New Treatment for the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Chloroquine

New Treatment for the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Chloroquine

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hi guys I’m back with a short video
I’m gonna talk about some good news the media has been really really excellent
at creating a lot of bad news so let’s just flip it and talk about some
positive things there is a treatment that they’ve been using in different
countries South Korea China quite a few other countries and now they’re gonna
start using it in the US and they’re using an old drug that’s repurposed
it’s called chloroquine chloroquine is for malaria it kills parasites and I
want to talk about why this might potentially be a very good solution
first of all South Korea has really good statistics okay so they started out I
think 990 people were infected now they’re down to like seventy three or
four okay so that’s really really good it’s down training things are getting a
lot better in South Korea China also things are getting much better they’re
closing down the temporary hospitals so the question is what are these countries
doing that’s different than other countries that don’t show those
statistics one of the things they’re doing is they’re using certain
medications this would be one of them to combat this situation but chloroquine is
a zinc ionophore now what does that mean well here’s the thing they already know
that zinc has potential to kill viruses because what zinc does is it shuts down
the copy machine so a virus invades the cell it hijacks our machinery that
reproduces and it starts to make copies of itself over and over and over that’s
what it does zinc shuts down that copy machine so it can’t reproduce anymore
the problem is that zinc is an ion and it has a very difficult time crossing
this lipid bilayer there’s two layers of fat well guess what this is where
chloroquine comes in it has the ability to take this ion and transport it
through this cell so chloroquine enhances zinc inside the cell there’s
two interesting studies one here is zinc inhibits coronavirus in vitro that means
outside the body in some other artificial medium and zinc
ionophores blocked the replication of these viruses in cell cultures I’ll put
the links down below you should check it out here’s another one
hydroxychloroquine a less toxic derivative of chloroquine is effective
inhibiting SARS coronavirus to infection in vitro so South Korea and China may
have used some other derivative of this drug but it seems to be successful so
far now there’s no double blinded control studies yet they’re working on
that that’s going to take some time but so far so good
it looks very very promising if you have not seen my video on boosting the immune
system check it out I put it right here 

This Post Was All About New Treatment for the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Chloroquine.
New Treatment for the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Chloroquine

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There is an interesting new coronavirus treatment that’s starting to be used. Check this out. 

0:12 Coronavirus treatment 
0:28 What is the treatment for coronavirus?
0:33 Why this new coronavirus treatment may work
1:12 Chloroquine for coronavirus 
2:07 Interesting studies 

In this short video, I want to talk about some good coronavirus news. There has actually been a coronavirus treatment that has been developed and is being tested in a few different countries, including South Korea and China. Now, it’s also going to be used in the USA. 

They’re actually using an old drug that’s being repurposed. It’s called chloroquine. 

The original purpose of chloroquine is for malaria. It kills parasites. But, this treatment may be a very good solution for COVID-19.

Things are starting to get a lot better concerning COVID-19 in places like South Korea and China. So, what are these countries doing differently? One of the things they’re doing is using this medication. 

Chloroquine is a zinc ionophore. A virus invades the cells and hijacks the machinery that reproduces. It then starts to make copies of itself. Zinc has the potential to kill viruses because it shuts down the “copy machine” so that it can’t reproduce anymore. 

The problem is that zinc is an ion, and it has a difficult time crossing the lipid bilayer of the cell. Chloroquine has the ability to take the ion and transport it through the cell. Chloroquine enhances zinc inside of the cell. 

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