On Keto… But No Weight Loss – What am I am Doing Wrong?

On Keto… But No Weight Loss – What am I am Doing Wrong?

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are you on keto but you’re not losing weight would you like to know what you’re doing wrong this is a very common question okay here’s what you need to know as the most important thing fat is only used up burnt as fuel in the absence of glucose it’s the hidden carbs that really keep people from tapping into ketosis and losing weight they’re consuming a lot of the products like slimfast now has a whole line of keto friendly products loaded with multiple dextran for example so you might be doing that maybe you’re not doing in a minute fasting you’re just focusing on ketosis okay but you’re having snacks between the meal and those snacks potentially have hidden carbs so you want to make sure you’re not consuming any multi dextran tapioca starch so start really evaluating your carbohydrates you want to bring your carbs down to 10 or less now there are other reasons as well let’s say for example you are bloating a lot or you’re constipated that could be a huge huge barrier it could be because you’re eating so frequently and I’ll get to that in a second within a minute fasting but frequent eating creates a lot of bloating and that could prevent you from losing weight because every time you eat you spike insulin and insulin creates all sorts of visceral fat around the gut so even though you’re eating healthy the fact that you’re eating does raise insulin to certain degree and insulin is what really keeps you from losing weight let’s say for example you’re on social media and you’re finding all these great desserts like with sugar alcohols and almond flour so a lot of times when you start keto you want to make it enjoyable so you’re making all these keto friendly desserts which is great but a lot of people have sensitivities to these sugar alcohols and they get a lot of bloating the bloating will keep you from losing weight because you’re retaining fluid all right too many nuts or too much peanut butter it’s actually a go-to food for many people they’re constantly eating peanut butter through the day or a lot of nuts and this can irritate the gall bladder and just prevent you from getting into a deep state of ketosis or are you doing too much cheese very constipating for certain people they might have allergies and both of both nuts and cheese can really blow a person certain vegetables especially if you have digestive issues like SIBO small intestinal bacterial overgrowth where you have all these microbes in your small intestine and you just gassed out all the time then you need to cut down your vegetables I have a video on that down below if you may have an issue with too many vegetables okay so bloating is another barrier and then number three you’re just eating too frequently there is a large percent of the population especially over the age of 40 50 and 60 who have a very slow metabolism and they’re going to need to do one meal a day you want to work up to it I have a lot of videos on this I put a link down below but not until you hit this one meal a day will you start seeing the real real benefits so if I were you I would bite the bullet try this out because this is like probably the second most important thing once you make sure there’s no hidden carbs so now there’s exercise act Rafi especially after menopause looks like fat when you go through menopause or premenopause you get this spike of cortisol cortisol destroys the muscles and you start getting this flabby tissue it looks like that but it’s actually a loss of muscle so if you’re doing keto you’re not going to necessarily grow your muscles back right away you’re going to need to do exercise unfortunately it could take some time it could take up to one to two to three years to get those muscles back but I do recommend everyone have an exercise program and start getting into that at your level next point is time the whole philosophy that I teach is you have to get healthy to lose weight not lose weight to get healthy if you focus on the health not necessarily the weight loss you’ll be more successful and I’m talking about energy levels no cravings your hunger goes away your cognitive function is better your sleep is better your stress tolerance is better that means it’s working but let’s say your weight loss isn’t is not happening well you just got to give it time because in the process of healing I your body will focus on certain things first and other things later so it may take time especially if you have a history of severe insulin resistance which the majority population has a problem with so to fix this it does take time and you just have to give it time so look at all the benefits not just weight loss and then protein I noticed that when people do a keto program a lot of times they might consume too much protein and that can raise insulin so you want to moderate amount of protein usually for an average person it’s going to be between three to six ounces sometimes seven maybe even eight ounces but don’t go over that alright guys there you have it these are the main reasons why people are not experiencing weight loss on keto thanks for watching hey before you go would you mind putting a comment down below to tell me what you think about this video

This Post Was All About On Keto… But No Weight Loss – What am I am Doing Wrong?.
On Keto... But No Weight Loss - What am I am Doing Wrong?

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Are you on a ketogenic diet plan but you are not losing weight? Here’s the most important thing you need to know; Fat is only used in the absence of glucose and it is the hidden carbs that keep people from tapping into ketosis or fat burning.
1. Hidden Carbs – (maltodextrin, tapioca starch, fruit)
2. Bloating
• Frequent Eating – every time you eat, you spike insulin which creates all sorts of visceral fats.
• Sugar Alcohols
• Too Many Nuts / Cheese
• Certain Vegetables – especially if you have digestive issues like SIBO or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

3. You need to do OMAD
4. Exercise
5. It may take time – especially if you have a history of severe insulin resistance.
6. Protein – too much protein could also raise insulin. In the ketogenic diet plan, you only need a moderate amount of protein.

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