OMAD is Effective, but 2MAD is Better (and safer)

OMAD is Effective, but 2MAD is Better (and safer)

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what are you trying to achieve let’s set aside differences let’s set aside our egos let’s check them at the door for a second and let’s think about what we’re really trying to achieve are you trying to achieve better health are you trying to achieve fat loss are you trying to be the best version of yourself then for one minute I want you to put the ego aside and think about what is actually going to work for you in the long term listen closely I am NOT anti one meal a day I did it for a long time I still do it from time to time and I have lots of clients that do it but the point is is that we need to make some radical shifts in how we look at intermittent fasting because one meal a day could be putting you into this classification where you won’t be able to truly sustain that lifestyle so I’m gonna teach you why simply shifting to two meals per day could just be the better solution you’re barely shifting when you’re eating you’re just splitting it up into two meals so hear me out on this now the most important thing for me to note here is one meal a day has strong merit it has strong merit because you’re going for longer periods of time with fasting where you have an opportunity for your body to create large amounts of ketones that have amazing healing properties amazing for fat loss amazing for cellular regeneration amazing for genetic functioning for actually helping gene expression no denying that okay but we have to look at what’s gonna happen when you’re breaking that fast and when you’re breaking and eating a bunch of food one time now full disclaimer a lot of this can change if you’re doing one meal a day with carbohydrates or if you’re doing one meal a day while following a ketogenic diet but for all intents and purposes I’m going to talk about it as one in the same so let’s first take a look at a study that takes a look at the fasting glucose side of things it was published in the journal metabolism okay it took a look at test subjects that were either doing one meal a day or eating three meals per day not exactly apples to apples in the world of fasting but still interestingly enough what they found the group that did one meal a day ended up having astonishingly higher levels of fasting glucose the next morning which is indicative of the body not utilizing that fuel properly because they’re waking up in the morning and they’re having high levels of glucose because their body didn’t assimilate all of it the other really important thing we noticed with this study is that their insulin sensitivity decreased now just to enlighten you really quick insulin sensitivity is really what we’re trying to achieve with fasting insulin sensitivity is how receptive our cells are to absorbing nutrients it’s the opposite of insulin resistance the opposite of diabetes so how come when they ate one meal a day their insulin sensitivity decreased they became more insulin resistant now there’s a lot of things that we could throw into the pot here peripheral insulin resistance all this complicated stuff let’s not worry about that right now the point is you’re probably not utilizing all those nutrients so you’re kind of wasting time money and energy but there’s another piece that I think is even more important if you know me you know that inflammation is near and dear to me okay I lost a hundred pounds myself I was chronically inflamed my wife has suffered from autoimmune conditions for years and she deals with inflammation I deal with inflammation so there are studies that have shown that overeating in one sitting triggers inflammation via a viral pathway known as PKR so let’s talk about that for one second case in the journal self-published a study found that when mice were overeating now again it’s my CS if not apples to apples but hear me out when mice would overeat it activated this viral response known as PKR and this PKR did two things one it activated the immune system and two it shut off protein synthesis what does that mean well here’s a fun analogy that I’ve talked about in other videos before okay imagine a castle for one second and this castle suddenly comes under attack so the castle sends out all of its soldiers and the soldiers go out the soldiers are your immune system and they go out and they try to fight the enemy okay but in the meantime the castle still needs to protect itself so it rolls up the drawbridge and it says well in the meantime nobody’s allowed in not good not bad not ugly it’s kind of like TSA right they’re not letting anybody in whether you’re good bad or ugly that is exactly what was happening with this meta Flemming study with this whole thing where they consume so much in the way of nutrients good bad and ugly that it caused the body you just say well this is too much I got to put on the brakes right does this always mean that this is going to occur for heaven’s sake no it doesn’t necessary me not but it gives us a clear indicator once again that we can only absorb so much at one point in time here’s another analogy to make some sense of this right okay what if you have a funnel and this funnel is your digestive system if you were to pour a little bit of water into this funnel you would have it go through the funnel and you’d absorb it right but if you were to take a whole gallon jug of water and pour it into a small funnel it’s gonna fill up over the top of the funnel and overflow and that could be fat deposition that could be a glucose that could be all kinds of negative things right we have to respect that so now let’s talk about what you can do what you should do and what might be a longer-term strategy for you this is where what is called to meal a day comes in two Andy okay one meal a day self-explanatory two meals we’re splitting it up into two meals we have to respect something extremely important with fasting when we are fasting we become insulin sensitive this means when we do eat we are in an opportune time to get the right foods in and I would argue that it is next to impossible to get all the right foods in in the right combinations in one simple meal so by doing it in two you allow yourself to absorb the nutrients from the first before moving on to a larger meal the