Olive Oil Gives a Great Anti-Aging Effect

Olive Oil Gives a Great Anti-Aging Effect

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so today I want to talk about the anti-aging benefits of using olive oil there’s an interesting study I’ll post down below that exposes someone’s blood to damaging hydrogen peroxide it’s a very powerful oxidizing agent with and without olive oil now when you expose anything to hydrogen peroxide you’re gonna get oxidation but apparently olive oil has a phenol which is a final nutrient it’s a very powerful antioxidant so the results of the study showed significant reduction and oxidative damage to someone’s DNA as you age your genes become more damaged you become more susceptible to getting damaged and you have less repair and the actual length of your chromosomes get a little bit shorter there’s something called telomeres which is a protein that kind of protects the end of your genes so when these become shorter there seems to be a very big relationship between your longevity okay shorter telomeres means you don’t live as long and that makes sense because the more damage you have to your genes or breaks and your genes the more diseases you’re gonna have now phenols are a very powerful antioxidant that can counter or neutralize oxidants okay what’s an oxidant well the original definition was exposing something to oxygen and you’re losing an electron okay so a free radical is an unpaired electron if you take an atom and you have let’s say two electrons and let’s say it’s spinning it’s going to be very very symmetrical and it’s going to be very stable but if you’re getting rid of an electron and you only have one electron apparently the atom now doesn’t spin that well and get out of control and it’s going to be looking for other electrons to stabilize itself so it’s going to rob and steal electrons from other tissues in the nearby area and there’s millions of these things so you can see that these free radicals are very damaging to tissues okay for example when you expose oxygen to iron you get rust okay it’s very excited well that’s what happens inside your body your body makes oxidants and you get them from the environment okay and your body also makes antioxidants and you can get those from your food but the phenols which is a final nutrient in the olive oil is very protective against your DNA especially in the mitochondria now why is that well what’s unique about the mitochondria is that it has its own DNA okay so you have the DNA inside the nucleus in all the cells then you have this external mitochondria that has its own DNA it uses the DNA from nucleus as well but it also has the ability to make its own DNA and there is some type of communication between the two but the fact that you have mitochondria with DNA that is outside this highly protective vault this nucleus of the cell makes the DNA very susceptible to becoming damaged especially from oxidation and in the mitochondria that’s where you have the energy Factory so you have all this oxygen and fuel being burned up there’s get a lot more oxidation free radicals in that area and many chronic diseases including cancer originate in the mitochondria probably for that reason now here’s the big problem most of the oils out there I’m talking about vegetable oils are not antioxidants okay there are oxidants they create damage to the body and I’m talking about soy oil corn oil cottonseed oil canola but olive oil is definitely the opposite of that it’s an antioxidant it gives anti-inflammatory properties so definitely use olive oil in your salad make sure it’s extra virgin thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos

This Post Was All About Olive Oil Gives a Great Anti-Aging Effect.
Olive Oil Gives a Great Anti-Aging Effect

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In this video, we’re going to cover olive oil and aging. There are a ton of great olive oil benefits. One of these great benefits of olive oil is anti-aging.

As you age, you’re more susceptible to damage to your genes, and you have less repair. The more damage you have to your genes, the more diseases you may develop.

Olive oil has a phytonutrient called a phenol, which is a very powerful antioxidant. Phenols can counter oxidants which cause oxidative damage. Phenols may help protect your DNA and reduce oxidative damage to DNA—especially in the mitochondria.

Most oils like soy oil, corn oil, and canola oil are oxidants and create damage to the body. Olive oil is the opposite of that. It’s an antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties. Just be sure to use extra-virgin olive oil.

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