-sweet and mini chocolate chips and half a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk alright so at this point you just go ahead and take out a spatula and mix all those ingredients up until you get a nice super thick chocolaty consistency like that to form in your Bowl and once it does you just go ahead and pour half of your oats into a sealable jar like I’m doing here and then add two tablespoons of peanut butter or some peanut flour that you turn into peanut butter top your peanut butter with the rest of your oats seal up your jar and refrigerate it for six to eight hours or overnight and once I take my oats out of the fridge I like to top them with about a half tablespoon of semi-sweet and mini chocolate chips I just think it adds a ton of flavor and a nice bit of texture as well and of course as always enjoy guys so that’s today’s recipe guys if you want the full recipe with the metric measurements or you want the macros or you want to pick up any of the stuff that I used in today’s recipe all that is in the video description below also question the day what is your favorite candy guys let me know in the comments below I’m interested to see all of your responses not really quite sure what mine is yet I have to think a little bit on this it’s a tough question but my answer will be in the comments below if you liked today’s over I know recipe hit the thumbs up button hit the like button because it really just helps the video a lot and I really appreciate it guys so subscribe if you’re not subscribed yet and I will see you in the next video guys thanks for watching [Music]

This Post Was All About Overnight Oats Recipe (CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER) Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas.
Overnight Oats Recipe (CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER)  Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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How to make overnight oats! This chocolate and peanut butter overnight oatmeal recipe is like a Reese’s in oatmeal form. Seriously, this is such an easy and healthy breakfast idea – or even a snack idea – you won’t want to miss. Plus, these overnight oats are great for weight loss because they’re low in calories … and they have a bit of protein to them, so they’ll keep you full all morning long!



Sealable Jar:

Sugar Substitute:

Semi-sweetened Chocolate Chips:

Food Scale:

Protein Powder:

Peanut Flour:



1/2 Cup (40g) old fashioned oats
1/2 Tbsp (2g) Unsweetened cocoa powder
Heaping 1/2 tbsp (9g) sugar substitute
Heaping Tbsp (12g) chocolate whey protein powder
1/4 Cup low fat / non-fat Greek yogurt (55g)
1/2 Tbsp semi-sweetened mini chocolate chips
1/2 Cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk
4 Tbsps (24g) Peanut flour

*For my peanut butter I used 4 Tbsp peanut flour and just made “peanut butter” out of that!

Optional – More semi-sweetened mini chocolate chips to top the overnight oats with when you’re ready to eat breakfast.

396 Calories
32g Protien
54g Carbs
(11g fiber)
9g Fat


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