simple point here is don’t be lazy it’s easy to do one meal a day and just say hi it’s time to break my fast I’m just gonna eat everything that I can well your insulin sensitive so your body’s just going to absorb that fats carbs proteins whatever again if your keto it’s slightly different okay so what I’m suggesting is when you break your fast you do so strategically with a small meal so rather than having 100 percent of your calories at one point in time you’ve got 25 percent when you break your fast and then you have 75 percent about an hour later so is that really that hard am I really that terrible of a person for telling you that Oh mad probably isn’t sustainable and shifting you just an hour and going to two meals a day in a slightly larger window I’m not trying to be a bad guy I’m just trying to help you with this so here’s what I would recommend doing when you are ready to break your fast you should probably consume a little bit of bone broth first okay and I don’t care if you’re gonna stick with Oh mad or go to too mad or whatever okay studies have time and time shown in fact there was a study those published in tissues and cell that found that throughout any kind of fasting your gut mucosal layer wears whay and the actual veal I would actually absorbs nutrients shortened so you have less ability to absorb nutrients because your mucosal layer is wearing down so bone broth is going to give you the collagen and give you the support for that those of you that know my channel I’m always talking about kettle and fire I’m always outing them I talk about them in a bunch of other videos so for the record if you want to check them out I put a link for your use down below in the description you can check out their different soups you can check out their seasons bone broths that you can use a new break of fast you can use their regular straight-up grass-fed beef bone broth chicken mushroom whatever so go ahead and check them out special link special discount for anyone that’s an avid follower of my channel or or who watches these videos so you don’t want to miss that so please please please do check them out so you’d want to break your fast with some bone broth but alongside that bone broth you want to have a little bit of lean protein I don’t recommend consuming fats right when you break a fast because first of all your body’s not going to be able to absorb them very well but second of all it’s really hard to combine all your right foods right if you combine fat with carbohydrates a lot of times the fat gets thrown into storage too so whether you’re keto or not I recommend breaking your fast with bone broth and lean protein whether it’s a protein shake with no added fat or lean chicken or preferably lean seafood okay like some scallops some shrimp some whitefish something like that without any butter on it just nice and clean and lean okay so you do this you break your fast with that okay with mostly protein and if you’re not doing keto then you can add some clean lean carbohydrates like so maybe some sweet potatoes or something somewhat high glycemic like a like a baked potato with no butter okay I’m not gonna go into exquisite detail FYI I’ll put down in the description all the videos that I’ve done that talk about how to break a fast properly because I just don’t want to waste your time on this video and then after you complete that and after you consume the bone broth and everything then 60 90 minutes later then consume your larger meal so here’s what’s happened you’ve spike your insulin with that first meal so you’re no longer insulin sensitive so that means the next meal that you have you’re not going to have that risk of it’s spilling over into excess so it’s not that difficult okay if you follow the strategy it will make sense and it will work and one of the things that you might be wondering is how long should you fast and how often should you fast that’s entirely up to you but if you are following this strategy with two meals per day it lends itself to approximately in 19 to 20 hour fast think about a 16 hour fast isn’t gonna work with one meal a day unless your entire one meal takes you eight hours to eat you get what I’m saying so this implies that you would be fasting for long periods of time and if you do this every single day you’re going to end up with a slowed metabolism so if you follow one meal a day or two meal a day do yourself a favor and try to follow it as an alternate day fasting mechanism where you fast one day and don’t fast the next fast one day don’t fast the next I don’t really want back-to-back fasting days but anyhow I’ve got all that stuff in other videos point is do it right but you have to remember what is your goal what are you after and what is important to you without the ego so as always I ask of you to please please hit that red subscribe button and then hit that little bell icon so you can turn on the notifications and then also make sure you comment any future ideas for videos or if you want me to expand more on one meal a day or expand more on two meals a day or if there’s just things that you want to know about when it comes down to what you should eat during your actual eating window because remember how you break your fast is even more important than your actual fast itself so thank you very much for being here and as always keep it locked in here in my channel I’ll see you in the next video 

This Post Was All About OMAD is Effective, but 2MAD is Better (and safer).
OMAD is Effective, but 2MAD is Better (and safer)

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OMAD is Effective, but 2MAD is Better (and safer) – Thomas DeLauer

One Meal A Day or Two Meals A Day…? That is the question. Fasting has become immensely popular due to the incredible success people have had utilizing it, and, from this, two very popular “forms” of fasting have developed: One Meal a Day (OMAD) and Two Meals a Day (2MAD).

There’s no denying that OMAD is extremely effective, and it can (and should) be used from time to time; however, the research points towards 2MAD being a more effective – and safer – method of fasting…

Let’s dive into the science behind the these two forms of fasting so that you can choose which one works best for you! Enjoy and I’ll see you in the comments!

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