No More Gallbladder… Now I Can Eat What I Want!

No More Gallbladder… Now I Can Eat What I Want!

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hello dr. Burke here listen I got this question recently I have no more gallbladder can I eat what I want now right because obviously the problem is solved so let’s talk about that so what happens you have the liver that makes bile that travels down a tube the bile duct and it’s supposed to go into the gallbladder that it gets stored and concentrated because you need a majorly concentrated significant amount of bile to be able to digest a certain meal so right now which just trickles down the bile duct and very small amount into the small intestine without being concentrated or stored okay so basically there’s 700,000 gallbladder surgeries a year and the problem is when they take them out they don’t really correct the real problem you see the gall stones are a symptom of something deeper sluggish gall bladder is not the problem it’s a symptom –mess of usually either high estrogen or more commonly high insulin not necessarily because you’re diabetic or it’s more of a pre-diabetes it’s called insulin resistance an insulin resistance is a very common thing here are the symptoms you’re not satisfied after you eat you need a little something sweet you get tired after you eat you get bloated after you eat you can’t go for a long period of time without eating or you get severe hungry or blood sugar issues you have cravings for sweets you use the bathroom at night too frequently when you’re trying to sleep there’s a lot of symptoms but anyway if this was causing the Gulf storms it’s a gallbladder problem and you remove the gallbladder the problem is still there okay so you remove the symptoms kind of taking the the little red indicator light off of your dashboard and you keep driving eventually you may run into a problem if you don’t change what caused it originally so I put some links down below if this is your situation you should probably I don’t know at least study up on it to see if you have this and what to do about it so you don’t end up with more problems because if you don’t correct it you can end up with a lot of other issues that are related to insulin now the other point is that with out enough bile there is a chance that you could actually have long-term deficiencies of vitamin A so the vision starts going hard to see at night night blindness things like that skin psoriasis sinus that’s vitamin A lung tissue vitamin D bone mood you start getting achy muscle and joint pain and even bone pain calcium issues vitamin E that’s heart that’s repair wound healing hormones skin oxygen carrying capacity so when you’re deficient in vitamin E you might find that when you go up flight of stairs you out of breath easily vitamin K you get bruising unnecessarily bruising you didn’t injure yourself but you started getting bruising like where does that come from and all the membranes that on your cells are made from these fats so again if you can’t absorb these because we’re going to bile you may also want to get keep take some bile salts not a lot just a little bit after the meal okay so there’s just some key points if this is your situation so thanks for watching put it to put your comments down below hey you probably already subscribed but if you haven’t press this little button down below and I will keep you updated

This Post Was All About No More Gallbladder… Now I Can Eat What I Want!.
No More Gallbladder... Now I Can Eat What I Want!

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Dr. Berg talks about the problems with eating whatever you want, even if you have your gallbladder removed. With over 700,000 gallbladder’s removed a year, it’s important to really understand the underlying cause of why your gallbladder would need to be removed or damaged and how you can prevent it. Dr. Berg shines light on this situation in this video.

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