Nutrient Blockers

Nutrient Blockers

Nutrient Blockers

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I wanted to create a video that gives you all the things that can block nutrients in your body okay and here’s ten of them starting with number one low stomach acids first of all how do you know if you have low stomach acids well do have indigestion heartburn bloating when you eat GERD you don’t have enough stomach acid as we get older we lose our stomach acid that’s why el pasad vinegar is very important you’re not going to be able to digest protein that well especially absorbing amino acids so that’s one thing and minerals minerals need an acidic stomach to be able to absorb iron and calcium magnesium so without an acid stomach you’re not going to pull in minerals and trace minerals okay so that’s one number two low bile if you don’t have a gallbladder if you have a gallbladder congestion if you have bloating any issues with your gallbladder because you don’t have enough file then you’re not going to be able to multiply and break down those fats and pull them into your body so you’ll be deficient in the fat soluble vitamins vitamin A for the eyes D E and K two so you can have problems with any of those next one number three insulin resistance I’ve created a lot of videos on this because this insulin controls the absorption of certain nutrients especially potassium magnesium protein and other nutrients okay but primarily potassium and amino acids so you’ll have a hard time absorbing potassium I’m gonna do a whole video just on that but that’s why diabetics for example are very low in potassium and high in sodium it’s one of the reasons why they have high blood pressure but the other thing is they have a lot of muscle loss and loss of collagen joint issues inflammation because they’re not pulling in the amino acids in there so they don’t they’re not as strong and then number four elemental minerals so when you’re taking a supplement and you’re reading the label and it says Krause iam carbonate that’s an element that’s like a rock elements are like rocks so when you take vitamins that are like rock based they’re not going to absorb nearly as well as plant-based minerals okay so definitely if the vitamin is like a paperweight it’s really heavy and a chance design has calcium carbonate in it don’t recommend it but that would be very poor absorption all right I’m fine synthetic vitamins synthetic vitamins are not the same as natural vitamins they’re not in the same complex and I even like to take it one step further than just natural vitamins get it vitamins as their whole complex as a food base type vitamin that’s what I recommend now if you’re doing some cleanse or detox you can use synthetic vitamins and natural are much better but with the food based ones are even better especially when you get the synthetic antioxidants they can create a lot of problems some of the top-selling vitamins on the planet are all synthetic they’re really cheap and they kind of go right through you that’s why the urine is very bright orange and yellow with the B vitamins because the synthetics the body’s rejecting it okay number six antibiotics destroy the floor of the good bacteria so you’re gonna have a hard time assimilating nutrients as well also your pH and your colon is going to be altered and you need that that acidified that acidic large bowel to uphold insert nutrients and help you digest so without that you’re gonna have a problem number seven low fat diets fat Seibel vitamins are in fatty foods so if you’re a little fat you’re gonna be missing vitamin A D E and K okay number eight vegan diets now it’s very difficult to get certain nutrients if you’re vegan number one b12 an active form of vitamin A like retinol because that’s mainly in animal products and vitamin k2 unless you’re taking something called NATO which you can get k2 and it’s a fermented soy product but recently I did analysis on my wheatgrass juice powder because I wanted to see the nutrition in there and I’m looking through the vitamins and minerals and I happen to notice something I thought it was a mistake it should be 12 in wheatgrass and it was actually double the RDA it was twice as much as it that you would even need a actually shocked I thought there was an air I called the farm where I grow it and I says have you ever seen this before and they said that well naturally all the grasses and the do not have b12 it’s just not in there and that includes chlorella and some of these other things but where you’re getting it from is the the friendly bacteria that lives within the grass I found that fascinating so the bacteria is making the b12 so that was really cool so now I have some proof that there’s some b12 and wheatgrass juice powder okay number nine mineral oil don’t ever consume in or oil so make sure like if you’re doing some type of product that has mineral oil don’t consume it because it’s it’s going to block vitamin A vitamin D and kind of wash that out of your liver it’s going to clean it out of your liver and you’re going to end up depleted so be careful of consuming mineral oil vitamin D a K and E okay and the last one is heat anytime you overcook your vegetables cook it for too long steam it for too long you’re killing off the nutrition microwaving it you’re killing off the nutrition that’s why pasteurization when you can foods or your pasteurizing certain things you’re killing off the most of the nutrition in there so you want to keep it more raw but that’s definitely a factor that can block nutrients all right thanks for watching hey you probably already subscribed but if you haven’t press this little button down below and I will keep you updated

This Post Was All About Nutrient Blockers.
Nutrient Blockers

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Dr. Berg talks about the ten most common nutrient blockers. These are potential reason why your supplements may not be working.

1. Low stomach acids
2. Low bile
3. Insulin resistance
4. Elemental minerals
5. Synthetic vitamins
6. Antibiotics
7. Low fat diets
8. Vegan diets
9. Mineral oil
10. Heat

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